Seize the Time to Cultivate Oneself Well

An Overseas Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 11, 2017

[] On Jan 19, 2000, Minghui net published a miraculous photo of Master: “Master Li quietly watching the world from amidst the mountains after leaving New York following July 20th, 1999”. When a fellow practitioner sent this photo to my home, it was an early spring evening in February when lights were just beginning to light up. I just saw a dark sky and could not discern anything else. I thought there must be something mysterious, so I raised the photo to the light to have a careful look. Suddenly the wall of the cave located at the right side of Master shot out splendid golden lights. It was so miraculous! I realized it was Master encouraging me to step out of human attachments sooner and seize time to save more people! From then on I urged myself to follow closely with Master’s Fa rectification process and try my best to do well the things Dafa disciples should do.

About two years ago I came overseas, and whenever I browsed Minghui net, the first thing pop into my eyes was the photo of Master “Master Li quietly watching the world from amidst the mountains after leaving New York following July 20th, 1999”. At that time most parts of the blue sky in the photo were deep blue. I thought this photo must have deep meaning since it was put on Minghui net. Half a year ago I inadvertently found the deep blue was gradually diminishing. Three months ago I found the deep blue had diminished to the extent that only one millimeter of it was left. It turned out that the blue sky was like a sandy clock in ancient times. When all the sand leaks down, then the time has arrived. Recently I heard Master say in my dream: When this little bit of deep blue vanishes, it is the time to finish. The sky is clear then.

I knew it was Master revealing to me that time is really urgent. Every minute and second should be seized to cultivate oneself well. Now as I know it, many fellow overseas practitioners do not have the sense of urgency. They have a strong mindset of ease and cannot be stringent with themselves. They rarely do Dafa things or even do nothing. Some of the fellow practitioners are housewives and do not have the hard work of office workers, yet they do not come out to do Dafa things. Some fellow practitioners cannot study the Fa every day. Some practitioners are busy doing projects. They do a lot of things but cannot insist on doing the exercises every day. Master has admonished us in A Congratulatory Letter to the Fa Conference of Argentina, “Dafa is the Law of the cosmos, and it is what brings life into being and makes greatness possible. To learn it, it’s necessary that you study it with all due seriousness and mental calm, and do so consistently, while also ensuring that you understand what you are reading. Only when you ensure that your conduct as a person—and as a cultivator—abides by the Fa are you a Dafa disciple. The exercises play a supporting role alongside cultivation, and neither can be neglected.”

I am ashamed in that I thought I could be counted as diligent by doing the three things with effort every day. However, on the ninth day after the New York Fa Conference in May this year, Master revealed to me in my dream that I should be more diligent. I looked within and realized that I often went back to sleep after getting up and slept for six hours every day, which led to a lack of time to do the exercises when I was busy. Actually doing exercises is the best kind of rest. I would have more time to do exercises if I slept less. Even though Master gave me this revelation with compassion, I could not conduct myself stringently. Before the San Francisco Fa Conference in October 2016, Master revealed to me again with my daughter’s mouth, “You are still sleeping. Get up and hurry!” I opened my eyes and saw the child was still sleeping, so I slept again.

Recently I was interfered by the demon of sleep more seriously. No matter what I did, I was sleepy. I was drowsy not only when studying and reading the Fa, but also when writing articles. I would fall asleep sitting in front of the computer. Because of the time difference, the time for sending forth righteous thoughts at night is 3 o’clock in the early morning (2 o’clock in winter time). Most of the fellow practitioners do not send forth righteous thoughts at this time. Although I insisted for a period of time, I failed to insist in the end. Today I could not even get up to send forth righteous thoughts in the morning when interfered by sleep demon. Only then did I realize how serious it was. The sleep demon has so severely interfered with me doing the three things that I could not do well what I should do.

Now there are many other fellow practitioners who, like I am, are being interfered by sleep demon, sickness demon, etc. So I write this article to call attention to fellow practitioners to clear the interference and diligently and solidly cultivate. Since I have realized this, I must live up to it. Otherwise I am not cultivating. Now the time is really not sufficient. We should cherish every minute and second that Master is prolonging for us, seize the time to cultivate ourselves well, diligently cultivate together, and walk well on the last section of our path. Only then can we be worthy of Master’s compassionate and painstaking salvation.

I would like to ask fellow practitioners to point out anything inappropriate.


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