Little Western Dafa Disciple’s Experience Sharing

PureInsight | December 19, 2014

- Part 3
The very first time I sent forth righteous thoughts (SFRT) I was transported into a war zone in another dimension. I saw many Dafa disciples battling the evil beings and they had armor of all colors, for example bronze, silver, gold and rainbow, different kinds of weapons and different vehicles. I could see that I had a quite exquisite sword and wore a silver armor while battling the evil beings from my battle horse. I felt quite powerful at that moment. My father had a golden armor and was flying on a fire spewing dragon and he used two simple swords, one in each hand, to battle the evil beings, and his dragon also helped him eliminate the evil beings that were hiding. I had seen both types of swords in a book about ancient warriors that I had read earlier. I was chuckling a bit because my father’s hair was very long and black and he looked like a Daoist without a hair bun and with long hair that had fallen down over his back and shoulders. At the same time he had a quite feminine face, perhaps because his main spirit is a girl. Over his heart the red-blue Tai-chi could be seen spinning, the same as me.

The first time I SFRT for a fellow practitioner was a memorable experience for me. This practitioner had just been diagnosed with stomach cancer at the time. While raising my right palm I was transported into another dimension and I could see that this practitioner had pushed out all the evil sickness karma beings from his body during his SFRT and I could see him at level 87 on the heavenly ladder, which is a level beyond in triple world Fa, so the evil beings were not allowed to stay inside his body anymore. However, the evil beings were desperately gnawing on his divine body from the outside and tried to re-enter again. I SFRT from level 93 at the time, and my father SFRT from level 95. My little sister did not SFRT with us at that moment, but I could see her down at level 60, about the same level where I had seen her half a year before. I was quite worried for her at the time, but later she progressed upwards and became less emotional.

Interestingly, I had magic weapons, i.e. a magic bow that I used to vaporize many evil beings. I had previously seen a movie about a divine being having a magic bow. Now I had received my own magic bow. My father told me to send out the symbol of "Mie" throughout my universe. I told him that I not only sent out the symbol of “Mie”, but that I also help this practitioner eliminate a lot of evil.

This practitioner is now in a critical condition and he does not come to group study at this moment because of his physical condition. He lives in a quite remote village and I believe his mind is interfered with by many ordinary people’s notions and therefore he has not studied enough and he does not know many things about Fa rectification. He understands personal cultivation quite well, but it is not enough during this period of Fa- rectification cultivation. We can only hope that he will realize a solution in time.

Another time, when I SFRT, I imagined a box filled with equal amounts of white and black substance. After SFRT I noticed that a tiny amount of black substance had been transformed into white substance.

One day I heard about a veteran practitioner who had just passed away. She had cultivated for almost 20 years and in the end she passed away despite being very diligent on the surface doing all the three things. When I heard the sad news about her, I could see that she had to leave the human dimension because of her thoughts. Cultivation is very serious, practitioners must have righteous thoughts. If she had kept righteous thoughts all the time, that would be another result.

Once I was transported into the future, to the future land of China, and I was practicing the second exercise on a grass field outdoors at a scenic spot. I wore the yellow practice suit and I was quite satisfied. Interestingly the whole environment was exactly like the backdrop scenery during the Shen Yun performances with beautiful palaces, mountains, lakes etc.

These are some of my experiences and understandings at my very limited level. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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