My Experience of Cleaning up my Spiritual Field

A Dafa Practitioner from Jilin City

PureInsight | December 13, 2020

[] One night, I did not feel very well as there was a “buzzing” sound in my mind and some golden flashes appearing in front of my eyes. Meanwhile, my eyesight was weakened, my vision unclear, and my temples were swollen and painful… What is the matter? Oh, I have been too busy in recent days. I neglected to send forth righteous thoughts to clean up my own spiritual field and therefore I was exploited by external evil factors.


Which attachment has not been eliminated, as has a reason to stay in my spiritual field and persecute me? Thinking of a series of things that happened around me recently and a lot of people's attachments, such as showing off, jealousy, resentment, grievances, etc. Why are there so many attachments? Which one should be the first to be eliminated?

Suddenly a thought came into my mind, "Even if there is a gap in my cultivation, other lives do not have the right to intervene in a practitioner’s cultivation. It has to be destroyed.” Yes, Master is reminding me. I cross my legs to meditate, reading the mantra, asking Master for blessings, and send forth righteous thoughts to clean up my own spiritual field.

At the beginning of sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw a red evil spirit (a kind of dragon beast I have seen in history) rolling up and down and shaking into a ball in my mind. After a while, the bright red color on its body turned dark red, and then became black charcoal lying motionless on the ground. Continuing to recite the mantra, it turned into a pile of black ash, then turned into bubbles, and then turned into black gas. Finally, it disappeared, completely disintegrated.

There was no clutter in my mind anymore and my vision returned to normal. The whole process took only seven to eight minutes. With the blessing and enlightenment of the Master, I won this battle.

The next step is to clear the spiritual field, which is the process of self-rectification, and clean up those bad thoughts or attachments which attract evil spirits to persecute me. I cleared them as well as the root of “selfish” together in my mind.

Immediately, my spiritual field was no longer gray and dim, but clear and transparent as never before.

Through studying the Fa, I understand and realize that living bodies in other dimensions can freely shuttle to and from the human body. If there are impure substances in the human body, such as the karma field created by attachments and desires, etc. they will attract external evil factors to stop by. Externally, it is to exaggerate "illness" and tribulations, and even take away people's bodies and stop people's cultivation. Cultivators must therefore constantly correct themselves and seek to cultivate their hearts to deny all the arrangements of the Old Forces, Dafa disciples have cultivated to this day, and every true cultivator has the powerful magic power of the Fa, whether it is inward (clearing one's own spiritual field) or outward (clearing the external environment and evil in other dimensions) As long as the starting point is righteous, with strong righteous thoughts and believing in the Master and the Fa, under the blessing of the Master, every true cultivator will exert great power.

The above two points are my feelings and realizations during the whole process of clearing the spiritual field with righteous thoughts. If there is anything inappropriate, please be compassionate and point out. Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners.


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