Lessons Learned from Falling Asleep While Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland China

PureInsight | July 18, 2018

[PureInsight.org] A local practitioner whom I will call Lian (a pseudonym) recently passed away in a car accident. Practitioners around her were very surprised. In everyone’s mind, Lian was always very diligent in studying the Fa and clarifying the truth. She always led Dafa projects, so why did she pass away? One of her younger sisters who was also a practitioner said, “When my sister sent forth righteous thoughts, she would fall asleep. At home she had a lot of tribulations, as her husband did not want her to practice Falun Dafa. After she passed away, a local practitioner with the third eye open said that when my sister came to earth, she signed a contract with the old forces. The old forces said, ‘You have debts that haven’t been paid. If you want to go down, you must agree to die in a car accident to pay back the 620,000 yuan.’ At the time my sister agreed to this arrangement in order to obtain the Fa.”

Lian had a difficult time cultivating in the past few years. Her husband had a bad temper and frequently insulted her. Her other family members also opposed her cultivating and created many tribulations for her. Lian sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the factors manipulating him, but without much effect. Manipulated by the old forces, her family members all had issues with Lian. After the car accident, the driver paid her husband 620,000 yuan in order to pay back her historical earthly debt.

After hearing this, I thought of three points:

The first is: do not underestimate the phenomenon of falling asleep while sending forth righteous thoughts. Several local practitioners who ran into troubles such as those who passed away due to sickness karma, those who had accidents, those who were arrested and sentenced by the evil, and those who were hospitalized due to sickness karma all had the phenomenon of falling asleep during sending forth righteous thoughts. This phenomenon only arises if too many evil factors have piled up in your dimensional field. It is a harbinger of greater things to come. If one is not vigilant and corrects it right away, larger tribulations may follow.

An elderly local practitioner had been falling asleep for a while during sending forth righteous thoughts. Although she clarified the truth every day, she never broke through this problem. One day when she went to clarify the truth, she fell and suffered a severe cerebral infarction (stroke). She went into a coma and was hospitalized for nearly a month. If our righteous thoughts are strong and our dimensional fields are clean, the evil will not have an opportunity to strike, and these kinds of things will not arise because persecution requires certain conditions.

The second is: always sending forth righteous thoughts to completely negate all arrangements by the old forces. The old forces have arranged very detailed plans for every Dafa disciple before coming down. These arrangements are detailed to the extent of your daily words, actions, and thoughts, which leg you walk on, what clothes you wear and who you encounter… everything occurs within the mechanisms of their arrangements, and you operate however the mechanism is set. Why can’t some people let go of their attachments to resentment and lust? It is the old forces arranged mechanisms taking effect. Do not have the opportunistic thought, “Maybe I did not sign a contract with them.” The old forces believe that they have arranged everything in Fa rectification, so how could they leave you out? Everyone who is here is under their control. Thus we must always keep very strong righteous thoughts, “Completely negate all of the old forces arrangements in history! No matter what contract I had signed with them in the past, what I had agreed to, or what I promised, all of those are void! I follow Master Li Hongzhi and no one else! I do not want any other arrangements! Master is the only one who makes decisions for me!” I personally think that having these thoughts just once does not negate the old forces. One must always keep these thoughts in mind and trust Master and not give the old forces any opportunities. Had Lian been able to do this, her tragic ending would not have occurred. The key is that she did not recognize this, or perhaps she did recognize it but did not send forth righteous thoughts to negate them!

The third is: we must keep up with true cultivation. I have noticed that many practitioners do many things, but their true cultivation has not caught up. They become angry at tiny things, they have lots of resentment, and their ordinary family members do not agree with their cultivation and have not seen the beauty of Dafa from them. Some practitioners have not minded their speech for a long time. Whenever they are together they gossip about other practitioners. They do not talk about the positive qualities of other practitioners and instead discuss their shortcomings. How could the old forces let you go if you are constantly in this state? The old forces see personal improvement as the most important. If you are constantly like this, they will punish you. You must break through this state quickly.

I have written a few of my observations in order to share with practitioners. Please point out anything not on the Fa.

Translated from: http://big5.zhengjian.org/node/242771



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