Thoughts After Reading Master’s Scripture "Stay Rational”

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | June 16, 2020

[] After reading Master’s new scripture "Stay Rational", I recalled what one fellow practitioner told me a few days ago: we should disintegrate all of the evil living beings and factors behind the old forces that have used the Wuhan virus to destroy sentient beings, and we should tell more fellow practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts. When I heard this, I felt that the virus was directed at people who could not be saved, so I did not discuss it with her further or share her thoughts with any other practitioners.

When I read Master’s new scripture three times today, I thoroughly understood from the Fa that the “Wuhan virus” is here to eliminate the evil CCP members or people close to the CCP. At this critical moment in history, we have no excuse to not step out and save those compassionate lives who have been deceived by the CCP. Furthermore, I feel that we are racing against time and competing with the old forces to save lives.

For all the Dafa disciples who are not diligent or who go to extremes, they need to be responsible to themselves, their own cultivation, and the infinite number of sentient beings in their world. Master said that these Dafa disciples are “at great risk”, and Master has warned them. Without proper actions, these disciples would face terrible consequences…

Master cherishes disciples who have attained the Fa. Therefore, we need to constantly use the Fa to correct ourselves. In this fleeting moment during the great history of Fa-rectification, we need to cultivate well and save sentient beings because those are the only reasons we came to this world.

Please compassionately point out anything not aligned with the Fa.


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