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A Dafa Disciple in Mainland China

PureInsight | August 25, 2019


1). Eliminating beliefs in evolution
Communist countries promote atheism and Darwin’s evolutionary theory. People living in communist countries subconsciously explain everything by the evolutionary theory. Even Dafa cultivators have such mindsets that many of them are unaware of.

Master said in Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference, “You know there are many many plants, animals, and different kinds of things on earth. Specifically speaking, you know there are apples, bananas, oranges, and grapes, you know there are tigers, lions, rabbits, and goats, and you know there are many many different kinds of trees, plants, and flowers. Other dimensions have those things too. Faraway cosmic bodies that are at the same level as Earth and similar to Earth have those things too. Lower-level particles compose particles that are one level higher. Those bigger particles also have these animals, plants, and different kinds of things on them. An apple in the heavens is so big that it might be even bigger than a planet. Is an apple from those low-level planets a particle inside of the big apple of high-level particles? The answer is yes. There are lions on Earth, there are lions in the heavens, and there are lions at even higher levels. There are people on Earth, there are people in the heavens, and there are even bigger people--so big they're incomparably gigantic. And beings have kings, or in other words, every being has a king. The king of a being is the largest layer of that particle, and everything beneath it is spread out on particles of different sizes, some big and some small. The living being on the sphere of the largest particle layer is the king of all the beings, and its particles are displayed in all the levels underneath it.”

I was enlightened that the pattern of living beings is the cycle of birth-old age-illness-death and the pattern of the universe is formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction. Every species has its own characteristics and origin. It is like the universe we know that is formed by the five elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth). Species can’t be changed to another species randomly unless under divine beings’ control. Even as time goes by, evolution can’t exist. But however, all living beings can become degenerated and corrupt as time goes by. Dafa is the only way to turn degenerated beings back into their original states. After getting rid of any remaining beliefs in the evolutionary theory, the structure of the universe and the origins of physical materials taught by Master are printed in my mind. Everything learned from modern education can’t corrupt me anymore. I develop more confidence in cultivation.

2). Getting rid of the attachment to lust
We know how much damage to our bodies lust can make. However, getting rid of the attachment to lust is not easy. Master told us in Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference, “Of course, we don't acknowledge any of the things that the old forces arranged--I as your master don't acknowledge them, and Dafa disciples of course don't acknowledge them either. (Applause) But after all, they did do what they wanted to do, so there's all the more reason for Dafa disciples to do even better and cultivate themselves well in the course of saving all beings. When you encounter ordeals during your cultivation, you have got to cultivate yourself and look at yourself--that doesn't mean acknowledging the ordeals arranged by the old forces and trying to do well amidst the ordeals they've arranged, that's not the case. We negate even the very emergence of the old forces and everything that they've arranged; we don't even acknowledge their existence. We're fundamentally negating all of their things, and all of, and only, the things you do while negating and getting rid of them is mighty-virtue. It's not that you're cultivating amidst the ordeals they created. Rather, you are to walk your own path well while not acknowledging them, not even acknowledging the elimination of their ordeals' manifestations. (Applause) So looking at it from this angle, what we need to do is completely negate the old forces. Dafa disciples and I don't even acknowledge the manifestations of their last-ditch efforts.”

Master kept telling us that we shouldn’t acknowledge tribulations added by the old forces. What Master told us is Fa. Just like “looking within”, not acknowledging old forces is also how we cultivate. Dafa disciples are just practicing what Master told us. However, a lot of practitioners are unaware of negating old forces and are therefore unable to overcome certain pain and tribulations.

After realizing this, some lustful thoughts still occur when I took a lunch break one day, which seemed to be a result of me watching pornography in the past. However, I kept negating those thoughts and didn’t acknowledge those thoughts at all. After several attempts, I finally got rid of my lustful thoughts. And those thoughts rarely bothered me after that time.

3) Suggesting fellow practitioners to start memorizing the Fa
On Minghui website, many sharings are about memorizing the Fa. I gained from memorizing the Fa as well. According to the experiences of fellow practitioners who memorized the Fa, I memorize Fa as much as I can every day and discipline myself by the Fa. I think if fellow practitioners can start memorizing the Fa, you will gain a lot too!

Thanks Master! Thanks Master!

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