An Umbrella

Jing Si

PureInsight | December 8, 2013


When I went to work in the morning, the sun was still shining in the clear blue skies. However, when I rode the bus halfway, dark clouds began emerging. Immediately there was violent wind, and a heavy storm started. When I got off the bus, I quickly ran to the hardware store on the side of the road. There was a young man and a young woman inside the store. The young man asked me, “What are you here to buy, miss?” I pointed to the company on the other side of the road and told him I worked there. He said that my company’s purchasing manager frequently goes to his store to buy things, so they are pretty familiar with each other. He asked if I forgot my umbrella and gave me one, telling me to take it to work and return it when I had time. He said that if I did not have time, I did not need to return it because an umbrella was not worth much anyway. Seeing the young man’s sincerity, I took the umbrella and ran to work.

When the rain stopped, I went to return the umbrella. When I walked into the store, I could not find the young man. The young lady said she was his older sister and that he had gone to deliver goods and not returned. She told me to give the umbrella to her. I did so, thanked her, and asked if she heard about quitting the CCP to ensure safety. She shook her head, so I began explaining to her the importance of quitting the CCP to ensure safety. I told her the principle that only believing in Falun Dafa could guarantee safety. The young lady listened very attentively, nodding agreement from time to time. She then quit the CCP. When I left, I told her that she must tell her brother what I just told her. The young lady said she definitely would.

Just when I walked outside the store, I saw the young man returning on a tricycle, so I clarified the truth to him. The young man said he goes to Hong Kong a lot and has heard this many times. He told me he believes it all but has not yet quit the CCP, so he told me to help him quit. I gave him the name “awareness”, and helped him quit the evil CCP.

A sudden rain and a young man’s willingness to help others resulted in the opportunity to hear the truth. As a Dafa disciple, clarifying the truth to others is obligatory. An umbrella resulted in a young man and young woman’s salvation.



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