Clarifying the Truth During the Evil Human Body Exhibition

Kuki from Romania

PureInsight | September 11, 2013


Greetings, Master!
Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I'm a disciple from Romania. We had a Shen Yun show in 2008 and it was a great success. We had a full house, with a very pleased and enthusiastic audience, and our survey showed a rating of 90% of the views were very satisfied. The CCP was scared of this success in an ex communist country, so they stepped up their pressure and our government seemed to have given in. In the following years, when we wanted to host Shen Yun, we experienced different kinds of interference from our own government.

So in this case, what could we do to clarify the truth? We have Epoch Times in Romanian, we passed out flyers, and we hosted the Zhen-Shen-Ren Art exhibition, etc...

Another situation came about, that is, we found out that from March to August of this year, the Human Body exhibition was to be held in the most prestigious National Arts Museum in Bucharest. Upon hearing this news, we were initially rather not pleased with it, but did not know what we could do about it. With the compassionate arrangement of Master, we were given all kinds of signs that we needed to turn around the evil arrangement.

The Unfolding of the Evil

Initially, the ones who organized the exhibition launched a nationwide advertising campaign, promoting the exhibition as an educational scientific exposition. In some of the media reports, they did in fact recognize that the human bodies came from China, while also claiming that they were unclaimed bodies.

Our Understanding of This Exposition

We know that the human body plastination factory is in Dalian near big labour camps. We know that the majority of people in the labour camps are Falun Dafa practitioners. We know that as Falun Dafa practitioners, our bodies are being transformed from the microscopic to the surface. Our cells are being gradually replaced with high energy matter, which in my limited understanding is divine matter. We know that humans are made in the image of Gods.

This, then, begs the question: just how evil is it to take a body in the image of a God, a body that has started its transformation into high-energy matter? After that body is killed for its belief in the law of the universe, instead of having the body rest in peace with dignity, it is not only left naked, but also has its skin taken off, with plastic poured into its cells. Thus, the exhibition is making huge profits in an industry worse than prostitution; all through exploiting people’s craving for seeing demonic things.

Usually, people condemn the people that make money off of women through prostitution. But here it is even worse, because they don't even bother to keep the exploited person alive. Also, not only do they keep the body naked, but they take the skin off and separate the muscles so that everything can be looked at in the greatest of detail. I would also like to mention here that the visitors had no age restriction, so this morbid show was presented to kids of all ages.

I do believe that this is one of the worst insults that Gods can receive from humans. Yet, there are people ignorantly going to these exhibitions, paying for a ticket, and funding a morbid industry that in the end pays the killer, too.

How do people position themselves in this case? Since among those bodies are Falun Dafa disciples, how do they position themselves according to Falun Dafa? What will their future be if we don't clarify the truth to them?

The Compassionate Arrangements and Our Efforts to Clarify the Truth

There was a Christian organization that voluntarily wrote an open letter, saying that it was outraged by the blatant violations that made this exhibition possible, and in its letter cited an article from the Romanian Epoch Times. On one hand, the fact that this letter was republished by the Romanian mass-media was encouraging to us. On the other hand, the fact that the republished letter was missing the words “Epoch Times” confirmed to us again that ordinary media is not entitled to have any mighty virtue during Fa rectification.

In addition, two Romanian practitioners returned from Canada, and they helped us realize how important this chance was for clarifying the truth. They also helped us obtain the necessary permits and helped organize a permanent post for us in front of the Museum every day during these months.

We are a group of about ten practitioners, so it is not easy keeping up with The Epoch Times, Zhen Shen Ren exhibitions, and then having to go to the Museum six days a week to hand out flyers, talk with people, and collect signatures for 4 months.

We managed to do it because there is a veteran practitioner who helps with the planning. She calls practitioners and makes sure that there are always at least two practitioners present.

To make our presence stand out, we had big wearable cardboard signs that said in big letters things like: "The corpses come from China. China executes political prisoners." and "Romanians have the right to know that the corpses come from executed political prisoners in China."

People used the chances we gave them in many different ways. For instance, there were those who just passed by. These people had the chance to see our posters and to understand that there are grave human rights violations in China. There were those who hurried and just took our flyers. These people had the chance to know that Falun Gong is persecuted in China and that the CCP is evil. If they wanted to know the truth further, they could go online and find out everything about the persecution and about Falun Dafa. There were some who stopped and listened to us. They had the chance to understand us and sign the petition to stop the exhibition, thus, helping to restore the hurt dignity of the human body that is made in the image of the divine, and to stop this morbid industry. There were also a few unfriendly people who tried to defend the exhibition in the name of science and education - who seemed on the surface to completely ignore the crimes committed. However, even they would understand eventually that if we ignore the source of the bodies now, tomorrow the same thing could happen to him or to his family member. If there is no justice now, then there will not be justice tomorrow.

Overall we think that this event presented a good chance to clarify the facts about the evil Communist Party of China. To give a few numbers: the Museum reported that during this time there where about 60 thousand people visiting the exhibition. It is an interesting coincidence that we have also given out about 60 thousand flyers. Even more so, usually there were more than 10 people passing by until one took a flyer. This means that about 600 thousand people were able to see our signs, and thus were able to know about the crimes committed in China and that this exposition was not as scientific as the media claimed it to be. Considering that people also shared this information with friends, I estimate that the number would add up to over 1 million people. It is also interesting to mention that all this was happening right across from the building of the Romanian government.

Collaborating With Different Organisations:

There was a human rights organization that started a petition for which we volunteered to gather signatures. There was the Christian organization which agreed to sue the organizers. We would like to achieve the same result that was achieved in France, where the exhibition was banned nationwide, with the bodies buried and confiscated. We think that this is the only respectable action that can be made for bodies created in the image of the divine.

Cultivating While Passing out Flyers and Clarifying the Truth

While talking with people and clarifying the truth, I came to a deeper and deeper realization of the severity of the crimes committed. Upon seeing people who did not even take our flyers, I was not affected on the surface, but in my heart I started to condemn them. The more I condemned them in my heart, the less they took my flyers.

This caused me to look within and think: Master came to the human world to save us and teaches us compassionately the Fa of the universe. Then in comparison, how could I blame the people around me? I realized that my presence there was not for me to choose a better future for them - that choice they had to make by themselves. I was there only to offer them a chance to hear the truth, so that they could then have the possibility to choose a better future for themselves.

Thank you!

(Submission to 2013 European Falun Dafa Experience-Sharing Conference in Copenhagen)

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