Help Practitioners Who Have Fallen Behind Catch Up

A Canadian Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | December 2, 2018

[] The Fa-rectification process is approaching to the end, but there are still many disciples who are falling behind. Some are trapped into tribulations by the old forces, and some fall back into ordinary people.

Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference, "The goal of the old forces is to use their approach to rectify the last lives in the cosmic bodies in the Fa-rectification before they would loosen their grip. They do not let you finish it within that time. Should I end this or not, then? It cannot end, because so many Dafa disciples have fallen behind, so many lives have been lost, and so many sentient beings cannot be saved. The universe would become very tiny and incomplete. Should I end it? That’s why I have been saying all along that I am outwitting them at their own game".

Master said in Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference, “Also, they're doing these things in this time during Fa-rectification when Dafa disciples are urgently needed in saving sentient beings--aren't they causing serious trouble? How many beings can a Dafa disciple save while he's in this world, right? Isn't that doing something bad?”

Because a Dafa practitioner can save a lot of people, helping Dafa practitioners catch up may be more effective than saving an ordinary person. Thus it is very important to help those Dafa practitioners who have fallen behind catch up.

Master is compassionately waiting for practitioners who have fallen behind to catch up. Those practitioners more or less did some truth clarification things in the past and had a basic understanding of Fa. They therefore are slightly better compared to ordinary people who never learned the Fa before. Rome was not built in a day. It is very important for practitioners who have fallen behind to have their own righteous thoughts under such tribulations. But it is still very hard for them to catch up alone in a short amount of time as their inborn qualities and Fa understandings vary. Then, what should other practitioners do?

Cultivation in the Fa-rectification period is very different from ordinary cultivation, which is mainly manifested by old forces interferences. Old forces catch and encourage practitioners’ attachments in order to increase practitioners’ tribulations. Master revealed that old forces use destructive methods to examine Dafa disciples:  “Dafa and Dafa students have experienced the most evil, most malicious, destructive trial—something never seen before in history” (Eliminate Your Last Attachment (s), Essentials for Further Advancement II).

The so-called destructive method is an excessive and hazardous way to examine Dafa practitioners, aimed at destroying the whole by destroying individuals. Moreover, there is no bottom line for the old forces’ destructive examination method. One article on the Minghui website mentioned that one practitioner made a wrong promise before cultivation. Since the promise was not right, the practitioner forgot about it. Nonetheless, the old forces persecuted the practitioner until he became paralyzed.  

Although this kind of destructive examination method has been done on individual disciples, it has the same effect on the destruction of the whole body. Dafa practitioners are all very concerned about saving ordinary people, but they sometimes forget to help practitioners who have fallen behind. Helping one Dafa practitioner who has fallen behind has the same effect as saving thousands to millions of ordinary people. For example, in my region, there are only a few Dafa disciples. One Dafa disciple undergoing tribulations can actually affect two Dafa disciples doing three things. More specifically, one disciple is suffering from tribulations and is unable to do the three things, so the other disciple needs to take care of him/her, which in turn hinders doing the three things. This therefore affects the truth clarification activities in my area.

Create a Diligent Cultivation Environment

Maybe each individual, each project group, or each region has one or more practitioners facing tribulations. Tribulations are surely a test to the practitioner facing them, but is it also a test to you, to the project group, or to the entire region?

Practitioners have come up with many methods to save people. However, it is hard to help practitioners who have fallen behind because they are unaware of their many attachments. The complexity of the situation can go beyond what is seen on the surface, and there may be illusions in the illusion. Therefore, we need to detect underlying problems. There are many articles on the Minghui website about how practitioners who have fallen behind caught up after others looked within and found their own problems. To summarize, in order to help practitioners who are falling behind, every practitioner in the region and every project group need to advance their own cultivation.

Helping practitioners involves the issue of cultivation environment. Families and groups all need to create a harmonious environment. The cultivation environment that master requires is: “It’s because our cultivation environment, our Fa-study environment, and what the students discuss and say when they are together are noble and form a rare and most pure environment. This is very hard to find in human society, and is the most benevolent and most wonderful piece of pure land, so you mustn’t lose this environment” (Teaching the Fa at the Eastern U.S. Fa Conference).

Master also said in Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Captial, “I do hope that the problems between Dafa disciples [dwindle]--the fewer the better. But when things of that nature are as few as possible, it is because an environment and a state have been created by your being able to search inside and be alert when these tensions arise. That's my wish, and it would be best if everyone could achieve it. What happens if people can't achieve it? Even if they can't achieve it, it's still cultivation. It's just that they haven't been diligent enough in this state that is our cultivation environment; they are still cultivating, though. This is precisely the state of the cultivation environment that Dafa disciples have at the current stage.”

Master also said in Zhuan Falun, “We have also said that if every one of us cultivates his inner self, examines his own xinxing to look for the causes of wrong doing so as to do better next time, and considers others first when taking any action.” Helping practitioners is also a cultivation process. Sometimes it may not be immediately effective when you help practitioners who fell behind once, which is fine. Just look within and try to improve next time. This is also an advancement for your own cultivation.

Generally speaking, if fellow practitioners in your family are facing tribulations, you may know them too well to help them effectively. Family is a very important cultivation unit. In order to create a good family cultivation environment, we should check what could be improved. This is also true for project groups. Practitioners in the same project groups may know each other well, and some even had conflicts in the past. Helping practitioners who fell behind is an opportunity for all practitioners in the same project group to advance together. Because practitioners in the same project group know each other so well, they can communicate more, and send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to help practitioners in tribulations eliminate the old forces’ interferences.

Sending forth Righteous Thoughts Together to Clear Old Forces’ Interferences on Practitioners in Tribulations

One way that the old forces interfere with Fa-rectification is by destroying the whole body of Dafa disciples starting on the individual level. When fellow practitioners face tribulations, we need to help them because we are a whole body. For practitioners who fell behind, we need to talk to them more in order to help them catch up. For practitioners in tribulations, we can help them send forth righteous thoughts. Regions that hold group Fa study every week should consider helping practitioners in tribulations by sending forth righteous thoughts as a group.

In fact, the process of helping fellow practitioners may also be a process of improving our own xinxing. I heard some practitioners say, “I do not know him. How can I help him simply by sending forth righteous thoughts?” We help Master to rectify the Fa. Most people we saved are strangers.  If we can save strangers, why cannot we help fellow practitioners? When you do not want to help unfamiliar fellow practitioners, don’t you need to cultivate compassion? Some practitioners had conflicts before. Isn’t helping each other a good chance to resolve conflicts, improve xinxing level, and be diligent in cultivation together?

Master does not want to leave behind any disciple. Therefore, it is every Dafa disciple’s responsibility to help practitioners who have fallen behind. Master said in Eliminate Your Last Attachment (s), Essentials for Further Advancement II , “I know all of the suffering of my disciples. The truth is, I treasure you more than you treasure yourselves!” Practitioners in tribulations should not give up. Instead, they should seize the last chance, believe in Master and the Fa, never give up the belief of going back home with Master, and let Master arrange everything for them.

The above is just my understanding. My level is limited. If I said something wrong, please correct me. Heshi!
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