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An overseas Dafa disciple

PureInsight | March 11, 2017


Greetings, venerable Master!
Greetings, fellow practitioners!

1. From an Atheist to a Dafa disciple

Seven days after I was born, I developed typhoid and stayed ill for many years. When I was an infant, I had high fevers and went into many comas. My parents had to carry me for four to five hours to reach the nearest hospital. Every time after a high fever and coma incident, I miraculously survived. My parents worried that my brain might be seriously damaged by the high fevers. They never imagined that someday I would become an excellent student. I fell into the river three times when I was a young kid, but every time I was promptly rescued. From as early as I can remember, I have vaguely felt that a divine being had always been protecting me. Because I was an excellent student, I became more and more obsessed with science and only believed in things that I could see or touch. After years of brainwashing by the Chinese Communist Regime, I became a total atheist.

A few hours before the Tiananmen massacre in 1989, I was still in Tiananmen Square. After 10 P.M., I felt an unknowing anxiety. I vaguely heard a voice in my head that urged me to leave quickly. I found my bike and immediately left for my university. On my way I saw a student on a tricycle with blood everywhere on his body. If I had left a little bit later, I may not have survived. I vaguely felt again that a divine being was protecting me even though I was still an atheist at the time.

When I was in college, many people practiced different types of qigong on campus. I thought that they were superstitious and laughable. In 1997 my wife started to practice Falun Gong, and I witnessed the miracles on her body. She was not in good health when she was a kid and suffered from various chronic diseases. Only a few months after she practiced Falun Dafa, all her illnesses disappeared. In 1998 we had a healthy, lovely son. I was so grateful towards Falun Gong, but I still did not have the desire to practice it myself. In 1999 the Chinese Communist Regime started to persecute Falun Gong, yet I still supported my wife to continue practicing Falun Gong. I was very busy with my school and work and thought that Falun Gong might be something for me after I retired. I was still an atheist at that time.

In 2003, a big car accident reminded me that a divine being was still protecting me. I was in Texas at that time. It was a rainy day in January, and the road was very slippery. I drove my wife to Houston to attend a Dafa activity. On the highway I suddenly lost control of my car, and it swerved 90 degrees, hitting the guardrail at high speed. Miraculously none of my family members were injured including our four-year-old son. My wife was not wearing a seatbelt, which was very dangerous. However, she did not even injure a piece of skin. The airbag on the driver’s side did not deploy to protect me, but I was not injured either. This is hard to explain scientifically. For the first time, I vaguely felt that the divine being who was protecting me might be my wife's Master. Later on, I learned that a family of three had a similar car accident on the same roadblock that day. Both the husband and wife died in the accident. My gratitude increased further, but I was too stubborn and stupid to develop the desire to practice Falun Gong. However, the atheism in my heart gradually weakened.

At that time we lived in a small rural town, and my wife was the only Falun Gong practitioner within 100 miles. Our son had already started to study the Fa and did exercises with his mom. Because he knew very few Chinese characters, my wife and I took turns reading Zhuan Falun and Hong Yin to him. Our four-year-old son could already recite many poems from Hong Yin. Every time after we read “No Confusion” from Hong Yin Vol. II:

“The time of return now draws near
Let us see who remains deluded”

My son would say in a serious tone, “My dad.” I was very surprised but did not think too much. At that time the U.S. economy was in a poor condition. I was under great pressure and did not even have the desire to think about cultivating Falun Dafa.

In 2004, my current employer suddenly reached out to me and offered me a job. We moved from Texas to Boston shortly after. The first time that I took my wife to MIT to study the Fa, I met a practitioner. She was very warmhearted and told me how to get to our hotel from MIT. After a brief talk for a few minutes, we did not contact each other again. Shortly after, my family flew to Chicago to attend the Fahui. On the way to the Fahui venue I met that practitioner unexpectedly. She told me her experience of cultivating Falun Dafa and advised me to practice Falun Dafa. I told her honestly that I was still in a state of science-first. This was my second time attending a Fahui and I saw Master both times. However I was too obsessed with science and was not thinking about practicing Falun Dafa.

A couple of months before we left Texas, I started to have abdominal pain for unknown reasons. After we moved to Boston, it became worse. One night my wife and I were reading the Fa to our son. Large beads of sweat were constantly dripping from me for no reason. My wife said that this was a sign for me to decide if I want to practice Falun Dafa or be an ordinary person. I decided to try it and started to read Zhuan Falun alone for the first time. A few days later, my abdominal pain did not improve. I continued to study Zhuan Falun every day and tried not to think about my discomfort. After some period, I suddenly realized that I did not have abdominal pain for a few days. I did not know when exactly the pain went away. I was very grateful to Master for helping me at a time when I still did not understand a lot of things in Zhuan Falun For the part that I could not understand, I just read through it and did not think much. After I read Zhuan Falun over and over again, the atheism became weaker and weaker in my head and finally disappeared completely before I knew it. My opinion toward science was totally changed. Master’s lectures about science totally convinced me, and I completely realized the harm to human beings caused by science. Master said in Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference, “Many of mankind's natural disasters were caused by the fundamental damage science has done. In its effort to ‘develop’ science mankind has excessively and wantonly harnessed energy and resources, and everything is being damaged.”

