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Guang Du

PureInsight | March 30, 2016


People Like to Live in a World Illustrated by Shenyun

When I promote Shen Yun to a store owner, I say that Shenyun exhibits many traditional values, such as kindness, loyalty, politeness, wisdom and trust—or in modern-day language, being filial to one’s parents, faithful to one’s spouse, loyal to one’s friends and respectful to one’s superiors. I then explain that now, many such virtues have been lost. Often the store owner quickly asks his employees to watch the show, and tells me that Shenyun is exactly what his employees should see; that they must go and watch it.

When I was helping promote Shenyun the year before last, I came across several such store owners, who had told their employees to watch Shenyun. Those bosses wanted their employees to learn from Shenyun’s kindness and beauty. Yes, every boss hopes that his employees are accountable; every parent wishes for their children to be filial; every couple hopes that their spouse is faithful; and their friends trust worthy and loyal.

Clarify the Truth on History and the Modern World

In “What is a Dafa Disciple”, Master said, “What I just said means that nobody can say putting an opening in the net is wrong. So, how is an opening left in the net? If one is going to break the old forces’ interference, one needs people who can jog a person’s memory, who can point things out and make him understand, who can awaken him, and who can explain to him the truth about the past and today’s world.”

When I had come across the above passage of the Fa in the past, I hadn’t given it much thought and hadn’t understood much from it. I knew that I had a great mission to complete, but I didn’t know how to achieve it. But when I came across a store owner in Hamburg the other day, I started to understand the above passage of the Fa better. I understood that we need to give people hints in order to awaken them. One will not easily understand the above passage of the Fa if one doesn’t go out to clarify the truth in public. I showed the owner of this upscale fashion store a Shenyun video trailer on my iPad and we started to talk. She told me that her daughter was 12 years old and that she liked Chinese language very much, so she was always on the look-out for opportunities to help her daughter learn Chinese. I immediately told her that perhaps my visit was not accidental and said that I had once read a book which mentioned that all the people in the world had come down from above, and that their first place on this earth was in China. China was the centre and after that, people started to be reborn across the rest of the globe. I told her that most probably her daughter’s mind was not cleared completely after she was reborn in Germany and that was why she hadn’t forgotten her Chinese environment and liked anything related to China. I said that her daughter would definitely appreciate Shenyun. Shenyun has been touring around the world for over nine years and its performances have moved many people to tears; a lot of audience members have exclaimed that Shenyun was what they’d been seeking throughout their lives. A lot of people felt very hopeful after watching Shenyun; so it is a great event for this world.

The store owner replied that she would definitely take her daughter to see the show; her daughter would surely be surprised.

Let Everyone Help Spread the News

Currently, we still don’t have too many practitioners who are actively engaged in Shenyun promotion for various reasons. We thus need more people around us to help us out—let everyone help us spread the news, especially those who have achieved highly in the areas of arts and ancient cultural studies, since such people will invite their contacts once they are excited about the show.

Once, I was showing a Shenyun video trailer to some store workers. Some of them were very busy and didn’t have time to watch the video. I told those workers who had stopped to talk with me to let their boss or best friends know about Shenyun, especially those who were highly educated and very much interested in the arts. I said that such people would more likely invite them to see the show together. I always liked to use the story of Shenyun’s success in Hollywood as an example. I told people that every year without exception, Shenyun tickets are sold out in Los Angeles, where people are so excited about the show that they are all talking about it. It has made a big wave in Hollywood and many famous movie directors have gone to see the show as well. I would ask the people I am talking with to help spread the news for Shenyun; that one day, when traditional culture returns to earth, it will give people hope, and imagine looking back to this day and feeling proud of yourself, because you had helped Shenyun now. People usually became very receptive then and would agree to help. I came across a lot of store owners and workers, doctors, secretaries, lawyers, assistants etc., and more often, after hearing my words they were very happy to help.

People Want to Help

I once ran into the owner of a luxury store, who told me that her young brother was also running a store, where I could leave many Shenyun brochures. She then said that she was about to visit her friends that day and wanted to introduce Shenyun to them. She wanted to tell them how surprised she was by Shenyun’s beauty. I talked with her for a long time. She asked me many high level questions; I offered my answers and she was pleased. I told her how traditional Chinese culture was already being ruined in China prior to the Cultural Revolution and that it was then completely wiped out during and after the Cultural Revolution. After watching Shenyun, a lot of people exclaimed that such traditional culture could not be found in China anymore. I told the store owner that Shenyun was on a mission to revive such traditional culture; this was a significant event.

We Need to Clarify the Truth

I would often tell the store owners who didn’t hesitate to accept Shenyun materials a true story about a shop in Berlin. The owner of the shop had put some Shenyun posters up at the beginning of the year and had later found that her business ran very well throughout the rest of the year. She said that she would touch the Shenyun poster every day and could feel a strong power from it. Why? It is because traditional culture is connected with the divine. Divine beings are watching over people. After hearing this story, almost everyone would want me to put up Shenyun posters. But I would also tell people not to pursue profits right away and that they still needed to treat their customers well. I would tell the owner the benefits of maintaining a natural and calm mindset. Divine beings would definitely watch over them. Many people nodded.

