Communism Is the World’s Most Dangerous Virus!

A Falun Dafa practitioner from Turkey

PureInsight | July 19, 2020

[] Throughout history, country leaders' decisions and management have influenced not only themselves but also other people and sometimes other countries. Every decision and behavior transforms beliefs and culture, which constitute the core values of a society, negative or positive. Therefore the responsibility of a country’s leader, regardless of who it is, whether he is a King or President, involves protecting society’s moral values. Leadership also test’s one’s political and material interests.

What makes a person human are one’s behavior according to virtuous principles.

My curiosity about world history and spiritual issues since my childhood have led me to learn more about these topics. When I started the virtuous practice of Falun Dafa, I began to understand the damage caused by the Chinese Communist Party via historical figures that shed light on many issues from the imperial palace administration to local administrators throughout Chinese history and the character development of virtuous people in ancient Chinese stories. Although the Chinese people have such a rich history, the brutal destruction of the 5,000-year long traditional Chinese culture during the ‘Cultural Revolution’ has always deeply upset me. When I read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I saw clearly how a nation could be destroyed by communism.

The massacre accounts of communist dictatorships reveal that communism is more dangerous than a virus. Every sane person can clearly see that communism is a demonic dictatorship system under the guise of equality.

The number of people who were killed in only three countries during communist revolutions in those countries:

China - 70 million

Soviet Union - more than 20 million

Ukraine - 5 million

Although these are only official numbers, it is not difficult to guess that the actual numbers are much higher. Therefore, the most dangerous virus in the world is communism.

How Does the CCP Management Look from the Outside?

Even though our aim is to reveal the persecution of Falun Dafa by the CCP through activities in our country, people support us by thinking that we are taking action against China. People in our country view China this way because China has lost its spiritual values, it is seen as a society that does not accept Heaven and God, and is also responsible for persecuting Uyghur Turks because of their religious belief.

Generally during these activities, when people hear that Falun Dafa practitioners are being tortured in concentration camps by the CCP and have had their organs harvested whilst still alive and sold through Chinese state hospitals, they say "I am not surprised. Anything can happen in China because it is a faithless society." Others say, "If such a thing happened, the whole world would stand up. I don't believe it." In both cases, you can clearly see the influence of the Chinese Communist Party’s rule on society. The idea that "anything can happen in China because it is a faithless society" reflects that the CCP destroys beliefs and traditional culture, making it known that it is capable of all kinds of evil. The idea that "if such a thing happened, the whole world would stand up" is due to the fact that the CCP has gone to great lengths to deceive the world and hide the true nature of the CCP from the rest of the world, so some people are unaware of just how evil the CCP is.

When I meet people who think like that, I tell them that the reasons for this widespread disbelief are the CCP's bad policies and adeptness at lying, and that before the CCP came along China actually had a history of virtuous principles like tolerance and compassion.

This is how one country's harm of its own people manifests in another country. Is it not clear that the CCP virus (COVID-19), which started in Wuhan and spread across the world, reflects the nature of the communist party through its cover-up when the virus first began to spread and its failure to inform the public and the world, leading to hundred thousands of lost lives? Who could be responsible for this pandemic other than the CCP?

Just think: how can we possibly believe that the world's most populous country has defeated the virus with no new cases? Isn't it more logical to stay away from the CCP's evil nature if we want to be protected from the virus? We should never believe their lies.

I would like to express my greetings and respect to the determined Mainland Chinese Falun Dafa practitioners who, while being subjected to immense pressure and persecution from the CCP, take every opportunity to awaken the Chinese people and help them see the truth even during the quarantine and pandemic. Whenever my attachment to comfort surfaces, I read about their hardships through experience sharing articles and I feel ashamed. I thank them for helping me pull myself together. I hope to meet all the Dafa disciples living in China one day.

I want to share with fellow practitioners two dreams I had on the night of July 28, 2019.

