Don't Leave Any Room for the Demon

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | February 1, 2019

[] Recently, my relatives by marriage (fellow practitioner) has sickness symptoms with weak consciousness. The fellow practitioners exchange with her but her status is still not stable. My son asks her, “If you are a God from very high level and control lots of the spaces under that level, most living beings will be eliminated if you can’t go back. Do you know how many living beings will be destroyed?”

Then my son looks at my eyes and says, “You are the same. You have been practicing for more than 20 years but still with sickness. If you are God of the Universe, how could you controlled by the old forces? Where is your righteous thoughts? Where is your dignity? You should think about it carefully!” These words stick in my heart like a steel needle and make me inconsolable.

 (My son is very enlightened. He studied Fa for half a year more than a decade ago and stopped because of some disturbance.)

My son’s words have been ringing in my ears. I know Master is trying to wake me up using his words. There were so many painful lessons in my previous 20 years cultivation: I betrayed Master and Dafa by writing undertakings in detention because of the attachment to my family. It could never be erased. After coming back, I made mistake in lust and left the remorse hard to remove.

This kind of remorse and self-blame has tortured me for more than a decade. Recently, I notice the status of my relatives by marriage (a fellow practitioner). I dig deeply to find the root for my long-term incorrect status. The attachment to lust almost cut me off from Dafa. Although my wife passed because of the persecution from CCP five years ago, I still have lust attachment often. A few days ago, I heard a gasping voice and my quilt was pulled aside. Suddenly I woke up and sent forth righteous thoughts right away. After half an hour, I fell asleep without fear.

My daughter and I talk about the dream. My daughter asks me, “Why something was in your bedding. Whether it was because of your attachment to lust”? I remember a fellow practitioner had a dream last winter. He said in his dream, “He helped me hold a stuffing fox because the fox tried to escape. The other two fellow practitioners helped sending forth righteous thoughts.”

Yesterday, I talked about the status of my relatives by marriage with a fellow practitioner. The fellow practitioner told me she had a bad thing attached before practice. Master might remove it after practicing. If she is still suspicious, the bad thing would come back again. She should clear her own space and not leave any room for the bad thing.

I remember that my wife (a fellow practitioner) told me she had a big python on her body before her passing. She had been sick after she came back from detention. However, I didn’t pay much attention at that time and she didn’t try to clear her own space by sending forth the righteous thoughts.

I personally realize with the maturity of cultivation, many fellow practitioners pay more and more attention to clear the evil and bad factors in their own space. The gods of the old forces do not want Dafa disciples to cultivate successfully and try every way to pull them down. The sickness karma has been the dominant form. However, many fellow practitioners are often influenced by their human idea. They believe it is disease and go to the hospital as ordinary people. So they lose their human body regretfully.

Recently, with further Fa study, I have been clearer and clearer on the body persecution from the old force. If you have attachment of lust, grudges, jealousy, unbalance and reputation in your space, you would have all kinds of karma status. However, your status would become better if you replace those bad and dirty stuff with pure, peaceful and compassionate stuff. Master told us in Distinction Between Human and Enlightened Beings, “What is human? Sentiments and desires fill the body. What is immortal? Human mentalities do not exist. What is Buddha? Benevolence and virtue in abundance. What is Dao? A pure and tranquil true being.” How could a person have a health body with all kinds of attachment? I insist on sending forth righteous thoughts several times every day to eliminate all incorrect status and interference. In the meanwhile, I find very serious attachments including lust, grudges, jealousy, etc. Then I send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate one by one. During the process of looking for my attachments, I dig deeply to find the root of my attachments. After writing them down, my health become better gradually.

The Fa-rectification process is in the final stages. The purpose of the old forces persecuting the human body is to interfere with Dafa disciples’ three things; to interfere with the salvation of all beings; to interfere with Dafa disciples to finish their mission and make them fail. Every Dafa disciple should accomplish their mission by clearing incorrect status on their own, and fulfill the vows.


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