It’s all Our Own Fault

Wen Mei

PureInsight | March 17, 2016

[] I had a dream: three fellow practitioners at our practice site were very angry with me. I could still clearly remember I refused to accept their opinions in my dream.

I was not impressed at first because I seemed to have no fault. However, after two days looking inward, I realized it was my fault due to my lack of compassion. For example, I was impatient to practitioners who always failed their xinxing tests and tried to ignore them. I looked down at practitioners who flattered themselves with low enlightenment. I mainly analyzed my fault during our sharing and truly wanted to correct my fault.

The three fellow practitioners experienced the following after listening to my dream. One fellow practitioner’s family raised hell; another one got bad cold. The third one who was unemotional at first stayed in bed for a whole day feeling dizzy and cold.

Then they exchanged their feelings:
The practitioner whose family made a scene believed the angry reaction was her fault due to her aggressiveness.

The practitioner with bad cold said she was surprised after hearing the dream and thought how she could be like that. So she looked inward and decided to correct it. She thought she had better ways to handle something which was done by a fellow practitioner. It was selfish and impure.

The practitioner who stayed in bed believed she had no problems at all initially. Later she started looking inward and found something mutated deeply inside was pushed out. She didn’t believe anyone except herself. It was very selfish!

Looking inward unconditionally and pointing to our heart made us realize they were all our fault. We all benefited. Dafa is really magic with such wisdom!


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