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PureInsight | August 31, 2013

- Cultivation Experience on Clarifying the Truth on the RTC Platform


Greetings, respected Master!
Greetings, fellow practitioners!

Today, I would like to report my cultivation experience of clarifying the truth on the RTC platform.

1. My cultivation before clarifying the truth on the RTC platform

I obtained Dafa in the spring of 1996. I went abroad at the end of that year, without fellow practitioners around me, and lost the collective cultivation environment. Also, as my enlightenment ability was poor, I just learnt and practised Falun Gong as a hobby.

Master pointed out in Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York:
“Why are Dafa disciples clarifying the truth and saving beings? Because that is a Dafa disciples' duty. That is the kind of being that I, Li Hongzhi, want, and a Dafa disciple is that kind of cultivator.”

I know Master’s requirement for Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, but because my Fa study wasn’t in depth, and I had fear, I could only utilise my current conditions to do some limited things, such as clarifying the truth to my relatives and friends. Although I wanted to clarify the truth to strangers, I always beat about the bush, not knowing what to say, and I dared not directly get to the point. Once people had questions or showed disagreement, I didn’t know how to reply. I made phone calls to China before, but when the line was ringing, my heart started pounding rapidly, and I couldn’t say a sentence. In the end I pushed those I’m supposed to save to another practitioner. Sometimes I printed some leaflets, but I was unable to distribute even a few per round. When I burned DVDs, although I was only at home, I always felt there was somebody watching behind my back, and I was so nervous that my heart started to beat and my hand shook. I had to force myself to carry on the work. Like that, I worked a while and stopped, started again, then stopped. I knew this wasn’t right, I felt anxious, but I couldn’t breakthrough this for a long while.

2. Studying the Fa is fundamental

When I heard there’s a RTC platform for calling mainland China to save people, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to use it. Unexpectedly, my action set off a family tribulation. My husband, who wasn’t a cultivator, became enraged; he said that he could not let this pass and he’d even suggested divorce etc.

One thing after another, within a three-month period, my elderly parents passed away one by one. Because of the evil party’s persecution of Dafa, I couldn’t go back to China, to see them one last time and attend upon them when they were dying. After two months, my husband was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.

During that difficult two-month period, practitioners on the platform selflessly shared their experiences and insights with me. It made me realise only through studying the Fa could I quickly pass these tribulations smoothly and calmly; only through studying the Fa a lot, could I eliminate the interference, and do the three things consistently. Therefore, I spent more time on studying the Fa; studying in a group; studying by myself; studying Zhuan Falun; studying all the lectures. During Fa study, I felt all my cells were eagerly absorbing energy from the Fa, and I gradually felt calm and happiness from merging in the Fa.

From studying the Fa, I gained new understandings of life and death, of birth, old age, illness and death found among ordinary people. I placed myself in a cultivation environment and I put down my pains over the loss of my loved ones. The Fa has given me strength, so that I can carry on the work on the platform, studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts and making phone calls, every day nonstop.

When I passed my family tribulation, I saw my heart of wanting to overcome troubles, and my intrepid state etc. The reason my husband was against it was because I didn’t do well, I didn’t play my role as a good wife, and I didn’t treat him like other sentient beings and clarify the truth to him. His unusual behaviour was for helping my cultivation; it helped me identify a lot of human notions and actions that weren’t part of what a cultivator should be, and it allowed me to see for myself my strong attachment to sentimentality. When I realised these I felt grateful for Master’s arrangement. Also I thanked my husband for giving me such a cultivation opportunity. On the one hand, I treated him like the one to be saved, and clarified the truth to him; on the other hand, during his illness treatment, I took good care of him and changed my state of mind. Also, I did well with my responsibility of trusting Master and trusting the Fa. I changed, and my husband got better physically and mentally.

Master pointed out in the lecture 20th Anniversary Fa Teaching:
“As Dafa disciples your historic missions are simply huge, with you shouldering the responsibility of saving sentient beings. So for sure there is a path that you will be able to walk through to completion. It is a path that has to meet the requirements, and only that way will the sentient beings of the cosmos admire you and not be able to interfere; will your path be free of problems; and will your journey go smoothly. Otherwise, if you are carrying all sorts of attachments and human thoughts, you will meet with a great deal of trouble, and that trouble will serve to block your path.”

What Master said made me realise that although I obtained Dafa several years ago, I hadn’t yet got rid of all the attachments of seeking fame, self-interest and sentimentality. In order to save people through phone calls, I had to live up to such a big responsibility; I needed to let go of these attachments which don’t meet Dafa’s standard, such as laziness, relying on others, complaining, looking down on others etc. Only with no attachments would there be no troubles, and with no human heart would there be no tribulations; if there are, it would be a rare opportunity for us to improve.

3. Looking inward is the key

During Fa study, everyday life, and during making phone calls on the platform, I gradually learnt to search within.

Once, on the phone platform, I saw some practitioners change their real names to nicknames. I was uncomfortable. I asked myself, why do I pay attention to other people’s names? It turned out that it was my attachment to fame and reputation. Searching within more, I found my attachment to fame on the platform was rather strong, such as: I liked listening to nice words and compliments; every Tuesday after I posted my sharing article, I would go to see how many people had showed praise. I felt happy when I saw it, otherwise I felt disappointed. I shared with other practitioners about the result of my looking within, I became much clearer.

