Reflecting on the Attachments in the U.S. Election

A Japanese Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | December 13, 2020

[] In this U.S. election, my heart fluctuated up and down, and my cultivation status also deteriorated rapidly. This made me realize that if I don't correct myself from the Fa, I will be exploited by evil. At the same time, it will also hinder the trend of Fa-rectification.


I stopped watching the video before the U.S. election. At that time, I was focusing on studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and doing the three things. When I had time, I read sharing articles on MingHui, so my cultivation status was relatively stable, and my level improved very quickly. Originally, I could stop myself from watching videos made by fellow practitioners, because at that time, I didn’t need to force myself but I didn’t want to watch them or even couldn’t watch them (after all, it was an everyday people level thing). I can’t help but look at the latest developments of election every day when I get up early and fall asleep. I know I’m wrong, but I can’t control myself. When I found out that I was no longer able to avoid watching YouTube naturally, and how difficult to quit watching it, I realized the seriousness of the problem. I also began to reflect on my attachments in this process.

When Trump took the lead in the vote at the beginning, as well as fellow practitioners from the media also definitely speculated that when Trump was destined to win, I felt that this was truly deserved and I felt that it could give the evil a good blow, so I was happy. A series of changes occurred in the election. My heart began to rise and fall. I can't even do anything, I don't want to cook, and I don't sleep well. Although I promise to do the three things everyday, I was no longer studying the Fa by my heart, and my status of cultivation was completely incomparable with before. Before that, I thought about the Fa every day, and I understood the principles of the Fa from the Fa. The principles of the Fa continue to appear in the mind. When I pass the tribulation, I can remember the Fa, and I can basically pass it smoothly. But these days, my mind was on the election progress, and the principles of Fa cannot be returned. The manifestation was that the Xinxing begins to fail to hold, even feeling angry, and my body was tired. In the end, Biden's vote surpassed Trump. The plainly fraudulent behavior was not reported by the American media. I became jealous and hateful again, completely forgetting that I am a cultivator and should not be driven by illusions in the world.

When I felt devastated, I communicated with fellow practitioners. She showed me Master’s Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference. Master said, “You placed your hopes in ordinary people, so the old forces had the resolution that they sponsored voted down. And as you kept putting your hopes in ordinary people they made it so that your resolution couldn't even be raised and so that the U.S. was kicked out of the Human Rights Commission. You still placed your hopes in ordinary people, so they made a country that violates human rights the chair. We should become more rational by learning from these lessons. We've gone through so much, and through these lessons we should gradually get clearheaded." This paragraph of the Fa awakened me. I asked myself, "Who are you, do you regard yourself as a disciple of the Master? Does Master place His hopes on ordinary people? Do I believe in the Master? If I believe in the Master, I know that in the end, righteous power is stronger than evil power. Everything is under the Master’s arrangement. As the man of God’s choice, Trump will eventually complete his mission. If I have this firm heart and believe in the final result, will I still be tempted?"

At the same time, my enthusiasm has become an excuse used by the Old Forces. Perhaps this is the result of our disciples' attachment. Because Master said in the Touring North America to Teach the Fa, “How could you pin your hopes on an ordinary person? You are Dafa disciples! Each one of you Dafa disciples represents a large, gigantic dimension. What does mankind amount to? It's only that the old forces are using it and have sealed off your greater abilities. How could you think that way about things? If all of you think that way, the old forces will see it and think: ‘How can they all have those thoughts? Those thoughts have to be removed, so let's make that premier turn bad.’ They would rather make him turn bad in order to get rid of your ordinary human thoughts. Isn't that right? The old forces have no regard for human life--if they want to kill, they'll just kill. Amidst the Fa-rectification they're only attached to their own arrangements." These lessons are so profound, Master has hammered us again and again. However, we have not summed up the lessons yet and our attachments have flooded, again and again, interfering with ourselves, and affecting the process of Fa-rectification. During the sharing with other fellow practitioners, they shared that we should not be driven by these falsehoods. Since it is a battle between good and evil, we should send forth righteous thoughts. I also think that besides not being driven, sending forth righteous thoughts is what I should do now.

I think this U.S. election is also an exam for every disciple. I know I did not answer it well, but the matter is not over now, so there is still a chance. If you want to stop being driven, you must first give up watching those videos. In fact, if we want to know the truth, we can learn it from We don't need to know it through videos. When I found myself unable to control myself and stop watching the video of the general election, I realized the seriousness of the problem. I pray to the Master for a blessing. On the same day, I felt that our Master had helped me remove this substance. I uninstalled YouTube again and then found that even if I do not watch it, I do not want it and I am no longer suffer from stop watching the videos. It seems that the "me" who wants to watch is not the "real me". Then I started to learn the Fa again into my heart, and the principles of the Fa began to unfold again. Although on the surface the evil seems to have the upper hand, I firmly believe that Master can turn all bad things into good things in the end. But in the process, being a disciple cannot indulge personal attachment or hinder Master's Fa-rectification. I hope that some fellow practitioners who are in the same situation as me can learn from it.

The above is the enlightenment at my current level. If there is something inappropriate, please compassionately correct me.


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