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A Dafa Disciple in the USA

PureInsight | November 29, 2019

[] I have been preparing mathematic lessons for the next semester. However, whenever I read the text book for the class, I would get a headache. I thought I might be exhausted because of long term reading. When I continued my work later, my headache started again right after I opened the book and became very serious. I had to stop reading to massage my temples.

About one week before, I had the same issue in the afternoon. Because I still had plenty of time before bed time, I had planned to read another book. However, my headache started again after a short time. I talked to my wife about it and wanted to get her opinion. She suggested that I get more sleep.

The next morning, I still couldn't find the cause of the headache. I then said to Master in my mind that I did it not for myself; but for Fa validation. Suddenly, my headache disappeared and I was able to read the book the whole morning without any headache.

Through this episode I understood two points. The first being: When we have a hard time, if it is not because of our own attachment(s), it must be interference from the old forces. So, we should send forth righteous thoughts or ask for help from Master, especially if what we are doing is related to Fa Validation. It is however, far too easy to be trapped in human thinking when problems arise. For me, I thought about it from the human side at the beginning - since the text book required a lot of consideration and brainstorming, I thought that might be the cause of my headache, or some other reason related to human world. The second point was: If what we were doing was related to Fa-rectification, the old forces would interfere for sure. By looking inward for our attachments, we should look at the problem from the perspective of Fa rectification to eliminate the interference.

I have noticed the attachment of jealousy in myself since last year; but I have not been able to remove it. Sure, I have other attachments at the same time; but this one is very serious. Later, I found that my attachment was so strong that it caused some aches in my body, but I couldn’t find any solution.
A week earlier, I saw that a practitioner whom I looked down upon, was in a meeting at the office. My jealousy immediately came out and I began to reject and negate everything she said and did in my mind. This time however, I recognized the jealousy as it emerged and was able to negate it and put a stop to the negative thoughts in my mind, in time. I then asked myself: Why was I jealous about her? The characters “old forces” came to my mind. I then suddenly understood that the old forces had separated us, and they were the reason why many Fa-rectification projects were so hard to make any progress with. I also realized that it can also be because of our thoughts. Master said in Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa, “Do you realize that with all that being sent out, all around the world it formed into a sticky, glue-like substance, and it took just a very few evil beings to be able to interfere with you. It was not something that you could clear out, and it directly blocked our Dafa disciples’ ticket sales and blocked the Dafa disciples who were sending out true righteous thoughts. It was not something that could be cleared out.”

Therefore, I understand that practitioners who are involved in the same projects should regularly do Fa study together and improve our understandings to eliminate any gaps. We should also send forth righteous thoughts for our projects to eliminate interference from the old forces. If we don’t share any cultivation understandings and instead only discuss project specific things after Fa study, we might not see the roots of any problems.
From my experience, I found that I indeed have the attachment of jealousy, and that I need to try hard to eliminate it. However, we face not only our personal cultivation but saving people and Fa rectification. We have to jump out of the limitations of personal cultivation. If we have bad thoughts about other practitioners, it can impact Fa rectification and the progress of our projects. By emphasizing only personal cultivation, we can easily be interfered with & cheated by the old forces. Therefore, my current understanding is: Be sure to look at problems and our attachments based on the Fa.

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