Two Fish Heads Turn Into a Whole Fish

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | January 18, 2014

[] A fellow Falun Dafa practitioner came to my house around lunch time the other day. The practitioner brought some bread and a dish of cooked fish with her; she wanted to have her lunch at my house and planned to go to work afterward.

When the practitioner opened the dish she started to complain, “Hey, the restaurant where I ordered this dish cheated me. I asked for a whole fish, but look, they put two fish heads in there instead.” I went over to take a close look, and yes indeed—there were two big fish heads in the dish. I asked the practitioner how much the dish had cost her, and she told me that the restaurant had charged her 22 Yuan per pound. I thought to myself, “Wow, that was very expensive. Two fish heads cost more than a whole complete fish.” Right then, I realized that nothing was accidental, so I said to the practitioner, “Well, let’s not complain anymore. Hasn’t the restaurant given you some virtue for this?” The practitioner also started to look inward and said, “Yes you are right. I used to be very picky when buying anything. I’d always like to take only the better things and leave the bad things for others. Well, it’s the other way around now; they’ve taken advantage of me and given me some virtue. I am not going to complain, let’s just eat.” I also said to myself, “Yes, stop complaining, there is no need to try to return the dish to the restaurant. The restaurant is not nearby and the practitioner has to go to work after lunch.” Right at that moment, I heard the practitioner yell out, “Come over here quickly, it’s changed! The two fish heads have turned into a whole fish!” I went over and took another close look and wow, the two fish heads that I saw a moment ago had indeed transformed into a whole fish right under our noses! I immediately realized that Master was encouraging us to cultivate our xinxing. Two fish heads had just turned into a complete whole fish!

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