Chinese People Also Like to Promote Traditional Cultures

When I see Chinese workers in a store, I will always say to them, “Hey, look, this is a show about our 5,000 years of traditional culture, can I leave some brochures or posters in here?” Once, I visited a store and asked a Chinese clerk whether I could leave some brochures there. The clerk asked me to leave the shop right away, saying that I was promoting propaganda. I didn’t listen and instead went directly to talk to the owner of the shop. The owner gladly accepted many brochures. I turned around and said to the Chinese clerk, “Look, people love it. Don’t call it ‘propaganda’ anymore; these are our ancestor’s things. You really should cooperate with me to help promote it. These things have been lost for many years and it’s time to revive them; you need to help me.” The Chinese clerk immediately replied, “Yes, yes.”

Many Chinese store owners are in their sixties. Once they learn of Shenyun’s mission to revive traditional Chinese culture, they are all very happy to help out. I ran into one particular Chinese store owner, who asked me to post two large Shenyun posters in his shop. The store owner’s family all looked very nice. I said to them, “I am pretty sure you will have a wonderful year; you are so nice.” I then told them the story about the Berlin shop owner who had made good business after putting up Shenyun posters.

Cooperation Can Help Achieve Results More Quickly

One weekend, I got a call to visit a small town far away from where I lived. I had to change my previous schedule and rode with some other fellow practitioners to go to that town. It took us one hour to get there. We divided into four groups—postering, ticket sale, door to door and TV commercial.

I was in the “postering” group. I visited stores one by one along the street. When I entered the first store, I was surprised to hear the people in the store say that they had just seen a TV commercial about Shenyun last night. They quickly accepted my posters. At the next few stores, I again heard customers exclaim, “Hey, this is Shenyun; we saw the commercial last night.”

When I visited the next store, the owner didn’t ask me any questions and just said to me, “Go ahead; put up your poster over there.” Of course, when I entered a store, I would always open a poster up so that people would know what I was trying to do. As soon as the owner saw me coming, he knew what I wanted to do.

That day, I really felt that it had been the easiest city where I had helped to post Shenyun posters. Many store owners approached me and told me to hang the posters in their shops. Many asked me to post one right in the middle of their front-door glass window. Quite often, those who were not familiar with Shenyun wouldn’t allow us to post the posters on their front door, so obviously, people in this city had already learnt of Shenyun.

I felt the power of cooperation within our different groups, which made it easy for us to carry out our tasks. Almost every store was willing to accept Shenyun brochures and posters.

Shenyun’s TV commercials are very helpful indeed.

Seek Inwards to Achieve Even More

Throughout these nine years of Shenyun promotion, I have realized that it is not one’s skill that matters, but rather, one’s heart and a strong desire to save people, as well as one’s efforts in Fa study—that is, how much one has assimilated into the Fa, and how much one looks inwards, etc. Those are the key. When I visited the stores, I would often ask myself, “Why did this store accept the posters easily? Why did that store refuse to accept materials? Am I to blame?” I would keep doing this along the way, throughout the day. If I found that I hadn’t done something well, I would immediately remind myself not to make the same mistakes again. So I kept marching forward, visiting the stores one by one and awakening people; giving hints to people so that they understood the importance of Shenyun. With such a mentality, I was able to run around the town from 9 am in the morning until 6 pm in the evening without getting tired. New ideas on how to do the job well kept popping up and my voice didn’t get coarse but remained calm, supported by the energy that was generated within my body. Such energy overcame time constraints—I wouldn’t feel thirsty and I was completely immersed in happiness, while exploring ways to open people’s hearts, so that they could be awakened. I felt that I had assimilated myself into the Fa and happiness erupted from my body, when I saw people being saved. I felt so happy that I just wanted to visit the next store more quickly…

Bright Yellow Color Overwhelms Every Other Color

Among all the different posters, Shenyun’s poster stands out very much. Its bright yellow color is like the shining rays of the sun that overwhelms anything around it; especially inside those restaurants, where there are only dim lights. The Shenyun posters are just like a lighthouse; they shine out into the room. Whenever I turn around and see a Shenyun poster, the first impression I get is always the same, “Wow, how bright it is!”

Some stores like to post Shenyun posters on their front doors. People can easily see those posters from far away. The bright yellow color is just so brilliant.

Never Give Up on a Single Store

No matter what store rules may require, or no matter what excuses people might offer, I would often try to at least convince the store owner himself to keep a Shenyun brochure. In another dimension, I can thus imagine that Shenyun materials are everywhere. Many companies don’t allow external commercial activities, so I will then often ask a company worker to keep a Shenyun brochure or poster for themselves and maybe share some with colleagues. In this way, many banks, postal services, vacation companies, medical buildings and law firms had accepted Shenyun materials and had placed them inside staffrooms or cafeterias. Yellow flowers are thus blossoming everywhere. In reality, I realize that we are trying to open up people’s closely guarded “iron-gates”; we are planting “yellow flowers” (Shenyun materials) everywhere to help awaken more and more sentient beings.


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