What I Know of Earth's History and Mysteries (2): The Lantis Empire

Dao Ming, a Falun Dafa practitioner in mainland China

PureInsight | July 19, 2020


Preface: As the Fa rectification progresses, so do I continuously upgrade my xinxing in Dafa cultivation, assimilating myself to the universe's principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, and as such, my wisdom deepens and my capabilities strengthen. Dafa has revealed to me, at my realm of cultivation, the truths of different levels, including Earth's history and mysteries. I have written these down to share with fellow practitioners.

The human race's science and technology of many prehistoric civilizations have far surpassed those of today's. I will provide a brief overview pertaining to the period of when man's science and technology were at their most advanced. Despite the advancements, that period of civilization still met with destruction.

Approximately 130 million years ago, Earth's continental plates were different from those of today's. At that time, Earth had one major continent and numerous smaller continents scattered across the entire planet. There was a nation on that major continent known as the Lantis Empire. Translated into today's language, that name would mean the ‘interstellar empire’. Their science and technology were incomparably more advanced. Their appearances were similar to those of today's Arabs, but they had no relation to today's Arabs. Their clothing were not much different from today's Arabs and were much like the Arabic-style robes. The population was approximately 30 million. They had developed intelligent mechanized technology, in which they were able to use thought to operate their machines. The people of that period of civilization were able to travel to other planets, and evidence of their travels can be found throughout the entire Milky Way.

The Lantis Empire was extremely valiant. They developed nuclear warfare and had the ability to destroy any country that tried to engage in battle with them. As such, they took over the world. Those countries that lost in battle against them ended up becoming vassal states of the empire. Owing to prolonged nuclear warfare, Earth's surface was terribly ravaged, and the environment became harsh. Nuclear radiation engulfed all lands. Despite their technology being so advanced, they had no choice but to move their civilization underground. Earth's surface and all species of animals and plants became warped. If anyone wanted to go to Earth's surface, they would have to wear a nuclear radiation suit. Their advanced technology allowed them to alter the genes of various species and create new species. This genetic modification (GM) technology was applied throughout the whole society. But, GM technology wrecked this planet, which was created by the divine, and destroyed the balance of the human world. I will provide a few examples of this. If someone had lost an arm or leg in combat, through the use of GM technology, he could grow a new limb. The royals and aristocrats also had the power and ability to use this GM technology to alter their own genes to become young and attractive. They altered the genes of laborers, so their four limbs became extremely strong. For those engaged in intellectual work, they expanded their mental capacity so they became extremely intelligent. When a baby was born, they would implant knowledge into the baby's brain. It would take about 15-30 years for this knowledge to develop in the brain, and it would eventually develop to the most advanced, unparalleled level of knowledge in that area.

The culture at the time was extremely decadent. It was similar to Japan's perverted culture today or even to the later-stage of ancient Greek culture, in which sexual freedom had messed up society. The aristocrats used GM technology to create beautiful female singers and dancers for their own pleasures. Those girls who were selected had to take GM medicine from when they were young and consume the extracts of specific flowers. When they had fully grown into adulthood, their bodies and bodily fluids would produce the fragrance of flowers, such as the rose, tulip, etc.

With regards to warfare, the science and technology of that period of civilization had practically reached the highest of all prehistoric civilizations. They engaged in war to invade and plunder other nations in order to make a living. The engines of their spaceships utilized energy from fundamental particles. The alloy metal they produced were extremely heat-resistant and extremely anti-corrosive. They could travel wherever they pleased in the Milky Way. In the entire Milky Way, their science and technology were considered superior. They had a far-fetched ambition to rule the entire Milky Way. Finally, through the efforts of countless generations of humans, they conquered a third of the Milky Way. During their invasions of other planets, they formed alliances with numerous planets whose inhabitants had developed science and technology to an equivalent level. Together, with these other planets, star wars erupted. During this period of time, they caught many extraterrestrials, which they used as slaves. The inhabitants of some planets were even put in cages to be put on display, like at a zoo. Besides their deadly weapons, they also researched on genetic weapons. They would pour genetic pharmaceuticals into the bodies of male and females that still had the abilities to procreate and then change their species by altering their genes. After their genes had been altered, their babies were all born deformed. It would not take more than three generations before that race became extinct!

In the kingdom that survived underground, they had a major power station. It would distribute power  across the power station's seven branches. This would supply the entire nation. Through their genetic technology, they could even raise animals that could communicate with humans and even speak human language at a basic proficiency. That period of civilization lasted a few thousand years before it was eventually destroyed. They were destroyed by aliens that came from the Capricorn constellation. They possessed even greater technology. When they invaded Earth, those aliens were barbaric. Their outer form was part beast, a kind of asura alien life form. They blew up the underground power station and completely annihilated everything. The majority of humans could not escape. That major continent became a barren wasteland. Only a few warped species of plants and animals survived.

Still, some Earth dwellers of that period were not killed. Some escaped before the great war and took refuge on other planets. Others settled down to become inhabitants of other planets during the time when that race of humans were taking over the Milky Way. Some of the humans returned to the smaller continents of Earth to establish new civilizations. However, they were never as good as before. They all eventually declined. Among those who escaped, some established a colony underground in Mars, where they resided. Their ancestors are those from that period of civilization that was destroyed.

To conclude, the developmental pattern of all things in this universe reach its peak and then decline to its lowest point. Then, from its lowest point, it reaches its peak again. This cycle repeats itself. It cycles again and again like this. Nothing in the human world lasts long, for it all eventually ends in destruction.

Chinese article: http://big5.zhengjian.org/node/237646


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