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PureInsight | April 5, 2015

[PureInsight.org] On February 8th, 2015, at 8 PM in the evening, Shen Yun began yet another extra show at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, California. By then, Shen Yun had just completed 21 shows in the great area of Los Angeles. More than 50,000 people went to watch the shows; each and every single show was a complete success with full house attendances. Ever since Shen Yun started to perform its shows to the public 9 years ago, 2015 is the year where Shen Yun performed the most number of shows in Los Angeles. With such a grand success, one can easily see that Shen Yun has already become a new trend in the main stream of the society, it has already become a normality that Shen Yun tickets are simply too hot.

Shen Yun is going to make two new shows in the popular northern city of Bakersfield around Los Angeles on February 26th. According to the sponsor for that show, it is almost certain that this new show will be a complete full house once again.

Box Office Making a Record, Theater Manager Asking Shen Yun to Return Soon

According to the Shen Yun sponsor in Los Angeles, Shen Yun had originally planned to perform 19 shows in the great area of Los Angeles in cities such as Costa Mesa, Thousand Oaks, Northridge, Long Beach and Bakersfield, however, as the demand for Shen Yun tickets was so strong, many theaters sold out all the tickets 20 days or even one month prior to the shows. As adding extra seats proved to be not enough, those theaters had to increase the number of shows to meet the demands. In the end, 4 extra shows were planned, the total number of shows turned out to be 23.

Such a high demand on Shen Yun tickets impressed the theater managers in these areas and they marveled at the popularity of Shen Yun. The famous Hollywood Dolby Theater (formerly known as Kodak Theater) where Oscar awards are presented every year saw such a high audience attendance for Shen Yun show, theater manager Ed Murphy expressed his gratitude to Shen Yun and hoped that Shen Yun would return soon to the theater to help further improving the reputation and influence for the theater.

People were mesmerized by Shen Yun shows. From Golden Globe Award winners, to Emmy Award winners, to world class boxers and rich billionaires, people from the metropolitan area of American movie city witnessed the pure beauty and kindness from this world class top Shen Yun show. They were deeply touched by the profound culture and more than 5000 years of Chinese legendary and histories that Shen Yun presented right in front of them.

Hollywood Superstar: Magnificent, Elegant, and Beautiful

Richard Chamberlain is a superstar in Hollywood, and Chinese people came to know Mr. Chamberlain through such classic movies as “Iron Man”, “Thorn Bird” and “Crystal Shoes and Rose Flower”. Mr. Chamberlain has won three Golden Globe awards already; his name is also carved at the Hollywood Star Street. Mr. Chamberlain went to watch Shen Yun show on January 23rd at the Dolby Theater, he praised Shen Yun afterwards, saying that Shen Yun was “magnificent, elegant and very beautiful.” “I was intoxicated by the elegant dances and the beautiful music, every detail in the show was excellent.” Mr. Chamberlain continued, “I felt as if Shen Yun had opened a door to another culture for me, I found everything full of interests to me.” Mr. Chamberlain was also surprised by the design of the backdrop for Shen Yun show, “It was so great, so shiny, and so beautiful, I was completely surprised. I kept wondering how Shen Yun would come up with such a unique backdrop design.”

Golden Globe Award Sponsor Inspired by Shen Yun

“Hollywood Foreign Press Association” former chairman Mahfouz Doss had chaired many Golden Globe Award ceremonies throughout the years and is also famous for his movie critics. After Mr. Doss watched Shen Yun on January 22nd at the Dolby Theater, he was full of praises for Shen Yun, saying that “Shen Yun’s performance was just incredible”.

“I have seen many kinds of shows and Shen Yun is definitely the best; the dance, costume, backdrop, the whole stage were all controlled in a perfect way. I am greatly inspired by Shen Yun. I have to say that I am a picky person, but today, I feel I am extremely happy.”

Mr. Doss continued, “I like Shen Yun show, it has a rich content, it is very educational, it reaches far beyond. The element that left me with the deepest impression is the concept of ‘forbearance’ in the show. Watching Shen Yun is like conducting a thorough research into the histories, we must learn from the past so that we will not repeat the mistakes.”

Film Producer Golden Globe Award Winner: A Visual Feast

Film Producer Golden Globe Award winner Deborah Spera brought her husband, Tony Award winner Robert Spera as well as her son to watch Shen Yun show on January 28th. After the show, Mrs. Spera said, “The costumes are so splendid, this is a visual feast, the whole show is a visual feast to us; the dances are sublime, I’ve never seen such Chinese dances before, they are so gorgeous. I like the visual effects of the stage design, it is so amazing, and I really like it.”

Mr. Spera also kept praising Shen Yun: “The show keeps people in high spirits, the whole team is magnificent, I feel like completely relaxed watching the show. The movements and characters presented by the dancers help me understand China better. The message that Shen Yun conveys is very helpful to people, it is very inspirational, you have to come to watch it!”

