A Miracle, an Interesting Event, and a Fortunate Event

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | July 29, 2018

[PureInsight.org] On March 2, 1999, I went to my neighbor’s house at noon to learn Falun Gong. Previously this veteran practitioner had enthusiastically told me about the Fa and lent me the treasured book Zhuan Falun. As soon as I entered his home, I heard a sound that seemed to be transmitted from the depths of the universe, level by level. I had never heard that kind of sound before. It was deep, three-dimensional, echo-like, from far and near… It turned out that Master’s recorded lectures were playing. From that day forth, I officially began cultivating in Falun Dafa.

Before cultivation, I had many lingering illnesses. However, once I entered the door to cultivation, the awe of my soul and joy in my heart made me forget about my illnesses, which all gradually disappeared. My body felt light, and I was happy inside. I even bobbed while I walked.

I have experienced many of the manifestations of the gong that Master spoke about in Zhuan Falun. The most interesting thing happened a few days after I began practicing before I had fully learned the movements. One day at noon while I was microwaving some bread, I conjoined my hands. As soon as I conjoined the hands, I heard a loud sound, and the microwave stopped. I thought the microwave malfunctioned, but it worked again when I reset it. I later realized that it was my presence that disturbed the microwave’s function. For a period of time, I had to set the microwave, and then immediately go to another room away from the kitchen for it to function. This is what Master was referring to when he said that practicing results in gong production. Practicing Falun Gong results in gong production very quickly!

In the early stages of my cultivation, while meditating I once saw a blue Falun, which was beautiful, clear, and bright. It emerged from the corner of my left eye, rotated three times, and then left the corner of my right eye. Another time while meditating I saw that my body was transparent. Another time after waking up from a sleep, I was very clearheaded. I was still lying on the bed when I felt my body was enveloped by a huge energy. With the sound of rotating Falun, my body began floating and twisting in the air before it descended and became one with my body lying on the bed. I believe that Master was using Falun to purify my body.

Cultivation is so mysterious and beautiful. Even though sitting in the double lotus position is difficult, the bitterness of cultivating one’s heart can be heart-wrenching, and the evil’s persecution is like a mountain pressing down, Master’s Fa is like a rain that quenches my thirsty soul and washes my body of dust. I feel that master is beside me always watching over me and hinting at me. Master knows every action and thought. Knowing that Master is watching over me makes me feel very fortunate and happy!

Our entire family has benefited from Dafa. The neurasthenia that my husband developed during college progressed into autonomic disorders, and depressive neurosis (the diagnosis at the time, which I think is completely in line with symptoms of depression). As a man in his twenties he would come home after work and lie in bed, his entire body suffering and without energy, depressed and disgusting. He immediately became better after practicing. Even though he stopped practicing after the persecution began on July 20, 1999, his symptoms never came back and were completely eliminated. A few years ago, a hard gray bump with a black dot in the center appeared on his chest. Later this bump grew to the size of a peanut. No one knew what it was, and he was very nervous. I told him to keep cultivating and that Master has never let him go. “‘Haven’t you felt him hinting at you often?” Half a month after my husband began practicing again, the bump burst open with pus and quickly disappeared after, leaving a small dent in his chest.

My many relatives who do not cultivate have all benefited from reciting the nine words of truth “Falun Dafa is good; Zhen-Shan-Ren is good.” They include people with insomnia, backache, diabetes, cholecystitis, herpes zoster, and prostate hypertrophy that impaired urination. Everyone benefited with the pain easing or disappearing completely. My younger brother had such a backache that he could not sit or lie down and could only stand. He recited it once and got better. “This is too miraculous!” He was so shocked and stunned! My son’s good friend had cholecystitis gallstones and could only drink some vitamin water and porridge. My son clarified the truth to him at a restaurant and told him to recite those nine words. That day they ate two meals together, and he could eat anything. He carried the “Tianci Hongfu” booklet that he was given on him daily. He could eat and drink anything and was cured!

My mother-in-law suffered from severe heart failure. In November 2014, she became ill. For many days she was unable to lie down to sleep, she was short of breath, and she could not eat. Her face was swollen when we went to see her, and she was planning to stay at the hospital. I told her that going to the hospital could wait one day and that she should be given a chance. I clarified the truth about Dafa to her in detail and gave examples of miracles regarding people who recited “Dafa is good.” She began to recite it with her heart, crossing her legs every half hour to recite. She could lie down to sleep that same night and gradually healed to normal status. She even went on a vacation to the South during the spring of 2015.

The biggest miracle happened with my sister-in-law. Half a year ago, they found a 3mm large ground glass-like nodule in her lung on CT scan. A month ago, another examination revealed a new 8mm large nodule. Experts from several hospitals in the province and the Beijing 301 hospital recommended surgical removal based on the nodules’ shape, size, and rate of growth. My brother and sister-in-law were very nervous and anxious because my sister-in-law’s father died of lung cancer. I visited their house and told them the miracles of people who recited those nine words, printed out many examples of people reciting “Dafa is good,” and gave them a few copies of the booklet “Tianci Hongfu.” I encouraged that if they sincerely recited it, miracles could happen. Twenty days later, before the surgery, a CT scan revealed that the lungs were clear. Both nodules had disappeared, and she no longer needed surgery! My sister-in-law was so moved that she burst into tears. The doctors could not believe it. They had not misdiagnosed it originally, but they could not explain what happened.

My entire family is bathed in the magnificence of Dafa. Some have obtained Dafa and cultivate Dafa. How fortunate! I just wanted to spread these true stories to more people. The Dafa that brings fortune to sentient beings is right by your side. Please cherish it and do not miss it!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/244564


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