Falun Gong Practitioners Form a Huge Image of the Book “Zhuan Falun”

A Falun Gong Practitioner

PureInsight | July 8, 2015

[PureInsight.org] Saturday, June 6, 2015, was regarded as an auspicious date in the Eastern cultures with such a combination of 6/6/6. Around 10 AM on that day, a huge image of the book “Zhuan Falun” was formed by Falun Gong practitioners on the Municipal Square right in front of the San Francisco city administration building. The image of the book covered around 4,125 square feet. More than 500 Falun Gong practitioners from the San Francisco area took part in this formation. The practitioners wore either yellow or white T-shirts. They sat together to form a huge image of the book of “Zhuan Falun” which is the main book read by Falun Gong practitioners around the world. Falun Gong practitioners also formed 16 white lines representing shining rays shooting out from the book.

Practitioners at the scene said that the event marked the 20th anniversary since publishing “Zhuan Falun”. They wanted to express their gratitude for the book cherishing its unique content saying the book had brought hope and happiness to the world.

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, was first made public in China in the year of 1992 by Mr. Li Hongzhi. Practitioners of Falun Gong cultivate and practice universal principles of “Zhen-Shan-Ren” (Truth-Compassion- Forbearance) to elevate themselves. As a result, practitioners will achieve a healthy physical body, a compassionate heart and reach consummation in the end.

Zhuan Falun” is the main book for Falun Gong practitioners. The book is composed of 9 Lectures with an introduction called “Lun Yu” (On Dafa). Mr. Li Hongzhi is the author of the book, first published in China, January, 1995. As soon as the book was published, it became popular right away. People would say, “If one doesn’t read the book ‘Zhuan Falun’ one will definitely regret it”, or, “Thousands of gold or silver don’t compare with a single book of ‘Zhuan Falun’”. The book was listed on a popular reading list many times back then in China.

Falun Gong practitioner Zhao Wei came to the United States a few years ago, Mr. Zhao said, “As soon as one reads the book, one will get to understand where human being came from, why human beings have degenerated so much. This book has explained in detail what principles human beings should follow, what the purpose of one’s life is on earth, what the ultimate truth of the universe is and where future human beings are heading. No other book can expose such things. Many Chinese people have become tired and confused in a society where fighting for self-interest is a norm. The book ‘Zhuan Falun’ has thus helped people to understand the truth of one’s life.”

Many people have noticed that their physical ailments have miraculously gone while reading the book of “Zhuan Falun”. They have experienced the sensation of a physical body without any discomfort. Still, others have since discovered hope for themselves as well as for the whole of mankind in after reading this book. They have realized that human beings are not doomed for degeneration, human beings can elevate themselves, and they can even reach their original true selves and become enlightened. Many Falun Gong cultivators claim this book has completely changed their lives.

However, the Chinese government made moves to ban this book in July of 1996. In the summer of 1999, Falun Gong was officially banned by the Chinese Communist regime in China and practitioners of Falun Gong have since been severely persecuted. The government then confiscated the book, “Zhuan Falun” and other Falun Gong publications. As a result, “Zhuan Falun” became a rarity in China. Many Falun Gong practitioners had to buy publishing equipment and other materials to publish the book themselves. Some of the practitioners were arrested and thrown into the jail. Inside the jail, Falun Gong practitioners felt more disappointed in not being able to read the book than losing their freedom.

Falun Gong practitioner Shen YunQian said she was once detained inside a forced labor camp in the province of Mongolian in China, inside the jail, Ms. Shun said she kept reciting the book of “Zhuan Falun” and other Falun Gong books. She felt the power of her faith and knew what she was supposed to do when being persecuted. Ms. Shen continued so say that she had already read over the book of “Zhuan Falun” more than a thousand times. She could easily recite the whole book and simply couldn’t put the book down. Her Mom and daughter both had a copy of the book and they kept this book on the top shelf with respect. Even though they read the book every day, the book still appeared brand new.

The persecution against Falun Gong and its practitioners in China is still going on now, however, currently, people from more than 114 countries around the whole world are able to read the book “Zhuan Falun” on the internet. This book has already been translated into more than 40 languages.

Zhu Yuan Chen is a young software engineer. He said that he got to read the book “Zhuan Falun” when attending his college in the United States. After reading the book, Mr. Zhu decided to cultivate as a Falun Gong practitioner. Mr. Zhu said he was always curious about the nature of human life and the universe ever since he was a young boy, however, more than 20 years of education didn’t seem to offer any answers to his questions about human life and the universe. “Zhuan Falun” had eventually answered all these questions for him. The depth as well as the extension of the book far exceeded any other book Mr. Zhu had read before.

“Human beings are just too insignificant with regard to the whole universe. One can dedicate oneself to a specific area of research for one’s whole life and become an expert in that particular area; yet, one is still unable to see the fundamentals of the universe and human life. Now, the book ‘Zhuan Falun’ has exposed the ultimate characteristic of the universe to us.” Mr. Zhu said.

According to Huang Yun, spokesman for the San Francisco area Falun Dafa Association, a non-profitable organization called “Golden Book Center” has been established there in April of this year. The main purpose of the center is to introduce the book “Zhuan Falun” and other Falun Gong books to all the bookstores in the great bay area. Mr. Huang smiled. “I hope these precious heavenly books will bring blessings to the bay area,” he said.

Translated from: http://news.zhengjian.org/node/26188



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