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A Dafa Disciple in Mainland, China

PureInsight | March 14, 2014

[PureInsight.org] I am 78 years old now and I am a retired physician. I have been cultivating Falun Dafa for 17 years. In order to encourage my cultivation, Master has allowed me to cultivate with my Celestial Eye open. I can see many wonderful scenes in other dimensions. My spirit has visited Falun Paradise, Ultimate Bliss Paradise, etc. Master says in Zhuan Falun, “I can tell you that a lot of Great Enlightened Beings are watching this event. This is our transmitting a true teaching in the Age of the Law’s End for the last time.” I would like to share with everyone some of my personal experiences in this regard. I hope that my experiences can help validate Dafa and also further encourage us in cultivation.

Falun helps cleanse our bodies and eliminate evil

Right now, I am a part of two Fa study groups. Every week, I spend six afternoons studying the Fa. Every afternoon, I send forth righteous thoughts twice. When I send forth righteous thoughts, I often see through my celestial eyes rotating Falun, these Falun make right turns and left turns and never stop; they help cleanse our physical bodies, cleanse the fields in other dimensions as well as eliminate demons. Those demons to be eliminated by our righteous thoughts are so afraid that they keep crawling back into the gate of no return by themselves. Some of these demons try to fight back by waving their arms and showing their teeth, but they are turned into water instantly by the rotating Falun. The water flows out from the center of the Falun and is so dark in color that it looks like some kind of ink. It pours into the gate of no return. When we erect our hands (Li Zhang), I can see that our fingers shoot out beams of shining light. When we do the lotus flower hand gesture, I can see the lotus flowers inside our hands; these lotus flowers change to different shapes and colors. When I am highly focused, I can see that the lotus flowers shooting from my hands are extremely beautiful. Inside such a lotus flower, I can see a couple of stems, each of which shoots out sparks like little stars which fall upon the fellow practitioner’s head. The lotus flowers inside our hands keep rotating, turning right for a while and then turning left for a while. If a fellow practitioner is sleepy when sending forth righteous thoughts, his two hands will close together when doing the lotus flower gesture. As a result, the lotus flower within the hands try hard to shoot out from within the hands, but I never see any stems or sparkling little stars. As soon as the two hands open, the lotus flower immediately shoots out and upward with a big bang, where it then rotates up above. All the lotus flowers form a big lotus flower in the sky, and this big lotus flower turns around in the same way.

In 2011, I and nine fellow practitioners gathered to help a fellow practitioner. He was persecuted by the evil so badly that he was showing fake signs of “illness karma”. We asked the “sick” practitioner to sit in the middle, and we then formed a circle around him. We then started to send forth righteous thoughts together. I immediately noticed that the other nine fellow practitioners all seemed like Buddhas. One of the fellow practitioners appeared as a very tall and big Tathagata. The energy from every practitioner rushed onto the “sick” practitioner in the middle. After we finished sending forth righteous thoughts, one fellow practitioner got very excited and said, “Prior to July 20, 1999, I had been able to see red lights surrounding group exercise areas. It was as if everyone sat inside a big red house practicing the exercises. After July 20, 1999, I could no longer see the red lights anymore. Today, I saw the red lights again. I feel like I’ve rekindled the same feelings that I had when I first learned Dafa.” The “sick” practitioner also said that he felt his back shooting out cold air during the righteous thoughts and he felt much better afterwards.

Heavenly beings attending Fa conference

In October of 2013, I went to attend a Fa conference in our local area. All the practitioners that attended the conference had begun practicing Falun Dafa prior to July 20, 1999. The oldest practitioner was 78 years old, and the youngest was 60 years old. We first studied Master’s lecture “Fa Teaching at the 2013 Western U.S. Fa Conference”. Afterwards, we began sharing experiences. Three practitioners talked about their own cultivation experiences. They all talked about how they believed in the Fa and in Master, how they refused to accept the persecution on their physical bodies by the evil forces, how they recited the Fa, how they improved their cultivation from studying the Fa, how they sent forth righteous thoughts intensively, how their physical bodies recovered very quickly and how they were able to do the “three things” better and better.

I said it was very important to recite the Fa because heavenly beings would test our understandings on the Fa. I then shared one story with the group. One day in March of 2013, I was doing the sitting mediation at home when my spirit shot up via the energy column on the top of my head. My spirit ended up in a vast space where many heavenly beings were gathered. It seemed like some kind of student test was occurring. There was a big screen upfront, and underneath the screen sat some judges. Test questions appeared on the screen, and whoever knew the answer would immediately raise his or her hand. The deity in charge would then use his mind power to pick one person who had lifted his hand, and that person would then answer the question.

I saw that those questions were closely related to Falun Dafa, such as what Falun Dafa’s cultivation method was, what Falun Paradise looked like, how Dafa practitioners reach consummation, what everything looked like after the final catastrophe, etc.

I raised my hand and was then prompted to answer the questions. I was able to answer all the questions correctly, and all my answers were recorded by those judges. It was a real test! We have already been cultivating Dafa for so many years. If we fail the test, what a shame it would be for us!

Upon hearing my experience, everyone agreed that reciting the Fa was essential. Reciting the Fa helps us remember the Fa. It also helps us assimilate the Fa as well as gain a deeper understanding of the Fa. Those who had not started reciting the Fa said that they would start; they would change from reading the Fa to reciting the Fa. Those who had already been reciting the Fa before said they would continue. Because they might have forgotten some previously recited Fa, it was time for them to review. Many practitioners said they were going to recite the Fa from the very beginning and keep reciting the Fa.

We had a very good discussion, and the conference lasted for more than two hours. At around 4 PM in the afternoon, we decided to send forth righteous thoughts together. Everyone felt that the energy field was very strong. When sending forth righteous thoughts, I noticed that we were almost like sitting together in some place surrounded by mountains. Those mountains looked like pagodas. There were many floors in those pagodas, and on each of those floors sat many heavenly beings who appeared to be sitting on top of clouds just like what Master says in the poem “Gazing Upon the Mountains”: “Vast and hazy are the mountains. The clouds and mist, connected with the sky. Climbing, do you know how far they reach? There are deities sitting in the mountains.” I also saw those deities fly down toward us and then fly away. They brought a white microphone and put it there so that they could also hear our exchanges.

Just as the Chinese people say, there is a deity three feet above one’s head. Each of our thoughts and deeds is being watched by the heavenly beings. Once I saw that every Dafa practitioner was followed by some deities who recorded everything that the fellow practitioner said or did; nothing was missed. We are all disciples of the Great Buddha. We must do what Master asks us to do so that we can be proud of ourselves as Falun Dafa disciples.

Heavenly beings sending forth righteous thoughts

A few days ago, many fellow practitioners came to join the Fa study group. Some of these practitioners had just been released from jails, some had stopped coming to the Fa study group for over a month due to persecution by the evil old forces and some others had come to talk to those practitioners who were recently released from the prisons.

When we were sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw a couple of heavenly beings sending forth righteous thoughts together with us as well. I recognized one of those heavenly beings as Buddha Amitabha and I did not recognize any others. These heavenly beings also erected their hands and made the lotus flower gesture. I noticed that the lotus flowers within each fellow practitioner’s hand had many layers of petals. When I looked up, I noticed that those lotus flowers were very high. The whole room was filled with an orange energy field. That was my first time seeing heavenly beings sending forth righteous thoughts together with Dafa practitioners. The Fa-rectification process is indeed reaching its very end. Soon, the surface will be broken. Many righteous heavenly beings are helping strengthen the powers of Falun Dafa practitioners. We must do even better so that we can fulfill our prehistoric vows.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/125293



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