Shen Yun Cultivation

PureInsight | February 13, 2015

[] Recently I received praises from fellow practitioners about how amazing that I'm able to undertake day trips from Oxford to Manchester to deliver leaflets, I've only managed three trips so far but more importantly, I've encouraged other practitioners to get up to Manchester. I looked within.

I think it's more like 'There's a will, there's a way.' As its cultivation, it's more about tempering the body (8 hours of driving each time from 6.30 in the morning till 6pm), pushing beyond the normal realms of human thoughts. It's a battle between oneself to exceed oneself and conventional thinking, and be divine.

We start off human, and as we approach the end, we should be more like the divine, act like the divine, with the Fa in our hearts as guidance. I imagine the divine would action righteous thought, and it's a simple and very pure thought.

This reminds me in Zhuan Falun, when Sakyamuni wanted a bath, it's a simple thought, there's no ifs or buts, he wanted a bath; but his disciples questioned it and doubted it but not the divine.

For us practitioners, I think we should carry a very simple and pure thought too so that we can help Master save lives.

And with that simple thought, even the heavens will help us. Indeed for all the three trips, the weather was always good with the sun shining.

We have but two months left for Shen Yun touring in UK this year and a huge opportunity will be gone. Failure is not an option, yet we have everything to gain if we make opportunities.

Help Master and help ourselves. Make it happen, make it so.

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