Improving the Cultivation on Self-assuming Petty Things

A Falun Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | July 22, 2015

[] At the 2015 New York Fa Conference, Master emphasized the significance of cultivation on so-called pettiness. Otherwise, we can’t realize where the problem is even when persecuted to death by the old forces. Reviewing my own cultivation, I can’t balance between harmonizing Dafa and self-discipline most times, just because my family members are ordinary people. Master truly woke me up when he specifically emphasized the cultivation on those apparently small but actually big things. Perhaps we are at the final stage of cultivation we have to meet all standards completely to reach consummation.

In Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference, Master said, "Yet some students don’t act in line with Dafa but instead do things in ordinary ways. And worse still, when they do become aware of their own faults they think it’s nothing significant and just brush them aside. But the old forces won’t turn a blind eye to those things. They will hold you to the standards for a cultivator; they will hold you to the standards for the lives of the future. So do you think they will be all right with it if you use the standards of ordinary people to evaluate yourself or govern yourself? They won’t. And this is why some people have met with so many ordeals and troubles, and some have even passed away without knowing why.”

In response to practitioner’s cerebellar atrophy Karma, Master said, "If this happened elsewhere, then experienced Dafa disciples know that nothing happens to Dafa disciples by chance. [To those practitioners,] I would say that it is high time you seriously examined yourselves in terms of cultivation. Don’t take so lightly those things that you brush aside and consider not that big of an issue. In terms of standards for cultivation, the things you may consider minor, [if you go] by the old forces’ way of looking at Dafa disciples, are not minor whatsoever. When you think certain things are nothing significant, oftentimes that’s based on evaluating yourselves with ordinary standards, rather than with the Fa!”

What are so-called small matters?

Three meals per day seem like a trifle. However, if we have relatively high demand of food quality and taste; pay more attention on what to eat every day, how far are we from the cultivator’s standard in Hong YinAbiding in the Dao: "Eating, but caring not to taste— The palate’s attachments severed."? At the final step, we need to cultivate without any omissions to reach consummation. The old forces might stop a large number of practitioners: you can’t reach consummation because you at least did not clean up eating attachments.

It’s the same in other areas of life. Pursuit of a high quality life might lead to the attachment to comfort. Practitioners will become less diligent as time passed. However, only vigorous practice can lead to success.

When we go out every day, are we willing to cross the road only under a green traffic light in compliance of traffic laws? Or do we cross under a red light with the excuse of being too busy to wait. As long as no cars are around, we may cross the road under the red light. A lot of ordinary people do the same thing. After learning Master’s latest teaching, I realized I am wrong. In Western society, such rude behaviour of ignoring the law is totally wrong. As Master said before, in Western society, you even need to open the door for the one after you in public places. It is a show your respect in the mainstream society.

One day, I went to the supermarket to mail a letter. A black man wearing a dirty shirt who looked ugly and fierce was organizing shopping carts. He told me there wasn’t a mailbox there. I was very disappointed and left without saying thanks. Later I realized how can I meet a cultivator’s standards? I was not even as polite as ordinary people. Looking at it deeply, judging by appearance is a harmful tradition from party culture. It means I classify people into various ranks unconsciously, rather than equally respect every life. Plus I am too self centred. If I was told there was a mailbox, I would say thanks subconsciously. However, I totally forgot and just focused on my own loss. I felt deeply ashamed.

Cultivators need to get rid of lust. However, a lot of practitioners have many kids in tense times, economic conditions and effort. Have you got rid of lust? Maybe some kids were reborn practitioners who were tortured to death in mainland. If parents can’t be diligent in cultivation, they will not only delay their own practice, but influence their kids.

Remember Master said before, some mainland practitioners were jailed by the old forces if they couldn’t get rid of lust. Some practitioners were jailed also to get rid of the attachment to showing off. We certainly deny thoroughly the old force’s arrangements. In other words, no matter lust, or showing off, shouldn’t we let them go? Can we take a human mind to heaven?

Ordinary society is immersed in sentimentality. Some practitioners can’t get rid of attachment to family. Some can’t get rid of the attachment to other practitioners by getting close to these practitioners but alienating others. The difference shows very serious human attachments. Forming factions and cliques, not able to gather practitioners together are all because of human attachments. It’s also our omission not to cohere as a whole. We can’t reach consummation even with one omission.

Finally, let us review Master’s requirement to the practitioners 19 years ago:
Abiding in the Dao
Present, but the heart elsewhere—
    Perfectly reconciled with the world.
Looking, but caring not to see—
     Free of delusion and doubt.
Listening, but caring not to hear—
     A mind so hard to disturb.
Eating, but caring not to taste—
     The palate’s attachments severed.
Doing, but without pursuit—
     So constant, abiding in the Dao.
Calm, but without strain of thought—
     The truly wondrous can be seen.
January 4, 1996

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