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Gu Guang, A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | February 11, 2016

[] At Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference, a disciple asked, “Do we still have enough time to save half of the Chinese people? If the CCP dissolves before the arrival of Fa-rectification, will those people who haven’t quit the Party still have a chance?”

Master replied, “Of course they won’t have a chance anymore at that point. That’s why I say that time is limited. The old forces don’t want you to save that many people anyway, but I am holding out against them. Otherwise, they were going to end things last year. But what would we do if hardly any people remained? The world would be empty. Humankind is supposed to create a glorious era for Dafa, but if no one were left, how could that be done?”

At Fa Teaching at the 2013 Western U.S. Fa Conference, Master said, “Then what good would it do ending it? Isn’t the Fa-rectification for saving people? If I were the only one to leave here, what point would there have been in creating this world? And all of the arrangements made before history would have been in vain. The time has been extended for your sake, and for the sake of sentient beings.”

Based on the Fa, I realized Master is painstakingly helping us to improve. To give opportunities for our cultivation and let unsaved beings be saved, Master extended time through magnificent endurance. As disciples, how many of us can understand what Master did? This reminds me of the master prophet, Kangjie Shao (Shao Yong) from the Song Dynasty, also known as the author of the Plum poem prophecy.

Kangjie Shao had one of the most advanced and accurate divination methods named “Huang-Chi ching-shih”. It’s divided into two parts: numerology and mathematics. This technique is very precise, especially with numbers. For example, it can estimate the year, month and day a person will begin making money as well as how much that person will make. It can also estimate the year, month and date a person will take an exam as well as that person’s rank on the exam. When Kangjie Shao was in his later years, he passed mathematics and numerology on to two disciples separately. He told his older disciple that numerology was the spirit of Huang-Chi ching-shih; cherish it and concentrate on memorizing it. He told his younger disciple that mathematics was essential to Huang-Chi ching-shih; inherit it and study it hard.

Kangjie Shao summoned two disciples to his side before he passed away. The two disciples cried, “Who will guide us and how can we improve after you leave? Whom can we ask for help?” Kangjie Shao said, “You should help and respect each other just like you respect me. Also you should tell each other whenever you have new understandings and experiences. If you can make it, your skills will improve faster than mine did while I was alive. Then you can advance our techniques. Please be sure to remember what I tell you today!”

After Kangjie Shao passed away, the two disciples concentrated their efforts in practicing, because each of them thought he had inherited the teachings from his Master. They both wanted to make great achievements one day, just like their Master. They did not disclose any genuine secrets to others but shared only superficial understandings. Several years later, the elder disciple enlightened to mathematics from studying numerology. However, he was in his old age and had a series of illnesses. He remembered his Master’s words and suddenly understood that the mathematics part must be in the younger disciple’s hands. He sent someone to invite the younger disciple to come to him and they talked about the truth of things to each other. They both felt much regret and cried together. Then they finally realized their Master’s great intention. However, they had failed their Master and had wasted so much time, because of their narrow mindedness. If they had worked together to improve, they would have advanced I Ching. They then worked hard together with limited time to continue their Master’s Huang-Chi ching-shih.

Today, we vowed to help our Master validate the Fa in the human world. I understand that Master has given different abilities to each Dafa disciple and hopes that we cooperate well to accommodate and complement each other in Dafa work. We can finish our mission better if everyone fully plays his strong point to form a powerful overall body. Attachments make us unable to cooperate well, because of less righteous thoughts and mighty virtue. It will make us lose many opportunities to save beings.

A few years ago, I promoted small-scale production sites by teaching technology with some young fellow practitioners. We tried to make everyone walk on his or her own path. During that time, we encountered a variety of internal resistance from fellow practitioners, such as inconsistent views on some issues and even lack of coordination. In the face of a series of interferences, we could openly communicate with each other based on the Fa and do it in time to find our own attachments without outward accusations.

For example, a very cautious and reliable fellow practitioner despised another fellow practitioner who did not pay attention to safety, while the other practitioner despised this cautious one. We reached a consensus based on the Fa to be strict with ourselves and best fulfill what Master wants by eliminating the attachment of disapproving others. Later, these young fellow practitioners encouraged more practitioners to come out to fulfill their responsibilities by exchanging their insights based on the Fa and contributed fully as a part of the team. The flaw of the small-scale production sites was down to the local coordinators’ incompatibility, which was a result of our attachments.

Due to lack of Fa-study, I was in a state of doing things as an ordinary person. The coordinator practitioner and I did not let go of our attachments to arguing, confrontation and resentment. We avoided the problems, which caused interference among practitioners and brought losses to validating the Fa. We should cooperate well to form a strong overall body and establish more mighty virtue. However, we failed Master because of our attachments. When I woke up to this, I felt no place to hide and shared with the coordinator practitioner in order to clean the gap between us. It is actually too late now to notice this, just as it was too late for Kangjie Shao’s two disciples. The unrecoverable loss has become a permanent regret! The internal interferences and obstructions were even worse than direct damage from the old forces. The old forces thwarted our plans by exploiting our attachments such as to counteracting and accusing each other. Because of the lack of cooperation and self-cultivation, we missed some opportunities for the whole body to have an effect, and missed some people who were supposed to be saved. We should not make the same mistake and make Master sad!


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