Mice Moved out of the Food Storage Room

Cheng Zhi

PureInsight | March 4, 2019

[PureInsight.org] There is a large market in a county in Northern China and a lot of people shop there. A lot of people work there too. Another thing that is also abundant there ---mice.

Let me share a true story about the mice.

Two years ago, in Autumn, the market had a lot of customers and made a lot of profits. However, mice went to the storage room to eat the food. They ate different desserts, raw meat, smoked food, rice, white noodles, different fruits, as well as radishes and Chinese cabbages.

The market’s owner and workers were angry at the mice. They bought the most toxic rodenticides and mixed them with broken biscuits to poison the mice. Those poisonous biscuits were pink. After the market got enough poisoning biscuits, there were still more than one-kilogram rodenticides left. Therefore, the Market’s owner asked Mr. Wang whose duty was to deliver goods to give the rodenticide-biscuits to Mr. Yu, who was in charge of the storage room.

Mr. Wang carried a bag with rodenticide-biscuits inside to the storage room. Mr. Yu and his wife were waiting for him. The couple were both Falun Dafa practitioners and took care of the storage room. They frequently contacted other workers at the Market and had good relationship with them. The couple encouraged all workers in the market to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Mr. Yu just started his work at the market and Mr. Yu did not get a chance to have much conversations with him. Mr. Wang handed the bag with poisoning biscuits to Mr. Yu. Mr. Wang said, “Mr. Yu, those biscuits are from the owner”. Mr. Wang was a quiet man. He did not mention that those biscuits were poisonous. Because Mr. Yu was a reliable, hard-working employee, the owner of the market liked him very much. The owner always gave Mr. Yu and Ms. Yu some left over food that cannot be sold but still edible. Therefore, Mr. Yu did not think much when receiving the bag of biscuits from Mr. Wang this time. The bag for the biscuits was white. Mr. Yu did not see anything strange. He hanged the bag of biscuits on the door handle. He thought the owner gave him food one more time.

In the morning of next day, Mr. Yu’s neighbor came to him. His neighbor cultivated more rutabagas, a root vegetable than he needed and decided to give some to Mr. Yu. His neighbor asked Mr. Yu to dig rutabagas directly from the farm. Mr. Yu likes doing things quickly. After Mr. Yu was done with checking all the goods in the storage room, he found tools and left for digging rutabagas immediately despite the fact that his wife told him to have some food first. Mr. Yu simply took one big chunk of the poisoning biscuits from the bag without even looking at those biscuits. He took those poisoning biscuits as his breakfast! He at least took 0.25 kilogram from the one-kilogram biscuit bag. He finished those biscuits while he was riding the bike to the farm.
After Mr. Yu started to dig rutabagas, he felt increasingly thirsty. He felt dizzy and lost his balance. He suddenly fell down onto the ground and realized something went wrong. He stood there for a while to relax himself. However, when he resumed the work, he felt more and more uncomfortable.

Mr. Yu felt there was no way for him to continue digging rutabagas and decided to go back home. As soon as he put his right leg on his bike, he fell down with the bike. He then tried again and fell again. He felt extremely uncomfortable and knew something was terribly wrong. Fortunately, he was still conscious. He asked Dafa Master to help him and chanted Fa rectification formulas. Finally, he somehow managed to ride his bike and returned his home after twenty minutes.

Mr. Yu could not explain how he went back. His wife was surprised when Mr. Yu stood in front of her with a completely red face. While his wife did not know what to do, Mr. Wang, who gave Mr. Yu the bag of biscuits, ran from the Market in his fastest manner, “Mr. Yu, the bag of biscuits I gave you yesterday was mixed with rodenticides!”. At first, Mr. Yu planned to drink some water. After hearing what Mr. Wang said, Mr. Yu dropped the water bottle and muttered, “I know why now”. He knew he could not drink the water no matter how thirsty he was, because he would have a worse situation if the toxic was diluted by water and entered his blood.

What to do? Mr. Wang was not very scared. He doubled cross his legs on the bed. Despite his strong desire of drinking water, Mr. Wang started to read Zhuan Falun. He could not see all words clearly, but he could still read the book. As long as he could see the shapes of some words, he knew the paragraphs and sentences by his memory. As Mr. Yu read and recited the book Zhuan Falun, he felt better. Nonetheless, he still felt he had a fever. He felt his face so hot and red.

The second person who ran to Mr. Yu’s house was the market owner’s wife. Her face was red too but because of running. After she went inside the room, she saw Mr. Yu’s entire head completely red. Mr. Yu’s sclera was also red. Even Mr. Yu’s pupils looked more red than black. Mr. Yu’s neck was completely red too. After Mr. Yu saw the owner’s wife, he said hi and smiled. The owner’s wife felt so scared because of Mr. Yu’s completely red face. She ran back to the market without saying any words. Mr. Yu did not think much. He continued to read the book Zhuan Falun. Gradually he felt less and less thirsty.

The owner’s wife was really scared by Mr. Yu. She felt Mr. Yu would die soon. After she ran back to the market, she gathered people together and asked them to find cars. She ordered them to send Mr. Yu to hospital immediately to pump his stomach. After twenty minutes, the owner’s wife came back to Mr. Yu’s house with several big men. She ordered them to carry Mr. Yu to the car and immediately drive to the hospital.

However, Mr. Yu stayed calm and said slowly, “You all see. It has been half a day since I ate the biscuits. I am still here. I am a Falun Gong practitioner. If I said I am ok, I will be ok”. Nonetheless, other people disagreed. They insisted to carry Mr. Yu to the hospital. They claimed that the toxics may be stayed in his stomach for years if without stomach pumping. They said Mr. Yu may suffer from serious problems in the future. Mr. Yu said, “It takes normal people several years to get rid of the toxics. For me, it only takes like several days. My Master is protecting me. You guys please do not worry for me!”. Because of Mr. Yu’s insistence of not going to the hospital, the owner’s wife had to leave. After she went back to the market, she was so angry at Mr. Wang, who gave Mr. Yu the biscuits and decided to fire him immediately.

On the afternoon of next day, Mr. Yu recovered. He persuaded the owner’s wife to rehire Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang felt very sorry and came back. He quitted the CCP by his real name.

Five days after this incidence, Mr. Yu went to check the storage room at night. He still saw a lot of big mice there. He had been indifferent to mice for years. But now, a notion suddenly popped up. He thought maybe he could talk to the mice because everything has a knowing side. He thought it was the time for a talk with the mice.

Mr. Yu spoke to those mice loudly with compassion at around midnight as if talking with old friends. He said, “Mice. I ate the poisoning biscuits who were supposed to kill you. I suffered the pain for you. You can’t continue to harm us here. If our owner sees you damage food, equipment, and packages again, he will be angry. You need to leave the storage room. If you do not leave, our owner will try all means to poison you. But I know how much pain to suffer when eating rodenticides! I helped you with the tribulation you should have had several days ago. The same thing should not happen again! I know you understand me. Also please remember: Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is good!”.

The next morning, Mr. Yu used the remaining poisoning biscuits as firewood when he cooked breakfast.

After talking to the mice, Mr. Yu paid great attention to the number of mice. He noticed the number decreased. After five days, when Mr. Yu went to the storage room at midnight again, he saw no mouse at all. All mice left the storage room. Mice disaster was eliminated on that day.

Years have passed. The storage room taken care by Mr. Yu does not suffer from any damages caused by mice. Food safety is greatly improved.

Another miracle is: you can still see mice in employee’s houses. You can also see mice outside the market. Nonetheless, there is no mouse in the food storage room. The food storage room becomes a place that no mice dare to get close.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/248678


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