Once, when I rang a media in China, a man answered the phone and I talked about the truth of Falun Gong and how brutal the Masanjia forced labour camp was. He interrupted me and said: I’m not happy with your attitude, and I don’t want to listen to you. He also repeated that it was immoral not to allow him to speak. After he hung up the phone, I asked other practitioners who’d want to phone him again. Practitioner Y was elected.

Practitioner Y phoned him again. Y was influenced by the other’s disrespectful words to Dafa, and did not talk calmly. When I saw this situation, I quickly searched inward. I found that it was caused by my competitive mentality. Because when I put down the phone, I was very uncomfortable and thought: ‘I can’t talk over you, so I’ll find someone to talk over you.’ That’s an attachment of wanting to compete and fight, so it caused the following incident. I immediately exposed my attachment of wanting to compete and fight to other practitioners. They all talked. Some were searching for their attachments, and some were sharing their understanding of the Fa. Through sharing, we all felt we’d improved our xinxing.

Since I started clarifying the truth on the platform, I thought my competitive mentality had almost been eliminated, but through this event, I saw my attachment of wanting to compete and fight was still strong. I recalled I had similar things happened before, so I continued to search inward more deeply: Why was it that what other people said could upset me? Why was it I felt it unjust when he said I’m immoral whilst I didn’t care when someone swore at me? I found within the competitive mentality there was an attachment to fame: not allowing others to say I’m not good.

Looking back on my upbringing, life, work and even coming to the platform, all I ever heard were compliments, so unknowingly it had nurtured my attachment of protecting my reputation. As I realise it, I’ll expose it and remove it. I cannot let it grow endlessly like weeds.

I realised that the effect of the phone calls often reflected our cultivation state; all kinds of problems we encounter during the phone calls such as feeling uncomfortable, happy, anxious, or dealing with impoliteness from others, or seeing other practitioners’ weaknesses etc., must be because of our own attachments. It’s such a good opportunity to look within. Even if they’re hidden and cunning, as long as we search for them we’ll find them and be able to remove them.

4. Sentient beings are waiting to be saved

Since I started clarifying the truth on the platform to save people through phone calls this has become an important part of my cultivation. During this time period, some days were like wondering in the vast seas, all kinds of people were encountered, and all kinds of words could be heard. Regardless of others’ praise or abuse, ridicule or silence, their hanging up the phone or not answering, regardless of the form of changes in society, we clarify the truth and expose the evil Chinese communist party (CCP) - this is our fundamental goal, which will not be changed. We have kept ourselves compassionate, used calmness to pin down anxieties, kept focused to respond to diversions. In this way, as my xinxing has improved, the effect of the phone calls has become better.

Celestial phenomena are changing; we can feel it during our dialling that sentient beings are waiting for our phone calls.

There are several examples:

Once, I dialled a number to clarify the truth as usual. I just started speaking and the receiver eagerly said to me: “Ah, you rang me finally. I quit the CCP three years ago, and I read the news by using internet censorship circumvention software, but recently I couldn’t do it, it’s irritating, so I was looking forward to your call. Nowadays in China, the food has poisons, the air has toxins, and even the news is deceitful. How can everyday people live like this? I have to use internet censorship circumvention software to read reliable news.” At the end he said to me over and over: “Please do keep my phone number, and give me a ring frequently to ask me whether I can use internet censorship circumvention software.”

An elderly man said that the evil party had tricked him into joining the Youth League, and he was persecuted by the evil CCP his whole life; his son didn’t join any parties. Having learnt that although he has automatically withdrawn from the CCP he still needed to declare his withdrawal from his heart, he said firmly, “I will quit.” I told him about the truth of Dafa, and reading the nine-words is like a protective talisman, reading more will protect one, becoming more youthful. The elderly man said: “I don’t want youth, I only want to see the fall of the CCP.”

Another time that I made a phone call to encourage people to quit the CCP a man said he was a policeman, especially capturing Falun Gong. I said to him: ‘I’m really worried for you when I hear that you capture Falun Gong.’ I then told him that Falun Gong has spread worldwide, and I analysed the loopholes of the false Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident, as well as the evil and brutal persecution of Falun Gong. Then, I clarified to him one by one, the CCP’s rumours and addressed his confused misconceptions. The call was over 20 minutes. The evil behind him was eliminated afterwards. He started to write down the hotline number of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, and said many times “I won’t capture Falun Gong, and won’t be involved in persecution”. He told me seriously his real name was XXX, and he declared his withdrawal from the CCP; he used a pseudonym for his wife to withdraw from the Youth League. In the end he said he will use the internet censorship circumvention software, and he wants to learn Falun Gong.

Through clarifying the truth on the platform, I have integrated into the whole body, and my cultivation state has changed. My fears have been removed, my righteous thoughts are stronger, and righteous actions have increased. Whether making phone calls or clarifying the truth face to face, I can talk calmly and wisely. Whether distributing leaflets or collecting signatures for petitions, even if I’m on my own doing it, I can do it well with dignity, uprightness and with great efficiency. I also know our cultivation path has been laid down intricately by Master; we have to do it well according to Master’s requirement to be able to walk steadily on the path to heaven as arranged by Master.

I share these experiences with you, and also hope that more practitioners, no matter wherever you are, as long as your condition allows, whether picking up the phone, or stepping out to join a project, steadfastly do well the three things, and keep up the pace of Fa rectification. So many predestined people are waiting out there to hear the truth. Saving people is really urgent.

Tremendous thanks to great Master’s compassionate salvation! Thanks to fellow practitioners’ selfless help.

(Speech at 2013 European Falun Dafa Experience-Sharing Conference in Copenhagen)


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