Cultivation Essay: Persimmon

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | January 25, 2021


[] In recent years, the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has launched a so-called poverty alleviation campaign across the country, pairing all people working in Government agencies with poor families and allowing Government officials to visit poor people during work time. Originally, this is a formalistic thing, and the visit is only a form, without any substantive meaning.

Last month, my colleague and I visited the impoverished households we were paired with, every time we visited, we had to take pictures as evidence to prove that we had been there. To facilitate taking pictures, I accompanied my colleague to the house that she had been assigned.

While chatting with us, the lady of that family picked some persimmons for us to take. My colleague said that she still has many persimmons at home and asked me to take them. I looked at the big red persimmons, I became gluttonous and my attachment of taking advantage also surfaced. The visit was about to end, and my colleague reminded me to take the persimmons, maybe she also thought this is not taking advantage of the poor family or being greedy because persimmons are regarded as cheap fruit.

After I came back, one day suddenly the inner side of my upper lip had grown a hard bump, normally it doesn’t hurt much, but when I eat it starts to hurt a lot and it gets worse day by day. So, I looked inward and realized that I should not have taken the poor family’s persimmons for nothing. I was shocked. I am a cultivator. How can I take things from others in exchange for nothing, even if they aren’t worth much? I did not take it seriously, but the Fa has standards and there are no small things in cultivation. After thinking this over, I told myself that next time I go to see that family, I will bring a carton of milk as compensation. When I thought about it this way, the bump inside my mouth no longer hurt, and then the bump disappeared after two days.

When the time came to visit the family again, I planned to buy a carton of milk and send it to my colleague’s office for her to take to the family. However, I did not buy the milk in time and my colleague had already visited the family.

A few days later, I suddenly felt something was wrong with my whole physical condition. My body had become soft, my hands and feet were numb, I was sweating, my heartbeat accelerated, I was dizzy and very uncomfortable. This state continued for a few days and I did not send forth righteous thoughts. I thought “What’s the use?” I then thought about the persimmons again, and I told myself that when my colleague would go and visit the family next time, I would have the milk ready for her to give to them. The amazing thing is, the next day after thinking this way, all the symptoms that I was experiencing disappeared a few days before I purchased the milk.

After I calmed down and looked within, I found that I had a desire to take advantage of others and a greedy heart. If my thoughts were right at the time, I would not have wanted something that did not belong to me, and it would not have caused these two problems.

After digging deep into my heart, I find I still have an attachment to material interest, a heart that is afraid of losing money, and a heart that takes advantage of others. I usually like to buy discounted items. I feel happy when I get good deals or purchases, and I feel upset when I buy expensive things.

Here I expose and dissolve my attachments to property interests.


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