Free China Debuts in Los Angeles

PureInsight | September 4, 2013

[] Free China: The Courage to Believe, a documentary depicting the courage of belief of Falun Gong practitioners facing persecution and forced organ harvesting by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), made its debut in Los Angeles from May 31st to June 6th.

Caption: Xiangchun Li, second from right, introducing the movie to guests.

Many guests enjoyed a private screening of the film with American Director Michael Perlman and Producer Shengjian Huang on the night of May 30th. Among them were Hollywood star Q’orianka Kilcher, the singer of the film’s theme song “The Courage to Believe,” Jim DeCieco, Executive Producer of Hollywood Music Media Awards, and representatives from Yangzoom Films. The screening was extended by an hour with previously unseen content.

Mr. Li and Zheng Zeng narrated their personal experiences of severe persecution by the CCP because of their refusal to give up their practice of Falun Gong.

Caption: Q’orianka Kilcher, singer of the film’s theme song “The Courage to Believe”

Caption: Jim DeCicco, Executive Producer of Hollywood Music Media Awards.

Free China, the winner of the 45th Houston World Fest International Film Festival’s top award, was jointly produced by NTDTV and World2Be Productions.

In addition to the firsthand experiences of Chinese American businessman Mr. Li and former CCP member Mrs. Zeng, the film reflects upon the persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP, China’s labor camp system and the products it produces, and forced organ harvesting. The film’s message is that only by ending the persecution of Falun Gong, upholding freedom of belief in China, and making the truth of the CCP’s crimes known to the Chinese people, can free thinking in China be truly achieved.

Mr. Li discussed how the film has been shown more than 400 times globally and how Falun Gong practitioners have firmly upheld their beliefs without giving up, while at the same time awakening the consciousness of an enormous number of Chinese people around the world by making them aware of exactly what the CCP is and how evil it is.

Mrs. Zeng discussed how the film depicts her true experience of practicing Falun Gong and being persecuted for it. Falun Gong practitioners have endured the largest persecution in history targeted against the largest group of people. This however is seldom reported on by much of the world’s media; many people do not know the real situation. People in China do not have freedom of speech, belief, or human rights. Mrs. Zeng said that this film clearly discloses what innocent people who practice Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance are subjected to in China every day, and that everyone should see it.

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