After I started practicing Falun Dafa, I encountered many tests. When Boston hosted the first Chinese New Year Spectacular show, I was assigned to be a stagehand. One day before the show, I had a feeling of pins and needles stabbing many parts of my body. I just practiced Falun Dafa for a year and did not send forth righteous thoughts right away. The next morning, I had countless scary-looking shingles all over my body. Although I have experienced countless kinds of pain since my childhood, none of them could compare to this one. I had to hold back the acute pain while being a stagehand. After I went home that night, I could not sleep due to the pain. After I dozed off occasionally the pain would suddenly wake me up. Several days later, my pain still did not let up. At that time, I still had a lot of human notions, and I searched the Internet to find out what caused the pain. Online resources said that the pain caused by shingles is one of the most acute and usually lasts for a long time. After a person recovered from shingles, heavy scars would remain. I realized that I did not treat myself as a practitioner. Whenever the idea of being ill came to my mind, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. I shared my experience with other practitioners during a group study and asked them to support me with righteous thoughts. About a week later my pain gradually went away, but heavy scars were left as if I were cut by a knife. I realized that this was a disguise and a test for me. I did not pay attention to it at all. I did not know when these heavy scars went away completely. Several years later when I was on the way to a hotel to answer the Shen Yun ticketing hotline, the same feeling of pins and needles in many parts of my body appeared again. I thought that I already practiced Falun Dafa for a few years, and I would absolutely not allow the shingles to appear again. Whenever I was not answering phone calls, I sent forth righteous thoughts. Before I went to bed that night, I increased the time and intensity of sending forth righteous thoughts. The next morning there was nothing on my body. After this test I learned that I should always treat myself as a practitioner. This thought is very important.

Master said in Be Vigilant, “Cultivation is about removing human thinking and attachments.” Removing human thinking is easy to say but hard to do. Sometimes human thinking came out before I even knew it. One day I put a foil-wrapped cookie in the microwave oven casually. The foil was melted instantly and created a very strange low noise. I had a feeling of mishap even if my body did not show any discomfort. Isn’t this feeling of mishap human thinking? Isn’t it easy to draw bad things toward me once I had that thought? On the way back home after work, I experienced a loud noise in my right ear. Every sound around me was amplified many times in my ear and became thunderous. At that time, I realized that the tinnitus was caused by my first thought, which was not righteous. I intensified sending forth righteous thoughts and increased my Fa study time. However, the tinnitus did not get any better after a few days. Some human thinking appeared again and I searched on the Internet about the tinnitus. What I found scared me. For some people, the tinnitus could last for a lifetime. Some people had to live underground. I realized that I had to put down my human thinking and not treat it as an illness. At that time my company was in Cambridge, and I had to take the bus to commute. The noise on the bus was thunderous after becoming amplified in my ears. I had ten sick days to use each year, and many of my colleagues used sick days when they did not feel well. I thought that it should be perfectly fine if I use a sick day to get some rest. Once this thought came out, I immediately realized that this was human thinking. As a practitioner, how can I treat myself the same way as an ordinary person? I kept working every day and listened to Master’s lectures on the bus. About one week later, the noise in my ear disappeared suddenly, and it never came back. I thank Master very much for helping me get over another test and eliminating some human thinking.

2. Promoting Shen Yun

Shortly after I started practicing Falun Dafa, I participated in several important projects such as truth clarification in Manhattan, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, quitting the CCP, Chinese New Year Spectacular promotion, Shen Yun promotion and Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra promotion. I deeply felt that Master always tried to bring pre-destined people to me. One day I went to put up Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra posters. I went to a business area and found a parking spot. Suddenly I noticed that the parking spot in front of me was also vacant, so I moved to that spot. Then I found that the parking spot in front of me was still vacant and was close to the building, so I moved to that parking spot without knowing why I changed the parking spot twice in a row. A clerk in a store liked the poster very much and asked me to put it on the most conspicuous glass door. Then I went to other stores to put up posters. After I finished that area, I found my car and was ready to go home. I noticed that a car beside me had the engine idling, but did not have the intention to leave immediately. I was curious but did not think more. The moment that I got into my car, the clerk that I mentioned earlier suddenly ran out of the store and shouted at me to give him one more poster. He wanted to give it to his friend. The man inside the idling car beside me also rushed out and asked me for a poster. Then he left happily. The store clerk could not have known where I parked my car, or when I would leave. However, he found me in just a few seconds, which was really inconceivable. The driver inside the idling car had nothing else to do. His knowing side wanted him to wait for me to get the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra poster. Suddenly I realized why I changed my parking spot twice in a row. Master arranged everything for me. Just as Master said in Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference, “Everything has been prepared, and all that’s missing is for you to carry it out.”

My ordinary job is always very demanding and technically challenging. Several years ago my company had frequent layoffs. Most of my vacation days were used to promote Shen Yun. Sometimes I had to go to clubs to schedule Shen Yun presentations during working hours. I made up the time that I missed. I normally told my boss in advance, and he understood what I was doing. I scheduled a presentation at a club that was far away. The day before the presentation, the practitioner who was assigned to do that presentation suddenly couldn’t became unavailable. Other presenters could not do it either for various reasons. At that time, I had a deadline approaching in my project, and I had a technical problem that was not solved for a few days. Nobody in my company could help me solve that problem. I thought that I could not waste this presentation opportunity even if my project was due pretty soon. I told my boss and did the presentation at that club. A member of this club bought eight high-end tickets that night. That second I got some inspiration and solved the technical problem shortly afterwards. I finished the project two days in advance even though I had worried about not being able to finish it at all. I knew that everything was arranged by Master. I do not have any special talents. If I have a strong desire to save sentient beings, then Master will harmonize everything.

It is hard to express my feeling now after practicing Falun Dafa for twelve years. Even if I experienced a lot of hardships and tribulations, I feel so lucky to be a Dafa disciple during the Fa-Rectification period. Even if my celestial eye has never opened, I can feel how much Master has done for me. Master has always been protecting me since I was born and has guided me to obtain the Fa step by step. I sincerely thank Master for the mercy and suffering to save me.

Thank you, Master!
Thank you, fellow practitioners!

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