The Film “The Bleeding Edge” (Xue Ren) which Exposes the Chinese Communist Party’s Live Organ Harvesting Wins the Gabriel Award

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PureInsight | July 21, 2016

[] After Chinese Canadian Director Li Yunxiang’s last documentary “Live Harvest” won the “Peabody Award,” his new film “The Bleeding Edge” (Xue Ren) has now won the “Gabriel Award.” The following is a brief introduction about this Chinese film.

Susan Wallace, chairman of the “Gabriel Award” committee, and David Hains, president of the Catholic Association of Broadcasters, awarded Director Li Yunxiang.

The “Gabriel Award” committee said that the award demonstrates an outstanding example of broadcasting and videography of human values and the true meaning of life, and that the award-winning film “The Bleeding Edge” (Xue Ren) reflects this spirit.

Susan Wallace, chairman of the “Gabriel Award” committee said “We are very proud to present the ‘Gabriel Award’ to this film. The film “The Bleeding Edge” (Xue Ren) exposes the live organ harvesting that has been, and still is happening in China today. This is a serious topic. In fact watching this film gives one a heavy heart. We want to tell this story to make people aware and bring change to this world.”

“The Bleeding Edge” (Xue Ren) is a story about a Western Internet Technician who, while participating in the “Golden Shield Project” to construct an internet monitoring and censorship program, had a sudden heart failure and received an emergency heart transplant. When he discovered that someone had been murdered in order to supply a suitable “heart” for his transplantation operation, he decides to risk his life to rescue a mother who was jailed because of her beliefs.

The award-winning director Li Yunxiang said, “These two events are based on true stories. The film impressed the judges and had the opportunity to win such an honor because it has the power of reality.”

The judges hope that through this film, more people can learn about these disturbing, secretive events that are happening in China today.

David Hains, president of the Catholic Association of Broadcasters, said, “I hope that the ‘Gabriel Award’ can increase this film’s recognition and allow more Americans to understand this story, let them know it is real and that it is currently happening. This persecution is absolutely unacceptable.”

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