Emmy Award Winner: Touched by the Beauty of Shen Yun

Craig Nelson has won two Emmy Awards; he has also been nominated four times for Golden Globe Award. On February 4th, Mr. Nelson and his wife went to watch Shen Yun performing arts show. After the show, Mr. Nelson said he was greatly moved by the show, he kept praising Shen Yun, saying that Shen Yun was full of talents, the show itself was splendid.

“The beauty of the show, the way the show presents itself to the audience, and all the dancers, wow, it’s just outstanding. We have not only witnessed very difficult performing skills, we have seen marvelous performers as well. The melodious music, the songs, it’s really a gorgeous show, wonderful!” Mr. Nelson exclaimed. Mr. Nelson was especially intrigued by the unique backdrop design of Shen Yun show: “The dances match perfectly with the backdrop scenes, it’s amazing, the backdrop really boosts the show.” Mr. Nelson continued, “The costumes, the dancing movements, the whole team’s performing skills are all excellent, they are full of unexpected amusements and also very touching. It’s such a pleasure to have watched such a wonderful show, everything’s so amazing. The music and the choreography have become a single unity; it’s just so appealing to watch the show.”

Mr. Nelson has been in the movie industry for more than 30 years and knows exactly how much effort Shen Yun performers must have put into such a wonderful show: “It’s obvious all the Shen Yun performers must have put lots of efforts into the show. The performance in the show seems effortless, everyone is beautiful, elegant and graceful, it is very touching. Every single hand gesture, even the movements of the fingers are so touching. It’s really an excellent show.”

Mr. Nelson was surprised that Shen Yun would have given him a holistic experience: “I am really moved, I feel sad, graceful, happy, miraculous and purely curious at times when watching the show. I sometimes would try to figure out the stories presented and it’s really a whole brand new experience for me. I like everything presented in the show. From the ancient time to the present day, from the high grassland to Himalaya Mountains, the beautiful rural scenes, the dances, everything is so graceful; I am just deeply moved by this show.”

Shen Yun Has Become the Pride for All Chinese People in the World

With more than 5000 years in its history, China is a magic land where people can get to learn unlimited legendary stories. Westerners are amazed by such richness in history. Chinese people are also taking in pride in themselves for having inherited such a profound civilization. Lin Weike works as a screenplay writer as well as a film producer in Hollywood. Mr. Lin has won the “Samuel Goldwin Writing Award”, he has also won the “Nicoll Fellowships in Screenwriting.” People call Mr. Lin the “light of Chinese people” for his contributions to the movie industry. On February 7th, Mr. Lin went to the Terrace Theater in Long Beach to watch Shen Yun show. After the show, Mr. Lin said: “I feel so proud of myself, the show has given me an inspiration, we can use dances to present the Chinese history, culture and spirits to the world. This is such a wonderful spirit.” Mr. Lin continued, “I think the power of dances is much more extensive than movies; I’ve seen Chinese dances before, but Shen Yun show is completely different, it’s hard to express my feeling, I feel like I have been elevated. When I was watching the show, I felt as I were one of the dancers on the stage, performing together with the Shen Yun artists.”

Mr. Lin was born in Taiwan and he came to US when he was only 8 years old. Two years ago, Mr. Lin returned to Taiwan to try to find his root in there, now that he had just watched Shen Yun, Mr. Lin felt very proud: “It is so wonderful. This show has made me think about the roots of the Chinese people around the world, Shen Yun has made it; Westerners can feel it, Chinese people can feel it, everyone can feel it, that’s why it is such a great show.”

Qian Hui had just come to the States for a vacation. On February 7th, Qian took her 11-years-old son to watch Shen Yun show. After the show, Qian was full of tears in her eyes: “I was greatly touched, I have never seen such a traditional show in mainland China, it is so beautiful; the costumes, the facial expressions of the artists on the stage, I really like them so much. My son brought binocular with him so I used them to watch the performers on the stage, I found that everyone was smiling cheerfully, they all seemed very friendly. The dances were so light, they seemed floating in the air and it seemed as if deities were dancing on the stage.”

Qian said she was a teacher in China, she felt encouraged by the mission of Shen Yun to revive the traditional Chinese cultures, “Shen Yun show should be promoted to all the kids, let the seed grow; I think mainland China lacks so much in this area.” Qian also felt a little bit sad, “The Theater was full of all kinds of people, I am very proud of the show, however, many Chinese people are unable to watch such a wonderful show. I know many of my friends are very interested in this show, but they simply couldn’t make it due to visa problems or time conflicts. I feel sorry for them.”

Qian had bought the Shen Yun ticket for the afternoon show and made a mistake by turning up for the evening show. With the help from the theater staff, she eventually made into the evening show. Qian expressed her gratitude and said she was lucky enough not to miss the show. “I must have been blessed.” Qian smiled.

According the theater staff, there were actually a few cases just like Qian where people had mistaken their ticket show times. Theater staff would always do their best to accommodate such people. Shen Yun had scheduled to add two extra shows on February 26th in the Bakersfield Theater and it was already certain that the two shows would be sold out because more than 1500 people were searching for Shen Yun ticket online almost every day. Shen Yun hotline service staff had to advise those interested audiences to go watching the show in San Diego or Los Vegas.

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