Tribulation Caused by Diet Tea

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | June 19, 2015

[] Yu is a Dafa practitioner, she is not particularly overweight. Recently, Yu decided to drink some diet tea just to keep her body trim. After a few drinks, Yu began to develop a stomach ache, her belly expanding as though she was pregnant. The diet tea didn’t help Yu lose weight; on the contrary, Yu gained more weight. Yu began to study the Fa and she also kept sending forth her righteous thoughts. Yu tried seeking inward, but she couldn’t find a clue. Yu said to herself, “Look, everybody in the village knows I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, now that I am in such terrible shape, I’d better stay out of sight so as not to damage the image of Dafa. If I am going to die, I’d like to die in a place where nobody knows me.”

So, Yu left her home quietly and arrived in a village where nobody knew her. Fortunately, there were some vacant rooms in that village, the owner of those rooms told Yu that she could live there as long as she took care of the rooms.

Yu then moved into one of those rooms. Her stomach ache continued, sometimes the pain was so intense that Yu would have to bend over while walking. Living alone, Yu had to buy groceries by herself. she also had to pick up fire wood from the nearby mountains. Many times when Yu had prepared her bed warm enough (by burning wood underneath) and was ready to study the Fa, her stomach ache was so severe she had to give up in the end. Yu became very tired and appeared like an old lady. One day, Yu suddenly ran into a local Dafa fellow practitioner. The practitioner asked, “Hey, why don’t you recite the Fa now that you are having trouble studying the Fa? You can recite as much as you can.” Yu nodded.

Yu started to recite the Fa. She would first read a paragraph and then try to recite it. When the pain was too much, Yu would lie on the bed or bend over, but she kept reciting the Fa. When picking up fire wood in the forest, Yu would continue to recite the Fa. After a while, Yu felt her pain begin to disappear. She also didn’t feel much burning in her stomach. Right then, Yu finally realized the root cause for her tribulation was her strong attachment to losing weight. Yu felt terribly sorry for herself. As her physical body was recovering, Yu’s righteous thoughts also became even stronger, she kept reciting the Fa. Yu also started to notice that she could get into a very calm state now that her Xinxing had improved. Sometimes, Yu would feel that her mind was void of everything except Dafa. It would take a great effort to think about nothing other than Dafa. In around 10 days, Yu’s stomach ache was gone. Her belly had also shrunk to a normal shape. Right then, Yu’s kid came over to take her home.

Let’s review the following Fa from “Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Houston”, “Question: What effect do the foods that we eat have after the human body is transformed into high-energy matter? Master: The foods eaten will be transformed by the mechanisms in cultivation. Cultivation will still be normal cultivation.”

A deity will never want to lose weight; as Falun Dafa cultivators, we are not yet deities, but we must try to get closer and closer to becoming one.

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