Something Appalling Awakens Me

PureInsight | November 12, 2014

[] A conflict took place between a fellow practitioner and me because of a matter related to Fa validation the other day. His bad attitude aroused my attachment to quarrelling and I felt paralysed in the situation.

While I was at home still enraged, the liquefied natural gas protection system was activated and automatically turned itself off in the afternoon. The siren went off, a warning that gas was leaking. I, however, couldn’t find anything wrong and continued to be irritated. The attachment to bellicosity was not eliminated after all.

The next day, the gas protection system went off again. Not until then did I start to look inward looking for my own problems. All things have spirit. The gas protection system wouldn’t have spontaneously activated for no reason. There must be something wrong with me. Gas leaking wasn’t a petty issue which might incur something serious. These two incidents appalled me.

Awakened in a startle, I realized that it was the conflict with the fellow practitioner that had interfered with Fa validation. A personal matter was not an essential issue. Fa validation, nevertheless, was more important than my life. If I had thus brought negative effects on saving sentient beings, I would have been guilty of the most heinous crime.

Immediately I looked within and found that the fundamental problem was that I hadn’t prioritized Fa validation in the first place. Instead, I had proved myself and set my honor as a priority.

Soon after enlightening, I communicated with the fellow practitioner and acknowledged my error. It was fortunate that I hadn’t caused an adverse impact on Fa validation.

I share the experience to remind fellow practitioners that one must put oneself aside and put Fa validation always as top priority. It will bring about a disastrous mistake otherwise. Veritably, that is a grievous blunder interfering with Fa rectification.

The above is my understanding. If there is anything inappropriate, please point out.

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