We Must Clarify the Truth Well to Family Members

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | June 19, 2015

[PureInsight.org] Recently, a practitioner in my area was arrested and sent to the detention center. The Dafa books at her home were also taken away. At the detention center, this fellow practitioner demonstrated righteous thoughts and wouldn’t cooperate no matter what the police asked. As a result, she was released home later that day.

One event that occurred during this incident is worth pondering over. When the fellow practitioner was clarifying the truth to the policemen, one policeman said, “You don’t have to say it to us right now. When you go home, convince your husband first.” What he meant was: how could she come here to talk about it when her family members didn't even understand it?

The fellow practitioner suddenly realized: it was her husband who told the police where the Dafa books were. He was the only person who knew where the Dafa books were placed. If he did not tell them, how could the policemen have taken all of them?

This fellow practitioner has always had a bad relationship with her husband. They do not talk much. They spend their own income and shop for themselves. The couple spends the husband’s money to buy food and everyday supplies, while her money was mostly used on Dafa projects. This fellow practitioner has worked hard to improve the environment at home. However, her husband has a bad temper and insists on going against her. Who could have thought that because she did not cultivate well, her husband was pushed toward the hell? This really was a lesson.

From this incident, I recall that there are many fellow practitioners around me who have not created a cultivation environment at home. Some family members are afraid of trouble, so they do not allow fellow practitioners to go on the Minghui website. Some fellow practitioners have to be secretive when they study the Fa or do the exercises, and their family members do not allow them to send forth righteous thoughts at midnight. When some fellow practitioners clarify the truth to others and run into their family members, people will ask their family members, “Do you believe it?” Then the family members would say, “Don’t listen to his/her nonsense.” When this happens, no matter how well you spoke, people will think, “Their family members don’t even believe it, so it’s definitely unreal.” Fa-rectification has reached the last stage, which means that the evil beings in other dimensions have become very sparse. Therefore, the environment at home for fellow practitioners should not be this way.

The old forces use various predestined relationships of Dafa disciples to set different kinds of family obstacles and tests for everyone. Some appear to be very intense. Their goal is to train Dafa disciples to become mature while repaying their karma, but this kind of arrangement that is destroying sentient beings is not what Master wants. Therefore, we cannot acknowledge it. We should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it! Eliminate the evil elements that are controlling family members!

Clarifying the truth and saving people are our great prehistoric wishes. If we cannot even save our own family members, are we still Dafa disciples? From this perspective, we are not qualified enough. As for family members, do not have any negative feelings no matter how much they do not understand Dafa. They are all precious lives, so we must save them. We have to have confidence: “This Fa is so great; I can definitely save all of you! Definitely!”

A few years ago, I also underwent this process. My wife shouted at me, “You act like a human outside the home, but you’re like a donkey at home. You even cultivate Dafa. Sadly, Dafa is being cultivated by you.” Sometimes when she ran into me while I was clarifying the truth with someone, she would make a bad face to create a negative atmosphere. As a result, no matter how well I stated my points, that person would no longer want to listen. It is obvious: “Your family members don’t even believe it, so stop making a fool of yourself outside your home.” Every time this happens, I would feel both angry and ashamed. I understand that clarifying the truth and saving people are very important, but we must cultivate ourselves well first in order to see changes in our family members.

Right now, as I am changing myself, the environment at home is improving too. Sometimes when my wife sees that I’m sending forth righteous thoughts or doing the exercises, she would not ask me to do housework. When I clarify the truth to people while shopping at the market, she would help out a little bit. My conclusion is: no matter how difficult your family members are being, you are the one who is not doing well. If you truly have a heart that is thinking for them and hoping for them to be saved, their side that understands the truth will know it. Consequently, they will change too.

During this process, there will be interferences from the old forces. However, if you are in line with the standards of the Fa, Master will not allow those interferences to take place.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/145506



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