Beggar Lady Imitates Filial Piety

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 14, 2014

[] Xusheng, cousin of Ji Xiaolan, said: There is a woman who begs for food. She is very filially pious toward her mother-in-law. Once she was so starved that she fell on the side of the street, but she firmly held on to a bowl of food that she begged without letting it go. She was muttering, “Mother-in-law hasn't eaten yet!”

Some people came to help her, asking about her situations. This beggar lady said that before when she started begging with her mother-in-law, she only carefully followed behind her mother-in-law and listened to her orders. One night, they spent the night with bodies curled under the porch of an old temple. During mid-night, she heard that someone in the halls roared angrily, “You are so stupid! Why didn't you avoid that pious lady? You made her affected by the yin energy that she felt cold and hot alternatively and had her head dizzy and painful!” Then she heard another voice explaining, “At that time I was holding an urgent order statement so did not clearly see who it was.” Then she heard the voice of the previous person becoming more irritated, “Idiot! All loyal officials and dutiful children have several feet of heavenly light shining. Are you blind that you couldn't see it?” Then she heard a round of whipping and screaming. After a long while it calmed down.

On the next day, the lady and her mother-in-law came to the village and heard that a countrywoman was attacked by a whirlwind when bringing food to the farm. Her head was still hurting. When people were speaking of that countrywoman, they all praised her virtue and filial piety. This beggar lady was deeply touched by it. Since then, she served her mother-in-law with all of her efforts.

Filial piety toward parents, fathers-in-law, and mothers-in-law is a Chinese traditional virtue. It is consistent with the laws of humanity and heavens. In today's mainland China, this type of traditional virtue has disappeared. It has been replaced by the atheism and philosophy of struggle of the Chinese Communist Party. The harmonious relationships among people have been destroyed. People could turn against each other and start fighting for personal gains. However, the inherent law of good being rewarded and bad being punished is the real standard of determining everything. Doing bad deeds will be punished. I found that all the sons, daughters, sons-in-law, and daughters-in-law around me who did not show filial piety to parents did not end up good. Some die of sudden illness at middle ago, some die painfully with cancer, or some gain many illnesses at old age and spend the rest of life in anguish.

Unfortunately, under the influence of the Communist culture, people do not consider whether their behaviors follow the laws of the heavens. Communist culture destroyed human nature and laws of heaven, bringing endless disasters to humankind. It is extremely guilty! Quitting all organizations of CCP, eliminating Communist culture, and reviving traditional culture is the only path to a bright future for Chinese people!

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