Master’s Mercy: Experience at the Fa Conference in Singapore 20 Years Ago

Falun Dafa practitioner Mingyan

PureInsight | August 21, 2018

[] The Singapore Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held on August 22 and 23, 1998 at The World Center in Singapore. Over 2,000 practitioners from 13 countries attended the event.

Master came to the podium accompanied by very warm applause. Master found that there was a basket of flowers on the left of the table that may block practitioners’ views of Him while He was sitting down. Master asked a staff member to move the basket somewhere else so that practitioners could see Master clearly.

It was around the end of August in Singapore, so the temperature was very hot. Some practitioners attending the conference were wearing shorts, short skirts and even flip-flops. However, Master was in a formal suit with a tie. Master told us that he dressed up in order to remind us to respect others and pay attention to etiquette.

During the lunch break, some local practitioners took us to have a lunch in a restaurant. One of the practitioners told us that Master also came to this restaurant, but that he had just left. I was so excited but also regretful that I didn’t get a chance to bump into our Master.

I heard that there were some left over’s on a table from some practitioners who had just finished their lunch. When they were about to leave, Master came from another dining table and asked them if they were full or not. They told Master that they were full. Master asked them three times and they all said yes three times. Then Master didn’t say anything. He just sat down and finished all of their left over’s. The practitioners all felt shameful and kneeled down.

After the Conference, some practitioners asked if Master could do the Big Hand Signs. Master replied that the practitioner’s human side would be unable to understand the Big Hand Signs. If practitioners were asking out of curiosity, that would be considered very disrespectful to Master. Master, however still satisfied practitioners’ request and did the Big Hand Signs.

Master said in Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore, “I’d like to take this opportunity to address another thing, then: Many people take photographs without considering the occasion. Let me address the matter of photo taking. Rarely could you see me before, so you’ve always wanted to take a photograph of me or with me, your teacher. If your intention is truly based on cultivation, I don’t have any objections. But if it’s born of an ordinary human intention, then I’m really sad! Also, many of you disregard the situation and location when taking photographs, and have taken many photographs with bad images. That’s not good for any of us. As you are my disciples, how could you take those photos of your master? After this conference you can go tell the practitioners in other regions to burn all those poorly-taken photographs, (Applause) including their negatives. I’ll give you a chance to take photos, if you really want to.”

Although Master has expressed His perspective about taking photos, many practitioners still requested to take a picture with Master after the conference. Master agreed right away.

That was a rare chance and great honor for everyone to be able to take photos with Master! Practitioners took photos with Master with great joy: this then included individual pictures, family pictures, group pictures, region pictures and country pictures. It just carried on and on.

I didn’t join in that day because I didn’t want to make Master too tired and I didn’t want Master to feel bad if we didn’t behave well. I just stood opposite to the podium and looked on quietly. Master was really patient. Master would ask practitioners repeatedly if everyone was taken in the picture. He would even arrange practitioners’ positions to make sure everyone was included in the picture.

I was thinking: that is our Master, who always thinks from others’ perspectives. It was rare that we could take pictures with Master and it would be pitiful if the pictures were not taken well. Master knew about that very well, so he tried to make sure everyone would be satisfied.

I knew Master would meet with a Taiwanese group after the Conference. So a practitioner and I went to Fuligong Hotel in anticipation of Master’s Fa teaching.

We sat down on the ground in the conference room reciting Lunyu and waiting for Master. The meeting time had to be delayed for more than two hours in order to satisfy practitioners’ needs to take photos with Master. Master came right after that without having any dinner.

During the two-day conference events, Master also met with a Japanese group. I was lucky enough to also attend. At this meeting, Master appointed Japanese practitioner Heyuan as the Falun Dafa Assistant of Japan. He also mentioned that local practitioners knew more about their nationality, which would have a good effect for Japanese people to obtain the Fa.

Time passed very quickly during that two-day conference. It was 20 years ago but Master’s mercy is always unforgettable.


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