Opera Festival: Initiating Sentient Beings to Spread News by Word of Mouth and Participate in the Massive Tide of Reporting the Culprit

Guang Du

PureInsight | December 1, 2015


Many People Voluntarily Participate in Jointly Reporting Jiang

On August 25, Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the exercises in front of the downtown square church in Bayreuth. Ten meters away from the displays, an audio device continuously broadcasted reports of live organ harvesting and people opposing the persecution around the world. Citizens and members of the opera festival audience periodically stopped by the large yellow eye-catching tent to sign the petition. There were always people who stopped by to listen and watch the exercise demonstrations and signed the petition upon learning the truth.

I Donate for this Cause

A fluent English-speaking German lady donated 50 euros after signing the petition. When asked why, she said she wanted to donate for this cause. Pointing at the petition book, she said she wanted to show her support.

Many Audience Members Say They Have Seen Your Information from Downtown

On the second day of collecting petition signatures, many people said that they saw us in downtown the day before and had already signed. Some said they understood the truth and had the brochures. Some said they would first read the brochure before deciding whether to sign the petition during opera breaks.

Majority of People who Signed the Petition Did Not Hesitate

“We are signing to sue the dictator. We support Falun Gong from a moral and justice point of view.” Many people signed the petition after hearing the first statement. Some signed as a couple. One woman was against her husband signing, so her husband asked why he shouldn’t sign because this is a great opportunity. Frequently some husbands refused to take the brochures, but their wives took them instead or vice versa. It is very interesting. Each household has at least one righteous person.

“I Sign the Petition Every Year”

One woman said she signed the petition every year because the situation is too cruel. She supports the perseverance and wishes it a success. Almost every day someone would ask if an extra signature would matter. The response is: dripping water will eventually pierce stone. It is not just this one city gathering signatures; it is the entire world. It has been sixteen years. Because people have kept silent and refrained from stopping, exposing and reporting the issue, two million Falun Gong practitioners have suffered live organ harvesting, and this is just a modest estimate. It cannot continue like this.

The Lack of Hesitation from Sentient Beings to Sign the Petition Is Moving

August 28 was the last day of the Bayreuth Festival. Not only were there many enthusiastic audience members who signed the petition, but many also signed without asking whether giving personal information was unsafe. As soon as they heard we were suing the dictator, the immediately came to check it out. Some who were near the garden’s exit even came back to ask: which dictator are you suing? We would respond: the one who has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners for sixteen years. We would then give them the brochure about two million Falun Gong practitioners suffering live organ harvesting. They would sign as soon as they read the title. After one father signed, he asked his seven-year-old daughter to sign as well (in Germany it is frowned upon for underage females to sign petitions). Falun Gong practitioners encouraged by saying if you saw someone brutally attacking someone else on the streets, you would at least shout, “Stop!” This is the same concept. Would you save the victim? The little girl then signed as well.

How to Capture Someone’s Heart in One Minute

When an audience member takes a walk in the Wagner Opera gardens (approximately several thousand square meters around the theater), if you want to capture his attention for two to three minutes as he walks by you, you must use your wisdom. First tell him that we are holding a petition to sue the dictator. Then see his reaction. If there is no reaction, give him the brochure and tell him that this is the most recent news involving China. It would be great if he could spread the news. Otherwise, tell him that he can at least tell others about it. Do not go to China just because they have a large inventory of organs. Everyone has the power to expose and end the persecution earlier. This way when the truth reveals itself, he won’t have the excuse that we did not give him a chance. Within a minute, you can touch his heart.

People Continued to Sign the Petition after the Festival

Our activities continued after the Bayreuth Festival. Some people said they had received the brochure long ago. Another person donated 10 euros for us to buy popsicles. A practitioner told him that Falun Gong does not accept money, but we could accept it on this special occasion if it is a donation for making the brochures to sue Jiang. He then said it would be a donation to cover the cost of the materials.

People Read the Banners Intently

The number of people who stopped to read the banner asking for people to spread the news and to expose the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong increased. Many people signed the petition after reading the banners intently. A practitioner in a nearby city successfully clarified the truth to the media stations, which then reported the Sue-Jiang tide. Looking inwards, had we not involved the local media we would then have to put in much more effort in our own cities to clarify the truth.

Being interested in Learning Exercises

One German wanted to buy a little music player to practice the exercises at home. He said he downloaded the Falun Gong books last year, but found learning Chinese very difficult. He had learned the exercises, but did not keep it up. A practitioner told him that he could join the group Fa study every Friday. There was already a local Fa-study site. The practitioner also told him how to download the five exercise audio files. This year at the Bayreuth Festival, there were three such people who had already studied the Fa and were determined to learn the exercises.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/147778

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