Valiantly Breaking Through the Tribulation of Sickness Karma

Taiwan Dafa Disciple, Xiu Mei

PureInsight | September 6, 2016


Hello, Revered Master; hello Fellow practitioners.

I obtained the Fa in 1999; it was my destiny.

“Where are you, Master? Your disciple wants to cultivate…” I cried towards the sky for Master, and Master really came.

I had waited for thousands of years! I had finally obtained the great Fa.

Before cultivating, I was sickly and weak, and excessively concerned with my health. I had a jar full of medication. I had to go to work and take care of the household. As my family became wealthy, my health declined. I wanted to practice Qigong, but which one was good? My doctor, Dr. Hu, asked me to practice Falun Gong. I attended three nine-day sessions. My health improved each day and my body recovered some strength. As a beginner, I didn’t know how to look within to cultivate my xinxing, but when sharing with fellow practitioners, I expressed my deep gratefulness to Master.

In 2005, I discovered a lump on my left breast. I didn’t pay much attention to it and it disappeared. In 2012, while I was working at a material production site, a part of my breast burst open and left a hole. I told myself that Master and the Fa were with me, and knew that there was nothing to be afraid of. But I didn’t negate the old forces; I only knew that it was evil. The next year, as I was working at the material production site, the hole which had remained started bleeding and I became weak. I kept working. It had been six months since I was last there. It was getting very close to when I should go back to Taiwan, and I was feeling very sad. I wondered whether I would have a chance to work at the production site again.

In Taiwan, I did the three things as well, and I kept up with Fa study and doing the exercises, but my Xinxing didn’t improve. When looking within to find the root cause, I found tons of attachments. At that time, Master’s new article had just been published; I knew that looking within was a magic key. In February 2015, fellow practitioners saw that I couldn’t improve myself and were worried; when sharing after Fa study, I didn’t have any common points with them. Many fellow practitioners asked me to go to hospital but I wasn’t willing to, and my body became weaker every day. The coordinator said that I’d better go to a hospital, because a Dafa disciple shouldn’t be lost. Some local practitioners had already passed away. I thought that I was really useless, being unable to overcome such a tribulation, and making Master and fellow practitioners worry. Later, I went to a hospital, but in my mind I negated everything the doctor said. The doctor arranged for me to stay and get checked in the hospital. They found that a tumour on my breast had burst and treatment was needed. When undergoing the third treatment, Master revealed to me that this could not be accepted. During the fourth treatment, my husband and son saw that when the doctor tried to administer the shot, the needle just wouldn’t go in. I also refused to take medicine. In the end, my family told the doctor that I would quit the treatment and the doctor agreed.

I sent forth righteous thoughts after going home, making up my mind to believe in Master and the Fa and leave my fate to Master; I couldn’t disappoint Master. If I couldn’t live up to the vow I made when I came to the three realms, I would be very sorry. Master then healed my body and the hole in my breast shrank. I recovered my mental vigour as well. In August 2015, Master helped me find the root of my karma. I remembered that I had coughed all through the night on my marriage day 37 years ago. At three or four in the morning, someone had spoken in my ears while I was in a daze, something about my breast, one million, and something else; then it left.

Master revealed my attachments to me during Fa study. The source was found, but it doesn’t count if xinxing is not improved. I looked within and enlarged my capacity by getting rid of my attachments. I began sending out truth clarification messages, joined the Global Rescue Phone Call Platform, clarified the truth at scenic spots, and volunteered in promoting Shen Yun (in the costume group). By cultivating myself, layers and layers of shell were removed, the missing elements were replenished, mistakes were corrected, and my xinxing improved as a consequence.

Throughout my cultivation, I have received righteous thoughts from fellow practitioners and support from my husband and son. I will steadfastly cultivate Dafa until consummation.

I would like to encourage fellow practitioners with Steadfast from Hongyin II:

The awakened esteem what is beyond this world

The devout cultivator sets his heart on Consummation

When great is the ordeal, keep steadfast

The will to be diligent never bowed


The above sharing is my personal experience; fellow practitioners, please correct me if anything is improper.


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