After a Long Search I Finally Found Wonderful Falun Dafa

Benny from Denmark

PureInsight | September 11, 2013


Greetings Master! Greetings Dafa practitioners!

Grace to Master, I got the opportunity to share my cultivating experience, here at this European Fa conference with other Dafa disciples.

1. The search for the eternal truths.

Very early on, Taoist and Buddhist ideas inspired me. Here I sensed a profoundness that I could not find at other places. I collected the so called ‘wisdom’ from many traditions: from mystics to philosophers of the East and West. But then two situations happened in my life that made it all upside down.

About 9 years ago I succeeded in giving up an old hatred to the German people whom I thought was the cause of holocaust. It was an indescribable relief to get rid of this irrational hatred. Almost at the same, my wife was very worried about our eldest daughter and asked for help from some spirits of the universe. This caused a very unpleasant experience of a demonic being coming to our home. For three nights this being disturbed our home and tried to enter our bodies. This was a hard blow to me and I therefore sought for some remedies. In 2004 I got in contact with the only German Dafa practitioner in Denmark and we hereafter studied Dafa together.

I studied Dafa with an open mind and understood at once it was just what I had sought for all my life. It was like awakening from a deep dream. I realized the immense profoundness of Dafa and felt very lucky to have obtained Dafa. My entire search stopped. I realized that Master had been there all the time and taken care of me in those difficult times. The truth that was revealed to me was a very strong experience. I wanted to cry aloud in front of everyone, but I held myself back as it might be difficult for people to understand. I began to cultivate my interior instead. Later on, I understood that it was my destiny to wander all these ways so that I can find our Master in the end. No words exist to express my gratitude. Thank you Master.

2. Solid cultivation of Dafa whereby learning to look inside and cooperate unconditionally

I cultivated myself and looked inwards and hereby came to understand the Fa better. When I participated in Shen Yun, Free China and other Dafa projects, I sensed the various forms of disturbances from other dimensions. These were caused oftentimes by my own human attachments and thoughts in combination with the evil old forces’ arrangements.

After some time I realized that I had become quite a new and different human. My mentality of competition and my outer strife were all gone. Now the challenge was how to cultivate to be part of the whole harmonious body to validate Dafa and save sentient beings.

I looked at conflicts in the beginning as something negative. In my cultivation environment we often looked outside and criticized the main coordinator’s shortcomings, instead of looking inside to release the old attachments. I also took part in criticizing for a short while. After some time I realized that finding faults from others was a waste of time and in contradiction with Dafa. I therefore decided to cooperate with the coordinator. It was really hard to keep hearing those criticism and evaluations from some Dafa practitioners. Slowly I understood that once again, I was looking outside instead of inside when dealing with conflicts. Listening to those negative words means that I also carry wood and gasoline to the fire, instead of dissolving these conflicts within myself.

At the same time I experienced a big tribulation. I was responsible for sending out press releases to media and politicians and repeatedly made the mistake of sending them from a wrong mail account. I was criticised with some hard language. This was fair enough but nevertheless I made the same mistakes again. I was very disappointed over myself and felt sorry to have failed and had some hard days. It was as though I could sense the negative thoughts of others toward me. It made me feel even worse. Later, I slowly understood everything from Dafa and came to my senses. A bad situation was turned around to become a positive situation.

I sensed from this experience the power of thoughts and learned the importance of my benevolent nature. I could not stand thoughts of thinking negatively or critically about other Dafa practitioners.

I am now very grateful to the somewhat harsh words from these practitioners. Later on, they apologised to me for their words, but they did not need to, because they helped me a lot. So, in these situations, what is lost is only my pride and nothing else. I now really have not many negative thoughts about other practitioners. After this experience, I understood more about the importance of having the righteous mind.

3. Cooperation with Free China screenings and other Dafa projects to save sentient beings

Some time ago, I got the chance to save sentient beings through screening of “Free China” in Denmark. The cooperation and coordination of the project has been really well and the response has generally been positive and touching. To me it has been a giant privilege to show the film, to tell the truth about the persecution and about Dafa.

It was a surprise to me at the beginning of showing the film around Denmark. It was as though I already knew these people (more than half of them) that came to the screening, even if it was the first time I saw them. I recalled Master’s words from the Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference as “To give people one more chance.”

Before the screening, I sometimes had human thoughts appearing in my mind and wondered if the audience could accept Dafa and understand the evil nature of the CCP. When that happened my head became vey heavy and it was as though something impure was trying to come out, but retained by my human thoughts. After being more mature in my cultivation, these attachments are easier to discern and release. The film shows itself the truth and also helped me to understand more about the persecution.

After a screening for some young women from Odd Fellow Loge, I experienced a big change of these women. While preparing for the screening, I overheard their talks among themselves about nightlife, chasing young men and that sort of things. Their words, conduct and appearance was definitely very bad. After the film and discussion I saw they had totally changed. They were quite calm and thoughtful and they looked well and it was as though they lightened up from within. They expressed admiration for Dafa practitioners’ courage in China. I have oftentimes experienced such reactions after the screening and they were very touching.

This tells us that there are many sentient beings waiting to be saved and waiting for a chance to position themselves to the righteous side. The audience often asked, “We really know now how brutal the CCP is, but what can we do?” So, subsequently we talk about what they can do.

There is hope for all sentient beings, if they just get the chance to know the truth of Dafa.

Thank you, revered Master!
Thank you, fellow practitioners!

(Speech at 2013 European Falun Dafa Experience-Sharing Conference in Copenhagen)

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