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PureInsight | December 19, 2014

- Part 1
[] During the summer and autumn of 2013 until springtime 2014, I experienced a different cultivation process compared to before. I will tell you my story here about how I could observe my rise in levels and then my stagnation during the last year or so. But first I would like to share something about how I obtained the Fa as a Westerner and also some stories from my earlier years of cultivation.

When I had just turned five years old my father met an old man through his work. That man is quite learned and has been a professor at University. He can speak many languages including Chinese. This man had practiced some Qi Gong in earlier years and he used some abilities at a lower level. One day he saw a picture of me and then he told my father that I was unusual because I had a "white mind and body". He told my father that I was suitable to practice Qi Gong. My father did not know anything about Qi Gong so he went to the library and borrowed a book about another form of Qi Gong. That Qi Gong was very dangerous so my father attracted an animal spirit during meditation and became scared and quit that practice.

Later, he went online to search for “high-level Qi Gong” on the Internet. He found Clearwisdom (old version of English Minghui) and as soon as he saw Master meditate on the mountain his heart jumped from joy: "This is my Master, I want you as my Master!" My father had already known that his Lord would come back and help him in this lifetime. During the mid to late 1980s he had a supernormal experience that his Lord would give him something amazing that ordinary people could not understand when he reached middle age. When he saw Master’s picture online he suddenly remembered his childhood experience and became extremely happy, it was like coming back home.

As soon as my father obtained the Fa I started to develop supernormal powers and I was attacked by six types of demons just after I heard about the Fa, the worst one being a kind of frog that tried to chew me up. I could see and hear many things from other dimensions and I told my father about many things I had experienced. Sometimes I was not allowed to tell my father anything from other dimensions. Master made me mute and if I wanted to say something no sound could come out from my mouth and then I knew that these were secrets that I had to keep to myself.

At that time I was very innocent and pure and I used to ask my father questions like, “How did Master practice cultivation when he was young? How could Master climb so high up in the Heavens?” Once I asked my father why we must cultivate. My father replied something like, “We cultivate in order to be able to climb the heavenly ladder back up to heaven and go back to our original home.” I replied with joy, “That’s so easy; I have already climbed the ladder to heaven!” At that time I did not practice the exercises or study Fa regularly because my mother would not allow me to. But at night I was taught by Master. Sometimes my father would find me in my room at night talking in my sleep, sitting cross legged next to my bed etc.

Supernormal powers can be funny and one time when I woke up I grasped my bed sheets and looked inside them and I could see a world inside with bushes and trees. Another time, I realized that I had not yet met any dragons in other dimensions so I went into other dimensions and found a few dragons as soon as I wanted to see them, but they flew away.

Another time, I looked into a straw of grass in the garden and saw another world. I had all kinds of experiences at that time. My spirit once flew out and visited my kindergarten when I was in my grandparent’s house. I observed when the kindergarten teacher told the kids there to clean the room. Then I flew back to my grandparent’s house. I could also see many things in the future such as disasters coming to our region. After a year, when my father had clarified truth in our village, I saw that Dafa saved this area, the disaster had diminished.

Sometimes my grandmother had tears in her eyes because she could see my compassion towards my little sister because whenever she did naughty things I always wanted to take responsibility for her wrongdoings.

Once when I was seven years old, we visited an aunt in a big city far away. When we drove into that city I could see a huge Falun spinning in the sky and I was also allowed to have a small glance inside the amazing Falun. Our aunt and her family had not much faith in Gods or belief in Falun Dafa and in the evening after having dinner I asked my father if I was allowed to speak out to everyone. I believe Master controlled my mouth at that time and I have no memory of the event anymore. I told them from my heart, "There is just one human being in this world who has a big heart for others. His name is Mr. Li Hongzhi and he is as big as the whole Universe". Our relatives were shocked and could not say a single word after I had spoken. They all went to bed immediately and never said anything more about it.

Once when my state was very bad, I said bad things about Dafa. Afterwards I walked out of the house and immediately slipped on some ice and bruised my face. I experienced immediate retribution for my bad deeds.

Later on, I had a very special experience. My father had bought a terracotta warrior for me on a business trip and one morning I got into ding just when I was waking up.

In this state, I first went into a macrocosmic dimension and I could see the earth being smaller than a grain of sand. Master manifested as an omnipotent terracotta warrior in that dimension. Later on, I moved into an earthly dimension where I could see all the world’s people lined up in rows according to their respective amounts of karma (ye-li) and virtue (de). The world’s people were divided in two groups with exactly 50% in each group, one group counted as "good people" and the other group counted as "bad people". And the picture was dynamic as people did good or bad things. As soon as I entered that dimension I had a thought in my mind to find Evil Jiang Zemin. I searched through the whole dimension but I could not find him and I concluded that he had already been wiped out at an earlier stage.

The group of bad people held their arms up in the air to try to protect themselves from impending danger from the sky. The good people were not afraid and just continued as normal. The bad people who had done unpardonable evil had no height at all and they were like empty shells. Master had an all-encompassing shield covering the whole earth. Master focused the strongest part of his protective shield over the good people. Among the good people there was a certain group of people that had received a special protective shield from Master that protected their whole body. This group was less than 25% of the world’s people at the time and each one of them had received a special substance from Master’s all-encompassing shield. I also saw protective shields of other great enlightened beings such as Buddha Shakyamuni and Jesus. Shakyamuni’s protective shield was particularly big but still nothing compared to Master’s shield.

At that time, I could see 70 million Dafa practitioners of varying levels manifesting as terracotta warriors with different kinds of armour. At that time, 30 million practitioners had reached the golden armour level which meant they had reached the minimum standard. I could see that each Dafa disciple was responsible for one piece of land on earth but I also saw unique cases of practitioners who were able to shield two pieces of land on earth. These practitioners could use their energy shield to protect one area and their Gong column to protect another area. Human words are very limited and I cannot explain things more clearly.

Master said in Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005, "I will address this from another angle: it is an act of compassion for Dafa disciples to save all beings, and you are trying to save as many sentient beings as possible. If you are able to save half of the human beings, then Master will truly be happy for you!"

Master said in Explaining the Fa during the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference, “There were indeed 100 million people in Mainland China who were reading Zhuan Falun before. They had obtained the Fa back then, and I was taking care of them. You can't say that they weren't Dafa disciples. There were 70 million who were doing true cultivation, and back then there were in fact 100 million Dafa disciples total.”

Whatever I see can usually be found in Master’s lectures and has some degree of relevance. These are just some of my experiences at my limited level of understanding and these can only be considered a truth at my very limited level. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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