What information do the Mayan calendar systems tell the modern human race?

PureInsight | June 25, 2001

The Maya is an ancient nation with highly developed science and civilization that once existed in the history. This mysterious group of people used to live in the present-day southern Mexico (Yucatán), Guatemala, northern Belize and western Honduras. Many pyramids, temples and other ancient constructions built by the Mayas can still be found in Yucatán and Guatemala. There are also many stone carvings and mysterious inscriptions on tablets. Archeologists believe that the Mayas had a magnificent civilization. There exist answers to many questions regarding the mankind, life and universe in the Mayan culture. It is very likely that we can find these answers in their books, their inscriptions on the stone tablets and their mystical stories. It is a great pity that the precious books in the Mayan library were all burnt by the Spanish army during their invasion after 1517. Only some inscriptions on tablets and some confusing calendar systems are left today.

The calendar systems left by the Mayas, together with their mathematics, are just as mysterious as the nation itself, no one knows where they came from. The Mayan calendar is different from all other calendars around the world. The most confusing thing about it is that the number units they used are extremely large. It is like the number systems used for astronomical calculations. The Mayas were also very knowledgeable in astronomy, they had a very accurate calculation for the orbit of earth circulating the Sun. In their calendar system, they recorded the period of earth movement and lunar eclipse, as well as the orbital superimposition and synchronization of other planets. In fact, the astronomical knowledge of the Mayas has transcended far beyond the solar system. In one of their calendar systems, called 'Tzolkin', they even recorded the 'Galactic seasons' of the Milky Way! No wonder scientists called the Mayas the 'Galactic Navigator'. Since the Mayas knew about the season changes in the Milky Way, decoding of their related records will undoubtedly
shed light on many mysteries regarding the mankind, life and the universe.

Dr. Jose Arguelles, a historian in the United States, has devoted all his life in studying the Maya civilization. In his book 'The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology' (Bear & Company, 1973), he discussed the Mayan calendar in great detail.

According to the Mayan calendar 'Tzolkin', our solar system is experiencing 'The Great Cycle', which lasts for some 5,200 years from 3113 B.C. to 2012 A.D. In 'The Great Cycle', the Earth along with the solar system are moving across the 'Galactic Beam', which originated from the core of the galaxy. The diameter of this 'Galactic Beam' is 5,125 Earth years. In another word, it will take the Earth 5,125 years to cross this ' Galactic Beam' (Figure 1).

The Mayas believed that after crossing this 'Galactic Beam', the solar system will experience a fundamental change. They named this change the 'Galactic Synchronization'.

As shown in Figure 1, this 'Great Cycle' is composed of thirteen phases. The evolution of each phase is presented in details (see Figure 2). In his book, Dr. Arguelles used many charts to illustrate the evolution for each phase, which was further partitioned into twenty evolution periods, each lasts about twenty years.

From Figure 2, we can see that during the period from 1992 to 2012, our earth has entered the last period of the last phase of the 'Great Cycle'. The Mayas believed this to be a very important period before the 'Galactic Synchronization' -they named it the 'Earth Regeneration Period'. During this period, the Earth will achieve a complete 'Earth Purification'. In addition, after the Earth Regeneration period, the Earth will go beyond the boundary of the Galactic beam and enter the new phase in 'Galactic Synchronization'. Dr. Arguelles also drew upon the Chinese Zhou Yi, genetic code and other theories in his complex approach to explore the implications of this cosmic phenomenon from different angles.

From the standpoint of the contemporary human science, these are truly unbelievable. It is possible that the Mayas were talking about the principles of the Milky Way, while our current science and technology have not yet transcended the solar system. As the Chinese proverb goes, this is like 'the summer insects can not describe winter ice'. Our human race is infinitesimal in this vast universe; the cosmic phenomenon revealed by the Mayan calendar is truly worthy of a serious examination by today's human beings.

During the period of 1992 to 2012 in the Mayan calendar (the last twenty years of the 'Great Cycle'), how does the earth undergo 'purification' and how does it 'update' itself? The Mayas did not leave any detailed explanation. First, let's think about what is 'purification'. Purification is to seed out corrupt substances and retain the healthy ones. Take a look at today's Earth, from the ecology to the morality of the human being, it has already degenerated into a very corrupt state. Driven by human self-interests and endless greed, the ecosystem and ecological balance of the Earth are interminably being
devastated by human beings--to the extent of being rife with crises. Meanwhile, it is equally startling to note the spiritual pollution for the human society, a result aided by every individual. We are all ocular witnesses to this. Although the human societies constitute laws, without the restrains of the code for human conduct and morality, the laws can only serve to scratch the surface of these problems. The Earth truly needs purification, and the human morality needs purification even more. Otherwise, the human race will eventually destroy itself.

Starting from 1992, the Earth has entered what the Mayas called the 'Earth Regeneration Period'. During this period, the Earth will be 'purified', and so will the spirituality of its human residents. The corrupt substances will be eliminated and the positive and healthy substances will be retained, which will eventually be synchronized with the Milky Way. This is the inexorable law of the seasonal movements of the Milky Way revealed by the mysterious Mayas. It is as inevitable as the four seasons on the Earth. Therefore, during this period, we can deduce that the human society should experience many unprecedented events related to the purification and upgrading of the human nature. The reality is consistent with this prediction. People have discovered that today, at a time when the human societies are in a perpetual moral decline, Falun Gong, which enables the uplifting of human mind and body, has spread fast and wide in every corner of the world in as short as seven to eight years. Through continuous cultivation of both mind and body, Falun Gong can achieve the purpose of replacing the human cells with outer-space high-energy matters so as to assimilate to the cosmic quality and 'return to one's true self'. In light of the 'Great Period' theory from the Mayan calendar, the emergence of Falun Gong is by no means fortuitous, but an eventuality brought about by the cosmic evolution.

It might be the God's will that the Mayan calendar should not be lost in human history, and should be recovered and decoded by modern people. The existence of the Mayan calendar adds another revelation to humankind. However, it remains to be seen whether the humans being mystified by their conceptions shaped up after their births can break those barriers to awaken to and fully understand the ultimate truth that transcends the scope of our knowledge.

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