What I Saw in Other Dimension While Watching Shen Yun Show

PureInsight | March 5, 2015

[PureInsight.org] The long awaited 2015 Shen Yun show has finally started. I took my family to watch the show twice and I felt so happy. My celestial eye is already open and I can see things in other dimensions. What I saw with my celestial eye while watching Shen Yun this year didn’t differ too much from previous shows.

From my celestial eye, I noticed that the walls of the theatre were gone. Master’s Fashen was sitting right above the middle of the theatre; Master’s Fashen was wearing a yellow cassock, his hair was curly blue. Sometimes, Master would sit in there without making any movement; sometimes, Master would make big hand gesture movements to empower not only the audiences, but also those sentient being in all the other dimensions. When Shen Yun dancers were performing extremely difficult choreography, Master would always extend his hands to help out.

I still remember vividly the scene while the two-string instrument (Erhu) was being performed. I saw a stream of whitish high energy matter keep rushing out from the two-string instrument. The stream turned into numerous “water drops”, the drops shined like diamonds, and each drop was wrapped inside a thin layer of high energy air. The drops were simply so pure and beautiful. I kept my mind in a meditative state. I then grabbed one such drop with my hand, the drop immediately changed into something that exactly fitted my hand grasp and it stayed inside my hand. When I released my hand, the drop turned into its original shape and continued to float to the audiences. When a drop touched an audience’s body, the audience would be wrapped inside a high energy field right away (as if an electric flow just went through the audience’s body). As soon as the drop got inside the audience’s body, it started to cleanse it. Those who were suffering from serious illnesses got cured. How fortunate they were! They would then have more chances to follow Falun Dafa. When a drop had completed the cleansing, it would fly to the extreme of the universe to get cleaned up itself, all the pollution that it got from the karmas from the cleansing would be wiped out; the drop would then continue to float to the next person. I saw that every drop got re-cleaned in this way for a couple of times.

I also saw that another musician was helped by Master’s Fashen while performing. Master helped to transfer a huge amount of karma from him. As a result his mind and body got purified. I learnt later on that his musician improved his cultivation enlightening quality as well as his Xinxing quickly. His faith in Master reached 100% and he could meditate with cross-legs for more than one hour.

Shen Yun’s power of curing illness, making one healthy and extending one’s life is just miraculous. It took my family more than a few hours to drive to watch this year’s show, and it was worth every mile of the drive. I really hope everyone gets a chance to see Shen Yun.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/140598


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