Experience in Three Withdrawals

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | April 13, 2020

[PureInsight.org] When I worked at a foreign trade company, I participated in the Canton Fair every year. Some factories collaborated with us to hold the exhibition. A saleswoman from the Zhejiang factory was enthusiastic, intelligent, communicative, and good at foreign language; she had a good relationship with many factory owners. She later became self-employed and introduced us to many factory owners to collaborate on the exhibition. We then sent foreign trade inquiries to factories to obtain quotes. After that, we were responsible for export, and she took a commission. Regardless of whether there was a transaction, I would communicate with the manufacturers throughout the quotation and exhibition processes. I had more opportunities to clarify the truth when I visited the factories for inspection. Over the years, I have helped many factory owners and salesmen do the three withdrawals.

Once I clarified the truth to a young factory owner at the Canton Fair pavilion. He did not withdraw and subconsciously stepped aside. Later, I purchased his products for export. One day, he suddenly told me he would come to visit. After flying more than an hour, he came to my city. At lunch, I clarified the truth again, and he did the three withdrawals happily. Then, he flew back to his factory. We did not talk any business. He mentioned he did not have any reason to be here but just wanted to get lunch with me. I knew it seemed unreasonable from an outsider’s standpoint. Maybe he did not know why he did this. Of course, I knew in my heart why.

About that saleswoman, we have known each other for over ten years ever since she was in her twenties. She did the three withdrawals long ago, and we had a lot of trust in each other. However, I did not expect her to change so much under the influence of fame and wealth in the mainland for over ten years. Her morality fell to the very bottom. She lied and took advantage of everyone's trust and swindled a million yuan from our industry bosses and foreign businessmen. Some foreign businessmen reported the case, but the police did not handle it. She scammed a fifty-year-old boss over a hundred thousand yuan. He flew to my city after finding my phone number to complain about that saleswoman. This boss believed in Buddhism and, of course, understood the truth. He flew back after I did the three withdrawals for him. Although he was swindled out of his money, he gained the opportunity to enter the future. It was amazing for sentient beings to be saved.

The saleswoman also introduced a Shanghai boss. I took some foreign businessmen to discuss a big business deal. The Shanghai boss took care of our living costs. There was a big chance for us to close the deal. However, the merchant had an accident, and there was no deal in the end. When the boss was introducing the product to customers at the factory, he accidentally injured his foot, which took a long time to heal. I felt so sorry for the Shanghai boss because he lost tens of thousands of yuan. Later, I unsuccessfully tried to introduce him to some business. Today, I suddenly realized that although he was swindled over one hundred thousand yuan by the saleswoman, lost money while treating the customer, and injured his foot, he got to know me, a Dafa disciple. I took the opportunity to bring foreign merchants to the factory to clarify the truth to him, and he did the three withdrawals. Were his losses the price for his salvation? We are not able to see predestined relationships clearly; we just need to save sentient beings.

Sometimes I would ask some bosses to have coffee together at the Canton Fair to clarify the truth. Last time, that saleswoman reported to my boss that I was clarifying the truth. She said it disturbed them from discussing business. (It was possible for us to lose business opportunities when the bosses sat there waiting for foreign businessmen. There was a loophole.) Under Master’s protection, I did not have any problems. She took advantage of my trust and lied to us about her business and personal life to swindle us. She also cheated me out of tens of thousands of yuan. However, I did not hate her at all; I just felt sorry for her. A very simple little girl was cheated by the Chinese Communist Party and became a cheater. Maybe we had a predestined relationship in the past, and that was it. Because of her, I persuaded dozens of bosses and salesmen in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, including her family and lover, to withdraw from the CCP. It changed an evil relationship into a good one!

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