On the Importance of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

A Canadian Dafa disciple

PureInsight | February 12, 2017

[PureInsight.org] Master said in Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference, “Another thing is that from now on at group practice or when there’s another big conference like this one of ours, our students can quiet their minds for five minutes, sitting with their hands in Jieyin and thinking about eliminating the bad thoughts, karma, bad notions, and external interference in their minds. As you’re like this, think that they die, and then they will be eliminated. Five minutes will do. (Applause) When we get together for group practice, think about eliminating the evil in the Three Realms, while holding one hand vertically (li-zhang) in front of the chest, and just think with True Thoughts for five minutes—this should do it. (Applause) It will work, because you are, after all, magnificent cultivators and are different from everyday people.” Personally I understand in this section of Fa that Master told disciples to eliminate the evils using divine powers.

I still remember when practitioner got this new scripture and sent it to my home immediately, we sent forth righteous thoughts together with my mother (fellow practitioner) and we did this for an hour. We didn’t think anything, our hearts were very pure and we didn’t feel tired or sleepy even though we sent forth righteous thoughts for an hour. As a personal understanding, every one of us went into a god’s state without human notion, we did exactly as Master told us. As a result, all of us felt the energy field was very strong when sending forth righteous thoughts.

However, now that fifteen years have passed, what is my current situation? Did I follow Master’s instruction every time sending forth righteous thoughts? Did I make sure to calm my mind and send forth powerful righteous thoughts on time and four times daily? No.

I still remember on 7 April, 2008, I was tracked by local secret police and illegally kidnapped and sentenced. Although I did many things for Dafa, such as establishing a home factory for truth materials, setting up a Fa study group, spending money to help setting up a truth material workshop in another province, participating in rescuing fellow practitioners, etc, I didn’t look within and cultivate myself solidly. I had a strong attachment on my daughter who was trying to pass the entrance exams for university. In the meantime, I didn’t hesitate to spend big money to send her to Guangzhou to learn drawing and looked for teacher to give her after-school math lessons. Actually the most fundamental reason was that I didn’t think much of sending forth righteous thoughts and slacked up in clearing personal dimensional fields. As a result I felt tired every day and my hand would fell when sending forth righteous thoughts, and I would feel sleepy when studying the Fa. When fellow practitioners pointed out my problem with goodwill, I refused to accept and refuted them. This resulted in my loopholes being taken advantage of by the evil and I was tracked and kidnapped by evil people and sentenced for three years. The loss was huge and the lesson was profound.

Although this incident happened 8 years ago, but speaking it out today helps to alert fellow practitioners so that everyone pays serious attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, no matter in an evil or a friendly environment, we can never slackened on sending forth righteous thoughts.

There was another incident, I came to Thailand on 29th March, 2013. In May I began to participate holding banners, doing exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts and handing out materials in front of the Chinese Consulate until 11th Sept in 2014 when fellow practitioners were captured. At that time, the evils were very outrageous, they would drive there every two or three alternate days to grab the banners and pulled out knives wielding in front of us to threaten us.

I still remember the first time I sent forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Consulate, I didn’t have any fear and sat on the ground with my legs double crossed and my mind calmed. I pleaded for Master to reinforce so that I can send forth strong righteous thoughts: dismantle all evil lives and factors in other dimensions of the Chinese Consulate, including the evil spirits of the Communist Party, the black hands and the rusty ghosts. Nothing was not included or left out. Fa Zheng Qian Kun, Xie E Quan Mie! When I thought this, a powerful energy wrapped me and it was so cozy. They rushed above from top of my head and shot towards the Chinses Consulate. I persisted for one hour before fellow practitioners took the turn. Because there were only three people, mother Lin was doing exercises, I sent forth righteous thoughts and another practitioner was standing aside to hand out materials and observe the surrounding environment. Evil guys would appear at any time to cut or grab the banner… It was really harsh then.

From May 2014, gradually there were more fellow practitioners in sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Consulate, the environment seemed loosened, but actually the evil kept staring at us all the time. At around 10am on 11th Sept, police from the Immigration of Thailand drove to the Chinese Consulate, detained seven fellow practitioners with the excuses of illegal entry and stay.

Two of them were met by their family members and taken back to mainland China, fellow practitioners from various countries were seriously affected!

From this incident, I deeply felt that wherever we are, we cannot slacken on sending forth righteous thoughts. Especially when doing Dafa things, we cannot relax and have to keep a pure mind and focused thought, because the evils are staring at everything we do and every thought we have. If we position ourselves on the Fa, they cannot touch us, but if we bear too much human notions and attachments, the evils will take advantage of and persecute us. The Fa Rectification has come to the last stage and we must bear in mind Master’s teaching: Study the Fa well, send forth righteous thoughts well, save sentient beings! Consummate and return home with Master!
In the end, I’d like to encourage everyone with one section of Master’s Fa in Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles, “Let me put it this way: Dafa disciples need to do three things well on their way to Consummation, right? And sending forth righteous thoughts is one of those things. If it's that important, why can't you do it well?! Why do you think of it as such a simple thing and not take it seriously? You do know how important it is. Besides, if you don't do one of the three things well, then what?”

My level is limited and if there is anything not based on the Fa, please correct with compassion!

Thank you Master!
Thank you fellow practitioners!

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/155308


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