My Experience on the Separation of the Cultivated Parts

A Japanese Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | February 26, 2021

[] Master told us in the Teachings at the Conference of Changchun Assistants, “We have adopted this form of cultivation practice, which is the fastest, so that you can cultivate here. We don’t allow the part of you that’s been fully cultivated to be touched; we separate it.” “Similar to the annual rings of a tree, in cultivation you are expanding ring-by-ring, outward towards the bark. The tree bark is your outer surface. So you cultivate yourself from the part that has been fully cultivated and expand outward until the surface is finally reached. The part that you’ve fully cultivated is divine, and the part yet to be fully cultivated is human.” After years of genuine cultivation, I can now share my experience of "separation", and my understanding has become deeper, from confusion to no longer panicking, and calmly facing tribulations.

Although I have been cultivating for more than 20 years, I am not sure how to genuinely practice in the beginning and I did not have any feelings and memories regarding “separation”. The actual beginning of my genuine practice probably dates back to six years ago. After the beginning of the practice, I felt that after Master removed the matter of attachments from my body, the compassion rose and the realm was sublimated. However, once separated, there is still a thick layer of the matter of attachments covering my body. I did not understand the state of "separation", and I did not know that I needed to get rid of the rest of the matter of attachments and continue improving. I will stay at a level for a long time. So even though I was still cultivating at that time, the speed was really a slow "separation" feeling. Sometimes even a few months, or even half a year, I would feel it again. However, this did not attract my attention, and I didn't even think about it.

After the epidemic, I realized the urgency of time and accelerated the pace of cultivation. When something happened, I looked inward and started a rapid improvement. One day when I was in meditation, I suddenly entered in a trance. I felt that the world had disappeared, everything was gone, and I was completely empty. The next day Master pushed me to the status of God. Although I was locked in cultivation, I felt that I was separated from the world, so the other party said that nothing could enter my field, so it would not. Doing Fa-rectification things even feels full of righteous thoughts and all evil could not approach. I stayed in this state for about three days. On the morning of the fourth day, I suddenly felt that the cover that separated me from the world was gone. All the emotions and sorrows of people returned to me, and I was tempted to argue back if I am accused by others.

Why did I fall back from the status of God to the status of everyday people today? I was sobbing and unwilling to accept the fact that I returned to the status of a human being. After sharing with fellow practitioners, they said, "You are in a state of obvious separation. Don’t worry, this is normal. If you don’t separate yourself, how can you continue to cultivate? Thus, you will stay at the same level forever." Master said in Teachings at the Conference of Changchun Assistants, “For example, let’s say the part of you that’s been fully cultivated consists of one hundred layers: then only one layer can be changed at the surface. This is just to illustrate the point that in proportion, the change on the surface is very small. The purpose is to allow you to cultivate among everyday people. If everything were removed and you didn’t have any ordinary human notions or thoughts, you would no longer be an ordinary human on the surface, and you couldn’t cultivate among everyday people.” This is the normal status. I stabilized my mind slowly.

Because I had a clear understanding of Fa principles before "separation", I was able to practice myself in accordance with the requirements of the Fa. Once "separation" happened, I would be felt losing my memory of cultivation. I would start to talk about human principles again, and I would no longer be able to understand tribulations correctly. For example, this previous separation is the case.

I was in a very good state before "Separation". I didn’t have any negative thoughts like ordinary people. I only looked inward and did not look at others when I encountered any problems. If the others mistreated me, I would immediately find my attachment and determined it was the reason for the occurrence of the tribulation. Cultivation is close to the essence, not driven by the superficial illusion, but immediately reflects the essence of the other space behind it. I feel very stable and rational, and it is easy to pass a tribulation. However, after the "separation" the next day, I suddenly felt that I would see other people's deficiencies again, and my irritability and other negative emotions kept pouring in. That stable state no longer exists. I cannot even remember the Fa-principles I realized yesterday. It seemed that I could not mobilize my main consciousness. I felt that at that moment, a human matter covered me again, and I looked weak at that time.

As "separation" has been experienced before, this time I do not panic anymore. Even if I cannot do what I did before, I can at least restrain my thoughts that are willing to argue with others on the surface (tolerate first), and go back to my house and start to Fa study quietly. I feel that Dafa is like a stream of clear spring water flowing into my blood drop by drop, constantly removing and dissolving the negative matters. I absorbed the nectar of Dafa eagerly. This is definitely not a metaphor, but a real change after my firm belief in Dafa. Yes, I only learned 30 pages of Dafa, and the miracles were revealed to me. It was as if I found the medicine after drinking Ecstasy Soup. I suddenly regained consciousness. I felt that the ruin in my heart had disappeared and released more capacity in my mind. I know that Dafa has helped me restore my righteous thoughts, and my divine side has recovered again.

After communicating with some fellow practitioners, I found that some people have not felt the "separation" for many years. Have they stayed at the same level for too long? Some fellow practitioners said that they had been in a state of "separation", but they could not return to a good state for a long time. What I want to say is that once after a "separation" we will still have human thoughts, human emotions, and various attachments that have not been cultivated. Whether we can reflect that this is a normal state in cultivation, not when we are in "separation", because human attachments still return to the body and cannot be immediately distinguished.

Master said in the Teachings at the Conference of Changchun Assistants, “We’ve adopted this form of cultivation practice, which is the fastest, so that you can cultivate here. We don’t allow the part of you that’s been fully cultivated to be touched; we separate it. As you continually cultivate, keep reading the book, and constantly improve your perception and understanding, it’s being continually expanded. In other words, it’s getting closer and closer to the surface. You will consummate once the surface layer is transformed. So don’t be intimidated by still having bad thoughts in your mind. But beware: If you think, ‘Now that Teacher has explained it, I understand. It’s to ensure that I can cultivate among everyday people. Okay, I’ll let them be,’ then your indulging them is the same as not cultivating. That’s how it works.” Therefore, I realized that when we correctly understand the state of "separation", and when this state appears again, we should not slide down with the human side and be driven by the human side. Master has already made it clear to us. After this state appears, we should maintain our diligence in studying the Fa, constantly improve our understanding, constantly change ourselves, and constantly enrich the divine side until we finish our cultivation.

Above is my personal understanding, please correct me if there are any inappropriate.


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