The first was a dream in which my confidence in Master was tested. I was in a different time zone than the city where I was born. I was walking with an old but vigorous woman in the back streets of the area where I grew up. I did not really know her, but I felt like she was my great-grand ancestor. We seemed to be going somewhere together. I then came across a friend whom I had not seen for years, so I called out to him and waved. Although I was standing right in front of him, he did not see me. I then realized that no one saw me or the old woman. However, there were elderly people and children playing and chatting in the streets. Most of these people were old. Suddenly a wind started blowing with a yellow cloud of dust, and I started to fly up a little from the ground. After I traversed a street like that, I realized the old woman next to me could also fly, but she preferred to walk. At a turn of the street, I saw a group of old men sitting under some trees drinking tea and chatting. I flew to an area above the trees with the intention of cleaning that area. The old woman looked at me and said "Come on, I washed it. It's all clean." She then continued walking. From time to time, she looked at what I was doing. After a while, I started to rise up against my own will. When I got too high, I hovered above a field suspended in midair by a force. I was so high that the ground was hard to see. When I wanted to see it, I was able to zoom in and see using a supernormal ability. I then heard a voice say, “If you trust your Master, let’s see you jump from here.” I closed my eyes and asked myself whether I truly trusted Master. The voice asked again “Do you truly trust?”  I thought to myself “I am not afraid.” I then remembered that a Taoist master once said, "After you see me jump into the gourd, follow me" and one of his students jumped into the gourd. I then said, “I only follow Master Li Hongzhi.” I suddenly approached the ground and stopped half a meter above the ground, suspended in midair. I felt myself in incredible peace and security. I understood who was testing me.

Soon after, I was on an island surrounded by ocean. I was walking towards a hotel by the sea. There were others beside me, but when I entered the hotel, I was alone. The hotel had a single wooden floor and many distinguished people. Men walked around in suits. My room was not ready, so I waited in a room several doors away. There was a man in a suit inside the room, looking straight ahead. He took me by the wrist just as I was exiting the room and said, "Come, I'll show you something.” He opened a small bag and took out one human eye. At that moment I became a little uneasy and realized that he was evil. In general, I can see through evil to its original nature, this time in human form. He started talking. “This is my mission” he said while showing me the eye. ‘Falun Gong’ was written on it in thin characters. "It is my duty to ensure that those who can see Falun Gong will no longer see it after I delete this writ from their eyes. I take some people’s eyes completely.” He smiled while saying this, and when I read his mind, I realized that some Falun Dafa practitioners had also deleted this writ from their eyes. He did not know that I was a practitioner and became uncomfortable after I mentioned that I was. This person was a modern-looking and tech-related evil. He kept a record of what he had done to the people he had harmed. Then I understood why it (the tech related evil) appeared in human form. People are very addicted to technology and open to following anything they encounter. Technology is something that attracts people.

Master says in the First Fa Teaching Given in the United States, “As today’s science and technology develop, and when people increasingly emphasize the so-called realities, the real history of man and true things are being progressively cast aside.”

In my dream, I had the opportunity to linger and enter his room. I intended to transfer all the records to my USB so he could be punished. He then entered the room and realized that I was a Falun Gong practitioner. We then started following each other. Finally, while waiting for his next move somewhere in the hotel, dozens of police came to arrest him. People understood that he was a bad and harmful person.

One day those in the CCP who have persecuted Dafa will also be caught and will pay for their evildoing.

When we reveal the true nature of the CCP, some people may not be able to see it, even though we are directly telling them. There may be many reasons for this, such as our own deficiencies, interference by the old forces, and people's own karma. Many of the world's people are unaware of the CCP's genocide against Falun Dafa practitioners over the past 21 years. For this reason, eliminating their obstacles that block them from gaining an understanding of Dafa is an important part of our duty to save sentient beings and fight against the evil. In order for a person to choose between good and evil, he must be able to see what is good. This means that we need to work harder to clarify the truth.

Master says in Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference, “It's only that the evil insisted on doing all this, which has interfered with the Fa-rectification, has led them to commit sins in the course of their doing evil, and has caused many beings and people, themselves included, to be weeded out. In the cosmos this factor of a-positive-comes-with-a-negative and a-pro-comes-with-a-con truly manifests.”

A Dafa practitioner’s power comes from the Fa, and the Fa is from our Master. In order to fully utilize the power of the Fa, we must look within, especially during this period. Can we really do the three things well? I always disrupted other things while doing one of the three things. Now I am more concerned with this issue. I am a student of Master Li Hongzhi. My path is only the one that He has arranged, I do not accept any arrangements by the old forces.

I trust unconditionally in Master and Dafa. I am grateful to compassionate Master for protecting me, helping me, and offering me salvation.

What I shared above is my experience and understanding at my own level.

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.






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