Never Thought That “Cultivating as if Just Starting” Is So Urgent

Ru Chu

PureInsight | August 17, 2013

[] I am not sure if “cultivating as if just starting” is the newest most urgent Fa-rectification process for me. Nevertheless, I clearly and unforgettably felt the strength of this field of matter. Matter and mind are one and the same. It has given me several wake-up calls when I went to the New York Fa conference. It made me feel that the moment I slacked off, I got a feeling that I was letting down Dafa. This field is too strong. I will write it down to share with everyone.

During the Fa conference, due to a misunderstanding, I was mistakenly listed in the voluntary ticket cancellation group and was therefore not issued with a ticket. I became one of the last people to enter the conference having to prove that I am a genuine practitioner by reciting “On Buddha Law” from Zhuan Falun. (I made many mistakes!).

While checking in at the airport for my flight home, the receptionist said, “The flight has been cancelled. Come and board tomorrow at the same time.” She also gave me a confirmation sheet and said, “Tomorrow you can fly first-class.” At the time I felt amazing. I felt that I was cultivating pretty well, and Bodhisattva Guanyin was rewarding me. Now I could use the airport wireless internet all night and write articles that I have not written in a while. Why not rejoice? Then I would fly first-class the next day. Where else could I find this opportunity? This delay was worth it.

At the airport, I was not as urgent as I was a few years ago in saving people, and I ended up wasting time. I sat so long my bones hurt. I did the exercises three times, and many people passed by. The next day, I asked the receptionist when we could board. She told us we would have to wait because it was still early. I took a nap for two hours on a chair near the boarding gate. An hour before boarding, I went to ask again when we could board the flight. The staff told us the flight was cancelled again. We had to switch to another flight at the Kennedy Airport. We had to figure out our own transportation as the airport did not cover anything. Nothing like this had ever happened in my entire life.

I suddenly became aware on our way to the next airport. I dropped all thoughts and began reciting “On Buddha Law” and quickly memorized the first three paragraphs. I knew that the Gods and Master saw that I did not enlighten to all kinds of warnings and did not care, so they gave me a heavy wake-up call. I never experienced switching flights at the last moment in all the years of travelling around the world. Thus, I began memorizing “On Buddha Law” without missing a single word or punctuation mark. I did not continue to the next paragraph until I had the previous paragraphs fully memorised.

When I returned home, I immediately began sharing with other practitioners, asking them to help me look inwards. I told them that my issue was definitely pretty serious; otherwise, I would not have had that experience. I hoped that one particular practitioner would seriously help me look inwards rather than laugh sarcastically or be a bystander. Thus, she told me: “You had to switch flights just when you were about to board? That is a hint that you should start cultivation anew. Do not always consider yourself a veteran practitioner.” While seriously helping me look inwards, she pointed out that from now on, I should always remind myself that I am starting cultivation anew every day. This way I would not always lie on my previous merits. An article by a mainland practitioner pointed out that he always told himself to not think about the truth clarification and sentient beings that he saved earlier. He always told himself that he was starting from zero every day; whatever happened yesterday is already zero.

Also, I was one of the last to enter the conference because Gods did not permit me to enter. In these past few years I always thought that I had tactics for saving people and became very complacent and presumptuous. I always thought I saved more people than others in certain areas and that I had succeeded in clarifying truth in new areas. Okay, so you thought you were good? Let’s test you on the most basic things. Recite “On Buddha Law” from Zhuan Falun. I failed this sudden test and I did not really think about it that much. At the time, I told myself that I would memorize “On Buddha Law” from Zhuan Falun when I got home but completely forgot about it a day later. Then I had my first flight cancellation experience. However, I did not take that seriously either. Then I had my first flight change, the most unexpected wake-up call to see if I would ever enlighten?!......

After sharing, I learned that Berlin practitioners needed capable practitioners to hold banners when the new Prime Minister of China went to visit. I immediately drove 500 kilometres there without a second thought. Had it not been for the sharing, the help with looking inwards and enlightenment to the fact that the most important thing at this time is to cultivate as if just starting the Fa-rectification process in 1999, I would have never gone to Berlin. I made excuses for many projects, always saying that eventually someone will get them done.

A miracle happened when going to Berlin. The abnormal physical karma I had during the two weeks I was at New York suddenly got better once I started holding banners in Berlin. There was no more abnormality. Even my husband was shocked and questioned me many times about it. I was coughing so severely before going; how did it suddenly become better after going to Berlin? I said, “You never believe that Falun Gong has Godly forces. As soon as you think about saving sentient beings, about how to quickly save more people, then all problems will naturally resolve themselves.”

In many turning points throughout my life and slacking in cultivation, I did not realize many things at the time and only later realized it was a “critical moment”. Frequently I failed a test but did not care and only became aware after Master’s Fashen gave me a stick wake up. This time the same thing happened and really made me grasp. I now share this experience with everyone and use it as mutual encouragement. The two weeks around the New York Fa conference made me feel the impossibility of resisting the Fa-rectification process. Time does not wait for people. Cultivation opportunity can end at any moment. Even veteran practitioners must cultivate as if just starting anew. If I do not do the three things as if just starting cultivation and forget them when I get busy, then it will truly be too late to regret anything.

I choked back tears when watching the Shen Yun Middle Troupe’s collective sharing at the Fa conference, their faith in Master and the Fa when faced with difficulties, and their immediate notion of thanking Master whenever they succeed and reading “Don’t Argue” from Hong Yin III. The gap is too great. Saying a lot is useless; the only thing to do is catch up with others. If in every project we could collectively act as the Shen Yun Middle Troupe did at every step, constantly thanking Master and looking inwards, then we will be like an indestructible adamantine body, naturally make a good start and become the leading role in mainstream society. The two hour documentary sharing of Shen Yun Middle Troupe’s summary of their collective cultivation experience is unforgettable. It was truly unforgettable.

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