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PureInsight | December 19, 2014

- Part 2
Last summer was a turning point for me after my father came back from the 2013 International Experience Sharing Conference in New York with a lot of new insights and great inspiration, after meeting and sharing face to face with several foreign practitioners from different countries around the world, including mainland China. We have noticed that when my father raises his level, I will usually also be able to raise my level. It seems like there is a common order to our cultivation that sometimes makes me a mirror of my father’s cultivation state. The following stories describe some of the things I experienced during the last 12 months of cultivation.

Last summer, we went on a small trip to an island. On the way there we stopped at my grandparent’s summer house in the country side. That night, I suddenly felt that I wanted to study Fa and for the first time I opened Zhuan Falun on my own initiative and started reading out loud by myself. By coincidence, I opened the book in chapter five where Master explains the different Tai Chi symbols and the characteristics of the Qimen cultivation school. After I had studied the passage about the Qimen cultivation school, I felt that my heart moved a little when my father asked me if I came from Qimen.

After studying, I went to bed and immediately my whole head started to hurt a lot and I felt like my whole bed was flying up into the air, higher and higher. I could not see with my third eye at that point and I did not know exactly what was happening, but the pressure was very high. Later my father told me about the placement of Xuanguan. I believe that my first placement of Xuanguan happened that evening.

The following day, we drove to the Island and later in the evening we were meditating on a slope facing the ocean. I suddenly entered a very deep state and I could feel that my whole body became disconnected from this world and I cut off all shackles to the human world. Nothing could touch me anymore, not even school would bother me. The feeling was wonderful and indescribable and I just wanted to continue and continue the meditation. Master’s enormous benevolence enveloped me during that wondrous state.

Later, when we came back from the trip, we attended a big Dafa activity. I was interfered with and I felt tired. My mind was not upright. On the contrary, my little sister did very well and handed out Lotus flowers to other kids. Now I clearly see my shortcoming compared to my sister when going to public activities. She had great courage and walked up to strangers and handed them materials, while I felt shy in public and wanted to escape my responsibilities. My conclusion was that I have not cherished my Fa study and exercises enough and still had a mindset similar to ordinary people in this aspect. The difference was in my attitude.

After continuing to study and practice a little bit more I started to be able to observe my gradual ascension by just observing the color levels during the exercises. I was allowed to see every color from the bottom level to my highest level. Colors of a higher level seem to be aggregated of lower level colors. It seemed like my third eye visions became more limited as my level rose but sometimes I would be able to observe things clearly and I could feel things in my heart. A major breakthrough came when I broke through to the triple World Fa. I lingered at the level of crystal white color, level 81 as we understand it, for some time before finally seeing a wonderful red color, though it was completely different from the red color one sees in the triple World Fa. I believe the red color I saw belonged to the first layer of beyond triple world Fa (Arhat level). After a short while, I continued to elevate and one day I had a test during exercise. Suddenly a black door was shown to me on one side of my path. I figured that there must be interesting things behind that black door, but then I realized that if I opened that door I would probably get into deep trouble. So I just ignored it and continued onwards.

After breaking through triple world Fa things changed quickly and one day I suddenly reached the transparent level of the second layer after passing through another nine levels. It seemed to me that after breaking out of triple World Fa the progression was faster than before but each time I reached a new transparent level it took some time to break into the next layer. When being at the second transparent level I could see a new type of law wheel at a quite remote distance. It was silvery with many, many shining details that I could not see clearly.

In November, I could see Master sitting at the center of a big Falun seriously ‘Holding One Palm Erect’ when a big black substance approached the Falun from the Universe. It was about 10 percent of the size of the big Falun, but I felt that it could not enter the big Falun and Master eliminated all of it.

A little bit later I broke through the second transparent layer and entered into the third layer. The colors became more and more exquisite.

I had some experiences during the exercises from time to time. Once I came to my father’s house after not practicing for some time. When I did the standing exercise I started out at the beginning of the third layer. Suddenly a kind of “laser beam”(Gong column) came up in front of me and started pulling me up through the Universe at lightning speed. After an extremely long journey I passed through nine levels of the Universe and arrived at the red color of the fourth layer. Actually I had already been at the transparent level of the third layer before but I had fallen down a bit after not studying for many days. According to our calculation and understanding the first level of the fourth layer has the beautiful number of 100(81+9+9+1) and perhaps corresponds to the initial Tathaghata level.

Around January 2014, I could see the blue level (5th level) of the fourth layer. After breaking through two more levels I was at the purple level of the fourth layer and then I had major interference and lost my track. As mentioned before, it has been our experience that I follow my father’s cultivation progress closely so when he gets off track I also get off track.

As a little disciple, I cannot clarify truth as an adult and save as many people as an adult Dafa disciple can do, but perhaps my personal cultivation is easier since I have accumulated fewer attachments as a kid.

At one point during spring time, I could only see black during meditation. It is only recently that I have become more stable and my level slowly went up again. I believe that as a little disciple it is very important to practice and study on our own initiative with the right attitude and not only because our parents tell you to do it. Now, when we go out to hand out fliers, my father never asks me to go with him, but instead lets me make the choice. I always choose to go with him and do the truth clarification when I have the choice. I will usually feel energized after doing truth clarification.

During standing exercise on the December 15, I experienced the global event that will soon happen in the human dimension. I cannot explain it clearly in human language but there will be a new situation in the human world after that event. I was not allowed to know the exact date of the event.

Another time, Master let me levitate up to another dimension and I was allowed to see a big Falun spinning in one direction with many practitioners from all kinds of ethnic groups sitting inside the Falun at various places. It was a wondrous, special feeling and I could see that every practitioner could be seen as a dot inside the Falun at a distance. Together they formed a macroscopic Falun. Then there was mystery as all of the practitioners disappeared while the Falun turned around and started spinning in the other direction. At that moment the Falun looked like a material Falun and no practitioners could be seen, nobody was left anymore. Our enlightenment is that the practitioners that were sitting inside the swastikas perhaps originated from the Buddha school system and the practitioners inside the four taichi symbols perhaps came from the Daoist system and had originally been Daos. Those practitioners that were sitting in various other places of the Falun that are outside the tai-chi and swastika symbols may have been Gods or other divine beings in the past.

A poem from Master (Hong Yin vol.II) says:


Not nothingness, not emptiness, not anything

No goodness, no evilness, beyond the utmost

Moving forward, hundreds of millions of things can form

Moving backward, completely nothing remains, forever a mystery

February 22, 2001

These are some of my experiences at my very limited level of understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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