Wave of Suing Jiang Demonstrates Dafa’s Magnificent Compassion of Saving People

A Falun Dafa Disciple outside China

PureInsight | September 19, 2015

[PureInsight.org] During Fa-rectification, saving sentient beings is the core of the human world. The grand wave of suing Jiang demonstrates the magnificent compassion of Dafa for saving people.

In human history, examples of public trials of evil-doers include Nuremberg trials of Germany and Tokyo Trials of Japan after WWII. For the crimes of the imperialists of Japan and the Nazis of Germany, the laws at that time were not even able to set criminal charges for them. As a result, the representatives of all the nations agreed on: their behaviors were destroying the civilization of humanity. Therefore, they were the enemies of all humankind. They were anti-humanity in nature. None of the existing laws were able to define this tremendous crime. After all the judges discussed, they decided to charge these war criminals with crimes against humanity.

During Nuremberg trials, the high-level officials said they only made the policy but never killed anyone by hand; the middle-level officials said they were only implementing the policy; the bottom-level ones said they were just following the orders of their boss. What did the judge say? “There are only two possibilities. Either none of you are guilty, or all of you are guilty. And I choose the latter.”

We can say, the significance of Nuremberg trials was that it set a universal value system and a standard to define what’s good and bad for the world after the war. In a certain extent, it demonstrated the heavenly rule of being good or bad will receive the deserved retribution.

We know from the Fa that all the sentient beings in the human world came for the Fa. They are waiting to be saved by Dafa. If a person is decided by Dafa practitioners to be the subject of trial, he would lose all the hope for the future, resulting in the despair of complete elimination. Therefore, from the perspective of Fa rectification, entitling criminal charges is not the purpose. Saving people is the real goal.

Similar to Nuremberg trials, if Dafa disciples were the judges, and the high-level officials involved in the persecution say they’re just making the policy; middle-level officials say they are just implementing the policy; bottom-level ones say they are just following the orders of their boss, what should Dafa disciples say? “You can be guilty, but you can also be freed from further investigation. It all depends on your stand toward Dafa. It depends on whether you choose to keep executing Jiang’s persecution, or stay away from it, help the believers of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance” and treat them with kindness. For all the sentient beings that choose to change and start anew, Dafa disciples will disregard the past and save them with compassion.”

The way Dafa disciples regard sentient beings is entirely different from what ordinary people think. As a result, people will see a phenomenon during Fa rectification: although Dafa disciples have quietly suffered for 16 years, they do not have the kind of hatred that ordinary people would have toward the perpetrators. Neither do they set fixed definitions for those people. As long as they show a little kindness or change their mind as the situation changes, Dafa will offer them all the opportunities to make up for their wrongdoings and become saved.

The current rulers are also treated this way (except Jiang, whose crime cannot be forgiven). No matter how powerful they appear to be among humans, they are just sentient beings who came to the mortal world, hoping to be saved. Once they decide to use their power in a good way, Fa rectification will definitely give them the chance to be saved. Fa will also be giving more opportunities to more sentient beings so they can be saved. This is the magnificent compassion of Dafa’s salvation of people. It cannot be thought of, achieved, or understood by ordinary people. Before Fa rectification ends, nothing is definite. Everything is changing and adjusting in response to human hearts. The goal is to save more people.

Looking at the whole process of suing Jiang, we can see that the path that Dafa disciples are undertaking is beyond the principles of ordinary people. In July 1999, Jiang launched the political movement to suppress Falun Gong. There were already cases of “suing Jiang” in August of the following year. Two Falun Gong practitioners filed official charges against Jiang Zemin and other relevant persons to the Supreme Court of China. However, laws were nothing in the hands of the Party led by Jiang. The accused ordered the arrest of the plaintiffs instead. As a result, one of the practitioners was brutally persecuted to death and the other was kept imprisoned.

After that, Falun Gong practitioners overseas filed criminal charges in 17 countries. Jiang Zemin was charged with “genocide,” “torture,” “crimes against humanity,” “abuse of human rights,” “deprivation of the right to life,” “conspiracy,” “deprivation of conscience and freedom of belief,” etc. They charged him for ordering and authorizing the arrest, detainment, torture, and murder of Falun Gong practitioners who refused to give up their faith. With other voices of justice from different countries in the world, they are urging the international court to prosecute Jiang Zemin.

Over ten years ago, could officially charging Jiang Zemin be taken seriously? Would it work? From the view of ordinary people, the path would be impossible. But Dafa disciples do not look at it this way. As long as the opportunity to save people comes up, it can definitely come back. Because we are cultivators of compassion who came to save people, we will give people a chance whenever they show compassionate thoughts.

At this moment, the policy that Jiang created on persecuting Falun Gong is still functioning. But it has lost people’s support, and maintaining it is very difficult. Most people already understand the persecution of Falun Gong believers is illegal and irrational. Many policemen, judges, and prosecutors are gradually stepping back and using all means to deal with it passively in order to save themselves. Many of the high officials of CCP are holding themselves back because they’re afraid to be affected when the final trial comes. The previous momentum of eliminating Falun Gong has completely collapsed.

Zhou Yongkang, Li Dongsheng, Bo Xilai, and other high officials of “610 office” in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, have become prisoners for bringing disasters to the nation and the people. The new party leader proposed “ruling the country based on the laws,” “ruling according to the constitution,” and “the system of lifelong investigation and responsibility for important decisions.” Apparently, he does not want to be held responsible for Jiang’s numerous crimes.

According to the Opinion on People's Courts Implementation of Reforms to the Case Filing Registration System, which came into effect in China on May 1, 2015, courts are required to process all cases submitted by citizens, and anyone impeding such a process will be held responsible. The Supreme People's Court will guarantee the registration and processing of all criminal and civil complaints.

The best scenario during Dafa’s salvation of people is: the entire world is suing Jiang and all the people are against this persecution that aims to destroy humankind. That way, all sentient beings except the head evil can be saved. This is also what Dafa disciples hope for. The wave of suing Jiang has thus come along.

According to Minghui, one month after the Supreme People’s Court implemented registration of all cases in May, up to 10,000 criminal charges were submitted to the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate by Falun Gong practitioners from different provinces and cities in China. The accused was Jiang Zemin – the head evil that launched and maintained this persecution. The number of people joining in this wave is increasing rapidly. Suing Jiang shows the will of the people, while judging Jiang is the will of the heavens. The wave of suing Jiang went through a cycle and has finally returned to mainland China. Dafa disciples are fulfilling their ancient oaths and bringing the most compassion to people.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/146449



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