Lessons Learned from Lying to Family Members about Clarifying the Truth

A Dafa disciple in mainland China

PureInsight | July 8, 2015

[PureInsight.org] Fellow practitioner Jade (nickname) was a veteran practitioner. She was modest and low keyed and did the three things diligently. One day she suddenly started to suffer from sickness symptoms; she told her husband about it when she couldn’t endure it anymore. Her husband sent her to the local hospital and a check revealed that it was uterine carcinoma, which could not be treated. Her husband then immediately sent her to a hospital in Beijing for a second opinion, and the diagnosis was the same - no treatment was possible except for chemotherapy. The Doctor told her that the disease couldn’t be treated by any medicine at this stage, which meant the only thing she could do was wait to die.

Her daughter, also a Falun Dafa practitioner was very anxious. Mum was so diligent that she nearly took truth clarification as her job; she even did the three withdrawals from CCP organisations for more than 70 people when she was in hospital. Her Fa study and exercises were all good every day, how could she be persecuted so severely? What on earth was the loophole? They continuously looked inward intensely while denying the old forces’ persecution on her body.

Suddenly it occurred to Jade that she often lied to her husband when she wanted to go out and clarify the truth, this was a big loophole. Once she was sent to a labor camp for clarifying the truth about the CCP's persecution of Falun Dafa. After she was released and returned home, her husband was very harsh to her and forbade her from going out to clarify the truth. Jade however continued to go out and clarify the truth as usual. In the beginning, her husband wasn’t aware. Later when he found out that she was still going out to clarify the truth, he was furious about it and scolded her, beat her or even tore apart her Dafa materials. Whenever she went out, her husband would scold her or beat her. Gradually Jade decided that when going out to clarify the truth in the future, she would not tell him what she was doing and just do it behind his back to prevent him from getting in the way.

From then on, every time Jade returned home after going out to clarify the truth and her husband asked where she had been, she would concoct a convincible "alibi", and trick her husband. Again and again she lied and held out on her husband. Day after day, year after year, she really didn’t fall short of doing things for Dafa, but she neglected to cultivate her heart. This loophole was very clear to the old forces “This woman is cultivating Truth-Compassion-Tolerance. How could she lie? Is this loophole a small one?” They therefore had the grounds to persecute her. The old forces were using this loophole to persecute Jade and make her awaken to the Dao and rectify herself, if she couldn’t rectify herself, then she would be weeded out. That’s how they would do it.

Having found the loophole for the sickness karma, she felt a lot better and more relaxed. She immediately proposed to go home. The day before leaving, the hospital took another X-ray to look for any expansion of the cancer cells. But when the doctors looked at the picture, there was not even one cancer cell found. The more than 20 doctors present were all surprised.

After going home, she immediately had a showdown with her husband, "My disease was actually caused by you, do you know?” Her husband was puzzled, “How can you blame me?” “Every time I went out to clarify the truth, you would get mad; you cursed me and even beat me. Later I had to lie to you so that I could still go out to clarify the truth. But Dafa disciples are cultivating Truth and cannot tell lies, this is a principle. This was taken advantage of by the evil and my body was persecuted to such a severe extent. You were exploited by the evil too.” Every sentence Jade said was sincere and firm, “I won’t lie anymore in the future, I will go out to clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa in a dignified manner. If you support me, you will have a bright future; otherwise we can separate, you and I can just go our own separate ways. "I will no longer lie to you as I did before".

After Jade finished speaking, her husband laughed, “Was it that simple? You should have told me earlier.” He didn’t interfere with her truth clarification anymore from then on. The evil beings that were controlling her husband were disintegrated after she broke through many of her human notions and rectified herself in the Fa.

I also know that there were several other local practitioners who manifested a similar state as Jade. Because of having an overbearing spouse, they had to be secretive when studying the Fa and doing the exercises at home. When they went out to clarify the truth, they dared not let their family members know. But their family members would eventually find out and consequently conflicts would often arise and these practitioners would be subjected to different kinds of sickness karma.

The purpose of writing this article is to share with and remind fellow practitioners not to lie. If something does not conform to the Fa, please kindly point it out.


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