Good Rewarded by Good, Evil by Evil

A Dafa Practitoner

PureInsight | June 25, 2001

When I was little, parents often told me, "Man should do good deeds and have a kind heart. We need to help those in need and cannot commit bad deeds. Remember: good is rewarded by good and evil by evil."

During the "Great Cultural Revolution", many Buddha statues and temples were destroyed. Mom was very upset and said to me, "Buddha left. Buddha no longer cares for people. People are committing sins!"

My father was called "the good man Mr. Li" by people within all the neighboring counties, which encompassed an area of dozens of miles. He was always willing to help others and thought of others first. Broad-minded, he would rather suffer himself rather than let others bear any disadvantage. Even if it were only a trivial thing, he could not eat or sleep well if others suffered even a little bit. When he died at the age of 82, I had a dream on my way home. I saw a great deity with white robe, a long white beard, and carrying a white Fuchen (a staff carried by Taoist deities – ed.): "My Child, you need to go back home to see your father. He has left for heaven." Then the great deity flew away on white cloud. I didn't understand it at all and thought it was just a dream. After I learned Falun Dafa, I realized that father got a good reward because of his kind deeds in his lifetime.

Thanks to my parents' education, I received good quality seeds of kindness in my heart. When I grew up, I worked in the finance field. Regardless of whether I was an accountant or cashier, I treated my job conscientiously and never took advantage of my position to make money for myself. Since the beginning of the policy economic reform and opening up to the outside, people's morality has become more and more corrupted. Their minds focus on money and they will stop at nothing to advance their own self-interest. Officials are corrupt and some financial services employees are also following suit. I was very indignant at this and refused to cooperate with them. Therefore, they tried to find fault with me and framed me. Sometimes they even swore at me in public. However, I knew that I was innocent. So I was not at all afraid. Every time they tried to vilify me I explained the true situation with the facts and got things straightened out. Some colleagues said I was so stupid and unskilled that I didn't even know how to deal with things nowadays, i.e., others bullied me so much yet I did not know fight back or even was not concerned with it at all. After I learned Falun Dafa, I realize that what I did was totally right while those people were trading me virtue for karma.

During the later years of "Great Cultural Revolution", fortune telling was quite popular. One day, my manager, the accountant and I went to see a fortune teller. The old man took a look of three of us and said, "I like to say things straightforwardly. Although you two are enjoying your lives now, you will no longer be so happy a few years from now. You two can not compare with her (referring to me). She has a good future and will receive a good reward later." It turned out exactly so. A couple of years later, the other two people got caught doing what they did and their families got broken up and their relatives died. After I learned Falun Dafa, I came to understand that that was what they were up to. Just as master said, "Good will be rewarded by good, evil by evil." That is the universal principle.

Now I obtained Dafa, which is the greatest good fortune one can imagine. Falun Dafa is the fundamental principles in the universe. To remember the three principles "truthfulness-benevolence-forbearance" is to be truly responsible for one's life.

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