Persistence on Practicing and the Phenomena of Practicing in Overseas Practitioners

Author: A Great Khingan Mountain Dafa disciple who lives overseas

PureInsight | February 8, 2014

[] Observing the all year round formed habit of unwillingness to practice, I made up my mind recently and promised Master that I will insist on practicing every day. Provided that I have time to sleep, I will have time to practice.

I know myself, there is only this way left that can make me fully break through the laziness of unwilling to practice. In order to achieve honesty and avoid deceiving Master, I really managed to practice every day from then on.

In the first place, it is not hard to insist practicing. What is difficult is making that promise, the promise to Master. Once the promise was spoken or clearly written, half the battle is won.

It is not until now that I know that I should not just overcome the laziness of unwilling to practice, but to encourage myself to make up my mind, to have the courage to make a right decision, to have the guts to write the decision and to have the courage to believe. Since it is a promise to Master, the promise will undoubtedly turn into facts.

As a disciple, make a promise to Master earnestly, it is for sure you can make it. What I feared was that I cannot make it and commit the crime of deceiving Master. As a result I dared not make any promise all these years. Actually if I really believed in Master, believed that Master had plenty of means to help me realize this righteous thought, I should have murmured to Master a few years ago and pleaded for Master’s discipline and I would have stridden over this threshold far earlier and benefited from practicing much earlier.

I write this as an experience now to share with my fellow practitioners, hoping those who have attachments like I once had can make the decision as early as possible. When we make up our mind, Master will definitely help us.

Since I delivered my promise, I got the effect instantly.

1. The ache on my body disappeared, really“light from top to toe”

To be honest, I rarely felt this way in more than 10 years’ of cultivation. I once wondered: why I cannot feel light at all? Since the day I made up my mind to practice every day, I felt my body is lighter than any time in the past. This status of lightness appeared only one week after I persisted in practicing for a week.

2. Become more energetic, less sleep needed

Mainly after more than 4 hours of sleep, I would wake up naturally. This made me understand that it is not that I did not have time to practice, but that I had more time after practicing. Through practicing, I felt “Wisdom is Enhanced and Powers Strengthened, The Heart is Harmonized and Body Lightened” (The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection), I became more energetic, less sleepy and more efficient in doing things.

Having persisted for two weeks, I dreamt that I brought back a big luggage. I know it contained my ditched functions.

3. Miraculous state in practicing

In the meditation after I insisted for 2 or 3 days, I could not felt my body, it became so light and free that it was very comfortable. After I finished practicing, for the first time I yearned for the second day to come so that I can practice again. In the past after the practicing I always felt a sense of relief, “finally it ended”, as if I was finishing a task for someone else. But that time when practicing Master made me felt the wonderfulness of practicing, enhancing the faith that I can insist practicing every day.

4. Being able to strictly guard my character as a result of insisting on practicing

In meditation recently, I experienced the ache that has been absent for many years. I realized that I had gone to higher level again. I told myself in happiness that I should not do things that are not in accordance with the Fa, or else the karma would be reduced in meditation, how painful it was! Sometimes when the pain was hard to bear I remembered the wrong doings in the day time, so I hurried up to apologize to Master and promised not to be made a precedent.

5. Miracles happened in Fa study

There was a lamp in the dining room of my home, which would turn off automatically three minutes after nobody was moving around. During the process of Fa study and writing this article, it never turned off. Yesterday when I studied the Fa with some fellow practitioners, it turned off when it was my turn to read. It did not turn on again and it was fairly dark in the room but I found luminescence coming from the background of every character in the paragraph I was reading, and every character could be seen clearly. After I finished reading and turned my head to see the book again, the light disappeared and the whole page was blurred again. After that the lamp turned on again and never turned off until dawn.

The benefit of insisting on practicing is huge. The change of one’s innate body, the reinforcement of one’s divine power, the evolution of energy and many other things we are not aware of. Will it work if we do not insist on practicing? Cultivation is not cultivation if you don’t practice. In a practice that cultivates both your nature and longevity, if you don’t practice, how can you cultivate longevity? Of course, there is exception for special circumstances since Master is there to help us evolve, for example those fellow practitioners who were being persecuted in jails. Actually one of the forms they adopted to oppose the persecution is to insist on practicing in the black jail without any compromise.

By the way I would like to mention the situation of practicing among overseas fellow practitioners. Among the practitioners I saw, some of them did not practice attentively and even practiced in an evil way unknowingly. Some of them slept when practicing and did not feel any pain when doing meditation. One of the big traits is sleeping whilst meditating. Another one is that they do not know they are sleeping or they do not admit they are sleeping. One of the fellow practitioners admitted, only after watching the video I recorded for him that he was not in a general sleep but had given up his main consciousness completely and fallen in a deep sleep. And there was even someone who fell asleep while standing doing the second exercise. With his hands drooped and a very ugly expression on his face, it was the subordinate consciousness fully taking advantage of the body.

Some of them did not follow the practice music. When Master said glide up, he was gliding down; when Master said “conjoin the hands” he has “Pressed the Hands Together in Front of the Chest”. Who knows what was on his mind, or did he just blurred in his mind while doing the movements. His hands follow habitual movements and some of the movements were seriously deformed. I helped them to rectify the movements many times and 80% of them would make the same mistake the next time when practicing, without even remembering. One of the fellow practitioners drove the Law Wheel for five times in the third exercise, despite the requirement of driving four times, and based on his faulty calculation method, he insisted that he drove four times. There were many kinds of manifestation of distorted movements, which made me dumbfounded and felt unimaginable. Every time I saw I would help to rectify, but this kind of person kept on practicing in a daze, how pitiful! And there was one practitioner who talked with a family member while practicing. The family member was a fellow practitioner too but never came to the group practice with us but always busy doing other things.

Overseas fellow practitioners should treat their own practice seriously.

Since I made the promise to Master, I improved and gained in every aspect, be it body, character or Fa study. Actually when one makes up one’s mind to break through the problem which has been stuck for many years, it would be an improvement and gain one has made.

The above are opinion and action in my limited level. If some parts are not proper, may I ask fellow practitioners to please forgive and correct.



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